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RaiderZ Viva & Ghost Rider Guide

RaiderZ Viva & Ghost Rider Guide by corrobo

Here are some boss guides/tips that you may find helpful. I'm unsure how I will organize them at the moment. Feel free to provide your own, and remind me if I don't credit you.

Viva: An enhanced version of Diago. The supplies the HellHounds give you provide 2 runes each, and his heads sell for 2.5g each as well. The most profitable Hellhound quest if you can beat him. His attacks may inflict 2 statuses: Frostbite, which slows your movement and actions slightly, and Ice Claws, which deals heavy poison damage. These statuses last 20+ seconds, so be especially careful with his poison. You can break his claws, which will prevent him from inflicting poison; if you do so, he will kneel and be stunned for a bit. Like most bosses, you can make Viva waste time turning to face you, but be warned that he doesn't need to face you to use shout attacks. The buff from the WY chief in normal Mt. Eda provides 50 ice resist and is extremely helpful.

Viva's attacks:
Pounds the ground with his right (when facing him, your left). Dodge/block, small windup.
Claws with his left (when facing him, right) hand, then does a short roar. Inflicts Ice Claws. Dodge/block. Decently long cooldown.
Inhales for a while, then shouts. Inflicts Frostbite. If close to Viva, can hit twice. Block. long windup, long cooldown. You can inflict most of your damage during this animation.
Flashes red, then jumps in place. Inflicts Frostbite. Dodge (at about the time when his feet leave the ground).
Flashes red, then jumps forward. Dodge. Will only use if player is distant.
Pulls back shoulder, then does 2 short lunges. Dodge (I've managed to block it tho somehow). When close to him, you can simply run towards him a bit.
Pulls back hand, then does a long lunge. Will only use if player is distant. Inflicts Ice Claws. Dodge.
Pulls rock out of ground, then throws it. Will only use if player is distant. Dodge. Long windup. The rock has a set range, and cannot hit close to Viva, nor be aimed too far from Viva.
(other action: Viva will randomly do a non-damaging roar at you.)

At some point when Viva goes below 50% hp, he will go invincible for a bit and beat his chest repeatedly. After this point, he gains a defensive buff that grows stronger over time, eventually reducing all incoming damage by 95%. He also gains increased attack as well as stronger poison (I've had it tick for 700+ damage every two seconds, or 8000+ damage from just poison.) He also gains two moves:
Instant shout. Inflicts Frostbite. Block. No warning, but long cooldown. Can be used when not facing target. If you're weak and don't have WY buff, you may want to shield when Viva is not stuck in an animation.
A fast version of his long lunge. Inflicts Ice Claws. Will only use if player is distant. Dodge immediately. (He can still use his normal long lunge! Don't panic dodge when you see his position, watch carefully.)

Class tips:
Defender: Your usual moves will suffice.
Berserker: Because of his instant shout, this boss is quite hard for zerks. Fortunately, all of his other moves are dodgeable, and Viva loses time turning to face you if he's not shouting. Move away from Viva a bit when he inhales if you can't afford to take 2 blocked ice yells.
Cleric: Pure clerics have trouble due to his defensive buff; it is difficult to deal enough damage before he starts resisting most of it. It is suggested you block his regular attacks for this reason. If using shield+mace, watch your stamina like a defender.
Sorceror: Once you get the hang of it, you can simply move away from his melee attacks, using mobile casts. Once there's an opening, like dodging to his back or his shout, use your damaging skills.

Ghost Rider:This boss can be found in the Zerdi farm instance, with a nice flat field, or during nighttime, north near the corrupted tree spirits and deer. The actual trees on the field are annoying, and he sometimes puts the safe areas in the middle of the tree where you can't reach, but the instance version has either no special drops or a really low drop rate.

Will thrust forward on his right (your left). Dodge/block.
Horse will rear, and GR will swing his lance in an arc. Dodge/block. Decent windup/cooldown.
GR will point his lance forward, and marks will appear on the ground. Flames will appear a second later. Cannot block or dodge; either stay right in front of him, or move away.
The horse will quickly rear, then charge off. There is a long delay before GR reappears close to where he disappeared, and then does 3 more charges with short delay between them. Dodge/block. You can also simply move sideways as he comes, and can even get a hit off as he passes by.
The horse will spiral into the sky, and GR will disappear; a while later, a mark will appear on the ground, and the horse will stomp there. Dodge (not sure if block works). Simply keep moving if you don't want to dodge.

After losing some health, GR gains a new move where he holds his lance horizontally, and gets 95% damage reduction. A circle will appear on the ground (as well as another around him). Unless you have the buff the circle gives, or are really far away, GR will deal a massive AoE hit for high damage. As soon as the AoE activates, he loses his defensive buff. Very high windup, pretty high cooldown.
At below 20% health, GR can have multiple fire wisps appear around his head as he faces someone. After a second, GR drains that person's stamina and heavily reduces that person's movespeed. After another second, the horse trots towards that person for 5 seconds. If that person is caught during this time, GR becomes invincible, the person is stuck begging, and that person takes very high damage. GR is healed for a substantial amount. As he drains stamina, dodge away if he uses this move on you. Decent windup, high cooldown. Teammates can attack him as he trots, and ranged attacks still work.

Class tips:
Defender: GR's standard moves have variable windup, but his only quick attack is his lance thrust.
Berserker: not sure.
Cleric: easy fight, as long as you don't get one-hit. Just somewhat slow.
Sorceror: Has a pretty easy time dealing damage due to Ghost Rider's mobile nature. Sorcs can still do burst damage to him when he's not moving.

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