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Clash of Olympus Class Guide

Class System
Humbleness, honest, mercy, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor and spirt are what make Paladins. They believe only Paladin who never doubt these virtues is the strongest and invincible.

Elves have the most admirable appearances, don’t look down upon them, but they will use their agility to dodge and shoot deadly blow with their arrow to enemy.

The Creator’s favorite creation, owns exordinary and incomparable power, so their attack force is powerful. But they’re with poor defence though physique is strong because they studied magic in a long while.

Class Tips
1) Warrior: the most balanced character on their stats:
your normal attack (str) and your skill attack (int) is balanced.
you have a bonus in def , block,and hit and strike rate.
your job is egal as a tank.
your skills are defensive or aggressive (multi targets hit)

2) Archer: King of high damage on normal attack
you have a strong normal attack and a good skill attack
you have bonus on critical chance,,speed,dodge and normal attack.
your skills are offensive ( multi hit and auto buff dodge).

3) Mage: The best skill damage dealer
you have a strong skill attack but ur normal is quite weak.
you have a huge bonus crit chance, a bonus on block and a bonus on skill damage.
your skills are supportive and aggressive.

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