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RaiderZ In-Game Commands

RaiderZ In-Game Commands by Pensri

Ok I am going to try to answers these in Leveling order of how to do this and where is that?
1) How to invite people from a distance.

A: the command is /Invite or /i (name)

2)How to send a friend request from a distance.

A: The command is /fr (name)

3) How to block people you do not like or all the spam.

A: The command is /b (name)

4) Why cant I talk to the armor guy? (In the broken mast first map)

A: Because you refuse to follow your quest line. DO YOUR QUEST. And everything will fall into place.

5) Where is the crawler?

A: This is the first real instance boss in the game. Key word instance. Once you help silver at broken mast in his instance the crawler is next. Advice on this bring a shield if your a cleric or sorc. You can easily block a lot of his attacks. And make sure to use the broken off piece of armor from him which will drop in the beginning of the instance. it will take out half his health if you use it enough. Also remember you can cast spells with a single hand sword as a sorc and a single hand mace with a cleric.

6) How do I get a mount?

A: The very first npc you see in ingen, the lady with the moa's (bird mount's) Around her is where you make the mounts. If you want the wolf mount you will have to wait till 30+. When you can go to the higher lv version of mount eda.
(The broom is for the event only you need 250 candies for it. Or you can try to win it from a candy box like I did lol.)

7) When will my gear break from enchantment (enhancing, beefing it up making it glow etc).

A: After +4 (This was a reply in game correct me if I am wrong) Edit: Thanks to dr3xin. "+1 through +3 is done with 1 regular beycium, guaranteed success.

+4 to +6 is done with high grade beycium (combining 3 beycium at the cost of 1 gold)
4-6 isn't guaranteed success but it won't break on you, it will either: Upgrade, do nothing, or downgrade.

+7 - +9, done with super grade beycium by fusing 3 high grades for 3gp I think
High chance of doing nothing, breaking, or downgrading.

In the CBT I lose around 22 staffs trying to from +6 to +9"

8) How do I check my mail? Where is the mail box?

A: There is one by the inn and one by the Auction house.

9) Is there a teliporter? Where is the teliporter?

A: It is in ingen square. As in she is right by the big Fountain.

10) Can I teliport back to town?

A: Yes you can. There is a quest that will show you how. The place you can buy the stones needed are sold at the Inn and some merchants in the places you go. Make sure to to get a room at the inn so that you can teliport back with these stones. Tip. Upstairs is your room. The room is also your character's bank this is the other reason you get the room.

11) Where can I farm iron ore. (yes this is actually asked a lot lol.)

A: Guys how does any game with farming work? Higher mats on higher maps. This goes for all the materials. Tip: All of the things you farm are in spots they should be. All Ore is near hills and mountains. Plants are all over the place. And Wood is always near trees or wooden buildings.

12) Where is fleet foot? (ya this is asked a lot to LOL!)

A: Press M or N and follow the yellow dot to his location when you get his quest. As for all other quest lol. (the quest where you find the maid and butler though on that map you do have to look but they give you a tip just memorize it.)

13) Here is a question I am adding myself. "Do I have to solo the monster to get drops myself?"

A: No you do not. You never need to solo elite bosses used for gear. Everyone will get the drop in the party.

14) Another question I am adding. "Why didnt I get drops? Did any of you guys get any?"

A: You will NOT get drops if the mob isnt red named for you. It means the other person or party hit it first.

15) This is a Tip. When you need the kill of a monster to complete it the first time. Lets use Fleet foot for example, you do not need the monster to be red named it will still count. help whoever hit it first kill the monster then you can just take a group and do the instance so you dont have to fight over it.

NOTE: This will not always work. Some monster like the queen spider do not have an instance so if there isnt a full party in the area MAKE ONE or JOIN ONE! Do not be greedy people it is unnecessary.

16) When do I get the reset? or How do I get the reset?

A: Once you are done at the farm go to the bulletin board like the farmer tells you and go to the mine. There is a solider npc there and you will be entered into an instance. Once you finish that you will get two reset books. Tip: Do not speed level past level 15 or you will not be able to use them.

17) Are there any other resets I can get in game besides the two you get early on?

A: NO. You must buy them after level 15 so choose your skills wisely. Read them experiment and figure out what you want. Even ask higher level players what they think of a build.

18) How do I get a guitar?

A: First you must be level 15. Second go to ingen light house you will see the guitar play it as soon as you pick it up. Then walk down to the minstrel down by the tree. Talk to him and he will give you a quest to collect bones. Turn it in come back at night and the person who sells the guitars will be there. There ya go you have a guitar. (they are 70sp a piece.)

Ok that is the end of the Questions and Answers. If Anyone can think of more questions and Answers feel free to add to the list. Hope this helped.

I may add to this and edit it over time as well. Here is one I forgot to answer lol.

Q: Where do I npc items. (sell gear and junk you dont want or need.)

A: See the NPC's with the coin bags over their heads? You can sell your items to them.

Q: Sorry to say this now (forum seems... old?) but I have a question =X
How long till new players etc. can create their own forum post? I'm having alot of technical issues with the game that I can't get resolved because I can't post anywhere xP

A: The answer to this question is apparently 72 hours. (thank you muffin for answering =) )

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