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Shadowland Online Sanctuary Guide

Shadowland Online Sanctuary Guide by BrunoS

Hi guys. I'll be doing a guide on how to use your Sanctuary. The most unclear aspect of the Sanctuary is by far Baptism, so I'll be focusing on explaining it. Ok, let's start our guide.

1 - Baptism: One of the most confusing parts of the game, lots of people have a hard time understanding it. What it does is randomize your stats to either increase or decrease them. (except command, which is left untouched) You can accept the changes made or discard the baptism and try for a new one, naturally still paying even if you discard it. So that's a good thing, because most baptism results you probably will want to discard. But is it really random? No, not completely. The higher one of your stats is, the much more likely it won't get increased and will decrease instead.
        My character for instance is a tribal shaman, hence she starts with 50 strength, 45 agility and 60 intelligence. So at first I'd often get her STR and AGI increased but not INT. Then after a few I finally got one, and accepted it. A bunch more baptism trials later, at around 15~20 baptisms total, I finally got another increase, this time increased to 70. It's a common recommendation to do baptism on your shaman/scholar until you have 70 INT, and you should pick AGI over STR, since STR is useless to mages. Likewise, INT is useless to physical heroes.
        So by now I was happy with the results I had gotten so far, 70 is a high number for a stat, since they don't increase with levels and your only growth is unit amount ("soldiers" on army window), army level (the "quality" of your hero's troops), the ability to use better equips and Suit bonuses. But the game had just started and we were still testing things, so I kept on doing baptisms. By now my intelligence results were usually horrible, giving me as much as -15 or less at times. Around 60 baptisms later, nothing. Not one positive result on INT. Was I unlucky you ask? Yes and no. There might still be a small chance to increase it, but after reaching 70 it seems to become really low, so I don't think it's worth spending several diamonds just for that slight chance. Like I said before, 70~73 is a nice number to stop at. I've read someone say they had 75 intelligence with baptism but it seems really unlikely (and potentially expensive) to get it. In fact, you will have a much greater total INT increase through the art of purifying. Which bring us to our next topic.

2 - Purify: At one of the forum threads I read someone say that purify was worse if done before baptism. That's close, but not exactly the case. Allow me to elaborate that idea. The results you get from any purify don't depend on your hero's stats. So baptism doesn't affect purify. But purify does affect baptism, a lot. And negatively. It's quite simple if you think about it, purify increases your stats, right? Remember that the higher your stat the lower your chances for a nice baptism result? Exactly, so each time you do a purify, you sink your baptism chances lower and lower. So that is why you should always do Baptisms and then Purify, in that order.
        Now, how exactly does purify increase my hero's stats? Well, it's quite simple. If you press the help ("?") icon on your sanctuary window, it will explain that you get one more purify on each hero and 1 stat point per 5 Sanctuary levels. All it does is increase the amount of purifies possible. So at lvl 100 it's still +1 stat each time, but now you have 29 (10 +19) purifies instead of the 10 you had at level 1. It's random, so it could be any stat. You should usually discard till you get INT for mages and STR (or AGI if you want) for physical heroes. It's much more expensive than baptism, so it's a good idea to keep it for your main and final heroes only.

3 - Pray: At first, on level 1 pray is quite simple, you pay 10 BA (battle achievements) and get 1 popularity, which is that thing that gives you a gold collection bonus and drains 1 per collection made. You can only pray each hour, so at lvl 1 it takes 10 hours+ of praying to keep your popularity from decreasing. However, everything changes when you update the Sanctuary.

4 - Upgrading: It affect a number of things, nothing near as complicated as baptism tho ;D Baptism is actually not affected at all, and your Purify max on each hero increases 1 per 5 levels of Sanctuary. More scenarios are unlocked, those missions the Elder gives you. (It's currently capped at level 40, so there's no point in leveling your sanctuary past 40 until you're out of purifies.) But the thing that changes the most is Pray. Pray actually becomes much more expensive, +10 BAs per level. So if at lvl 1 we had a 10 BAs cost for a pray, at lvl 40 you pay 400 BAs. But do you get 20 popularity? No, yet another random value. It's a random number between 1 and your sanctuary level/2. (e.g.: sanc. level 70 = 1 ~ 35). It's easy to keep your popularity at 100 so, keep on praying, even if it's just for greed and not at all about being religious... *starts singing REM's "Losing My Religion"* LOL Anyway. That's about it.

Thx for reading and do share your thoughts. Have a nice day everyone, hope you enjoyed the guide!

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