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Social Wars Mission 2 "Enemy Camp" Guide

Let's try the previous mission again, switching to a medium map, adding more new units and to make it a bit easier- Air reinforcements! This is an easy Mission. You have full control of your army! Here you have 3 Knights, 2 Axe Zoldiers and 5 Orc Zoldiers. Your Air reinforcements will take care of the heavy fortifications by the main enemy base gate!

You start in the middle of North Island! The first thing what you need to do is call your Air reinforcements from the radio tower located to your right- on the West Island! What do we have here!... 5 Guardians! 2 Orc Zoldiers, 2 Axe Zoldiers and a Knight!
Knight is the most interesting of them all! It packs a powerful punch that can toss any your units in the air, He's quite a nifty fella!

Once you have cleared the radio tower area, a cut-scene will trigger in and Air cavalry arrives from the West part of the map! Easy access to the base now! Near the CC there is 1 Orc Zoldier and 1 Knight! No problem! You might want to take out that Oil barrel to the East, it will help level those buildings and you get extra loot by doing that!

After that go straight to the CC and finish it off!
Was it hard? Nahh... I see you smiling!
Lets see if mission 3. is more a challenge for you!

** See a similar approach below!

* Experienced players might find Air units more useful! Go straight to the Radio tower, kill the guards, then fly to the CC! Just like a relaxing scroll in the park! If you want some extra credit, blow up those Orc oil fields, in the West part of the base there are 2 Orc Zodliers and 1 Knight- easy pickups along the way!

** Pro players might bypass all the above! Select your Air units and go West over the water "skipping" the air reinforcement part and the main gate! Move up North and go in North-East -over the walls- directly to CC! It takes less then 30 seconds! About looting the place- you can do that, if you like. Nothing more to achieve here anyways!

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