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Social Wars PvP Strategies

Social Wars PvP Strategies by Lemon

Well since no ones made one ill make one this thread is where you post your strategies tips and tricks into attacking other peoples bases here are a few strategies people have told me

Draggies & Drones Strategy (D&D)
Get all your units you have that spawn draggies and drones and make them all 3 max each so 3 each unit.

Tip: Use the ally button to get more allied units to spawn the drones at the end you should have at least 2 armies about 20 or more and attack the command center if they keep attacking the enemies just select all and just click the CC and they'll attack it again. Don't worry if they all die spawn them again!

You all Know this you get a fast unit like a drone/draggie/copter get either 1 or a whole army of airforce attack something and lure them to your big bad army.

Tip: Dont think your airforce will be safe in your army the lured will still attack them keep them moving also this will not work if they set there Defensive Strategy to Defensive or mid defensive because they'll go back.

If you have any units that take control of enemy units use them!
Always go for the bots that are closest the monking units are particularly weak so keep them safe!

Well if the CC is surrounded with towers and a few units a bunch of them will do good because they can't be spotted by buildings including towers so use them to your advantage.

Sniper Strategy
If units are walled in they are unable to retaliate against the sniper's super long range attack. This is easiest when said "walls" are made of walls, not turrets that can attack snipers.

Erwin's Strategy
I use my viking snipers to shoot holes in walled defenses, then lure the troops out. When cleared I sent in my F117's to finish the job. Easiest bases are those that are not closed with aggressive set units. Easier to get out  And so mine is the opposite: closed, set defensive with rings of turrets with lvl5 tanks and stealth fighters just inside the inner core. Still such a base can be cracked by patient attackers with long range weapons. Given enough time, every base will fall.

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