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Rise of Immortals: Battle for Graxia Aislynn Guide

Rise of Immortals: Battle for Graxia Aislynn Guide by xMemory

Aislynn is a support Immortal that focuses ENTIRELY on supporting her team, most specifically the carries.

1. Disciplines
For disciplines I run 0 sword / 6 body / 10 sorcery / 9 Mind (
For body I pick armor boost, scaling armor boost and damage blocking since you will probably be fighting another adc+supp lane with creeps you will want to recieve less damage from them all so this 6 points are very well used here.

For sorcery I pick scaling spell power boost, Mana regen boost, movement speed boost cooldown reduction boost and spell power boost II. you need 2 points to start opening sorcery and scaling spell power (sp) is better than flat so 2 points there. You move then into mana regen (mreg), movement speed (ms) and cooldown reduction (cdr). For last I personally put 2 points into spell boost power II wich will make every spell power you buy worth even more so its good overall and since youve opened it already why not to use it.

For mind I pick Mana regen boost, cooldown reduction boost, tactical exp boost, and most important of them all income boost. mreg, cdr are pretty obvious you want to always have mana so that you dont render yourself useless and cdr for more spam ability. Tactical experience (xp) is also a must since I normally find myself leaving the lane to totem or even just to go help with something while my adc (atack damage carry) stays in lane and lvls faster this allows you not to be uber behind (you will still be behind in lvls and you should if your playing well because that means you been giving a lot of vision and been very usefull and havent solo farmed any lane while your adc has lvls ahead of the enemy and a ot of farm/gold). For last Income boost it's a must for every support, this is the only way you have to make gold and this game is all about getting gold advantage and using it properly so gold is your main focus here.

Note: The 2 points in spell power boost II can be used in movement speed boost in mind or body. Also notice I am missing 1 point, I would advise you to use it in movement speed boost but you can also use it in defense penetration boost (the 10% one) or in potion duration boost. Overall that point is not very usefull pretty much put it where ever you like, just avoid death timer boost and soul fire boost other than those 2 everything else works for that point. 

2. Artifacts
For Artifacts I run 3 ability cost reduction (acr) / 3 gold per 10 seconds (gp10) / 1 cdr per lvl. For prismatics I like to run 4 mana regen + gp10 and the relic recipe is prosperous.

This gives me a total of 2.25 mana regen, 8 gp10, 0.15% cdr per lvl and 12% acr. The gp10 is mandatory i already explained above why, this is your only income so you better take advantage of the ridiculous amount you can get from gp10s (10 gp10 out of artifacts and disciplines). Acr and mana regen allow you to always be usefull specially early game when you dont have nightshade eidolon or other mana items. For last the prosperous is more gold as long as your adc farms properly, even when your pushing as a group of 5 you will still get money. Overall the best possible relic choice, its just too perfect.

Note: I could run 3 mana regen crystals instead of acr but since it allows for basically the same spam ability and the acr doesnt decay later i decided to chose acr. Also notice that like this i can start with 200 extra gold and get even more acr with the cdr i build since i already have 8$ from disciplines. You cant go wrong with 15% more vision range.

3.  Item build
The build options am presenting is this guide are according to my game experience and the way I play Aislynn there fore this are the best items for her IMO.
I open up with boots of learning a fortunes blessing and a vision totem (dont use the blessing until your safe in lane and the totem has been set).
First back you should try to have 1800-1900g so that you can afford your nightshade eidolon  + 2 totems (2 visions / 1 vision + 1 true vision / 2 true vision) this should happend at arround lvl 5-6.
Now you have 2 goals armor of king curtice and boots of sprinting so just build them through out the game while always buying vision (truevisions are normally better unless you have a serum on your team if you have a serum on your team then theres no need for truevision just get vision totems), buying some dragonblood pots here and there whenever you can afford it works well too.
For last item (hopefully) you will want invigorating presence of york. This item will not only provide you with brutal armor + cdr + health regen but will also grant 5% cdr to your allies and the best part of it 5 movement speed for the whole team (supposing they are near you ofc)
If for whatever reason the game is not over yet you will want a vanguard heart wich will give you excelent magic resistance (mr)  and ms as well as a 400 dmg shield for all nearby allies so very good in a team fight. although if the enemy team has a lot of cc and they are targeting you with it you should buy shroud of deceit or cloak of dread power that way even if the enemy focuses you down (wich is already a not very good choice) you will break free and still be able to rebirth someone (ven if it is yourself).
The game still goes? Well just kill yourself... or build one last item  pick the one you didnt build above and thats your full build.
This build grants good tanky good cdr good spam ability through out the whole game good supp status and auras and hopefully in most cases a win

4. Gameplay (this section will be constantly edited to add new features like lane matchups that wont come out for this version of the guide)

Early game
As soon as the game starts your team could try to secure a buff if thats the case... HELP THEM!!! if not go to the jungle, in case you have a jungler you need to know if hes starting on your side or not if he is dont take his jungle theres no reason to beause he will farm those resources already theres no need for you to secure them and screw over your allie. If hes starting on the other side thake the 2 farest camps from him this will allow you to take those resources and by the time the jungler kills the other 6 camps the 2 you killed will come up.
After all that, totem your lane and use your blessing. While lanning make sure you and your team mate dont go "all in", with aislynn theres no "all in". Try to make non fatal trades with them your sustain its unmatched in this game with the build i gave you and eventually the enemy will be so low that they will be easy kill or forced to back. Notice that even if you lose a trade in the long run any trades you can make are good (and by you  mean your adc aislynn has very low dmg) because you will heal up to full hp for free the enemy will have to use pots or go back. Warn your allies for posible ganks keep vision help jungler on  buffs and avoid dieing so that you wont lose scroll before the 10 min mark.

Mid Game
Here is where your vision shines the most! Allow your carry to farm and get kills, help gank with spirit of the wolf and pick up some assits (you may want a dragonblood pot here to keep the ms on your allies), get more buffs, take towers, group, find enemies overextending, but whateer you do, as Aislynn, NEVER do anything by yourself (unless you are totening and you are 100% sure that you are 100% safe aka you have vision of the enemy and they cant reach you).

Late Game
Team fights start happening all the time. Teams go for objectives or try to. Dont forget to rebirth your team mate as it is very very importat, thats basically your job at this stage of the game that and keeping the auras on them. The carry is the biggest priority but in some cases ulting someone else is better you will have to play and learn how to make that decision yourself. Always shield whoever is taking the biggest dmg and heal right after to increase your heal value on that target and ofc spirit of the wolf whenever your teams needs it and you have it up. Vision here is more importat than never and you gotta give that to your team your. objectives are titan crystaline and the enemy base while defending your owm base keep vision in the buffs and in key spots in the jungle (if your team buys totems well just get vision of everything ) and a serum is always good.

5. Conclusion
Aislynn is a really nice champ and come on who doesnt like to hear a wolf all the time  If ppl add to this guide I will probaly add some video footage and more aditional info and maybe even more supp guide.

I hope you guys like it, I hope this is helpfull and i hope that provides a lot of fun to the Aislynn players in BFG ^^

Thank you for reading

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