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Blood Brothers PvP Strategies

So my first trick to u guys is to use mounted familiars,you may ask me why if they have some inferior stats when compared to unmonted ones. The point is that despite having good skills they can attack twice in a turn often getting desvatating effects,like the familiar salamander cavalier which has stats in the mids 5000 however when activating his 2 skills he can wipe an interely 3 formation with ease. Or yet an yukimura kiba musha which stats are mid 4000 but has the zen skill,which if activated grants a instant whooping damage attack on the same round instead of waiting for the next round to attack.

the best you can do in pvp is use familiars with istant kill attacks or multiple attacks. I'm talking about those attacks: torrent of flame (crystall gillant, sekmhet aflame, fafnir) helfire (sun god lugh) plasma field (grim executioner) lightning rage (odin) that all are istant kill attacks. if attack for 1st with one of those attacks by a full power familiar you will probably (80% times) win with that single attack. if u prefer multiple attacks like berserk, rush, scythe storm and so on then you should probably support your familiars with eton and/or amazon. this way if both amazon and eton do their mojo and the other 3 fams are good enough (gorgon, naberius, ghislandi, earl cat sidhe, ironstone girtablilu,) you will attacks first and win with the first 2 fams if they both go with special attacks. i personally prefer those type of group. my last advice is to not use extremely powerful single shot fams like nunu mountain giant, asterios, uorko man eater, enraged ogre and so on... theie specials kill one familiar 99% of times but only 1 and all those monster have extremely high stats on ATK and HP or DEF but always are weaker on WIS and AGI so you will for sure attack last and versus gorgon, ghislandi, sekmhet or grim reapers even if with 5 uorko or 5 asterios you will have no chance.

so the best advice is to use monsters with high AGI stats to attack before opponent or to get an eton in formation to be sure to power up AGI an attack before opponent's fams.



I agree with mocha one. I have two Goblin Hero the Elder, he hits three enemies (AGI based) and deals about 7k damage. He also has great healthy and defense. After I evolve it, it's gonna have 7.4k agi from 5.7 *drools* I also have two others that hit six times and then Golden lance.

I do have a question though, how do "heavy poison damage" familiars hold up? I haven't leveled any but I figured I'd hold onto them. They hit three targets. Also, would the poisons stack? If not then I only need one right?

if you go on wirwind sorry for my english iam a german guy, you need to use galahad ore dancer 2 your younger is a littlebit weaker. and the damage is depending on the position. if you use the monsters in the first line they do more damage but becom also more damage. if you use the middle line they do enough damage and become lower damage. if you use the lower line they do low damage and becom low damage. the middle line is the best they do enough damage and become lower damage. Rush is in my opinion not as actively answer is because of the low damage during rush. berserker as the better choice is therefore Rodion or iron wall / iron heart.

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