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Chrono Tales Basic Boss Information

When you are adventuring through Chroland, you will meet fiercer monsters from time to time. They wander in every corner of the continent with a lot of treasure. Kill them and you can make a huge fortune!

There are currently 6 World Bosses inhabiting different regions of Chroland. The higher their levels are, the more dangerous they could be. There is no level restriction on the boss hunting and after they are killed, these bosses may drop orange weapons. World bosses will respawn every hour.

When you reach a certain level, you can choose to be teleported to those world bosses instantly.

Hellguard Gordon (Level 20 World Boss):
A demon guard that hides in Mist Swamp located in the north of Nantes Rainforest.

Desert Barlog (Level 30 World Boss):
A mutant earth element that haunts Flame Desert.

Earl Dragonstone (Level 40 World Boss):
A powerful monster that inhabits Sunshine Ridge.

Erosion Worm Queen (Level 50 World Boss):
A mutant giant worm that has absorbed great power at Stony Gobi.

Rushadow (Level 60 World Boss):
A fierce dragon guard that hovers over Dragonbreath Peak.

Thunder Knight (Level 70 World Boss):
A thunder beast elite that wanders on Thunderclap Field, Windy Plateau.

Note: You can not get the loot when

1. The level gap between your character and World Boss is over 10.

2. The average level of the members in the team is over 10 than that one of world boss.

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