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WarMage Battlegrounds Unit Guide

As i already had this work done for someone... i better post it here so everyone can help improve anything. Or even get some help to learn playing the game!.

Its an attempt to make a compendium of unit roles strengths and weakness.
Of course you may tweak the main role of every unit to be something else in your battlegroup, but he will keep his "main traits" anyway.

Melee tanks (high resilience to non-magic damage) + Blocking capabilities
Dwarf Defender
Elven Protector
Human Defender
Giant Destroyer
Skull Crusher (heavy resist only to slash)
This guys are there just to stop you hurting the important target
Resistant to attacks from weapons should be taken down with magic damage or heavy flanking, also they have lots of health.
They attack when you move close to them and also retaliate to attacks, engaging them use to be a bad trade damage & morale-wise

Melee fighters – Morale farmers

Guys with HIGH damage output, and good health. His work is hitting people for tons of damage and tons of morale. Those are the guys you have to “kite” and avoid them land a hit on you. Unless you throw them a Melee Tank* to soak his damage and stay even. If you have to throw them your own melee morale farmer, make it sure you strike them first!!!

Melee casters – Specialist counters
Guys with high health and basic attacks without range doing magic damage. They use to be good to take down Melee Tanks, they also use to have extra abilities to impair, displace, harass the enemy not only through damage but also with extra effects.
As they do magic damage they hard counter some races, and are a weak link against other ones.

Ranged Casters
Most mages
Ice Mage
Earth Mage
Weak but ranged basic magic attack. Not “good” for morale farmers. But can do the work of morale farmers if the battle its just a constant withdrawal with blocking barriers making enemy melee morale farmers unable to farm.
Excellent and most eficient morale spenders, great area attacks with great morale/damage ratios, and at long ranges.
Low hp, they die from a normal cold, so you better protect them if you really want to make them worth buying.

Ranged fighters
Elf Archer
Boulder Tosser
Somewhat like mages, good morale spenders, use to have more HP than a mage, but fail at taking down Melee Tanks because they do “normal damage”. On the good side, there are no mages or healers with "normal damage" resistance, so you can rely on his ability to take down those guys hiding in the back without any damage reduction on their side.

Utility Units
Dwarf Elder
Faery Enchanter
Units with “tricks up the sleeve”, squad boosts or debuffs not depending on the stack size. 1 single man unit can blind your 50 dragons stack and make them miss his deadly attack. Very useful / very annoying and and a priority target for his/her enemies.

Or how to farm morale without having to hit anyone. Good area heals are an easy and efficient way to earn that precious morale. Mandatory in any PvE survival.
On the downside they use to have lower hp than the average so any hit hurts them more than the average.

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