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RaiderZ Boss Tips

RaiderZ Boss Tips by ddreamz

First of all, these tips are taken from the internet, forum and my experience, might not apply to everyone but just to let newcomers to have a rough idea of the bosses in CBT.

I will continue to update this thread and hopefully all the way.
So if you spot any mistake, or you have anything to share, just reply or drop me a message and i will take note of it.

In addition, i added a credits at the bottom to show appreciations to those who i have taken the tips from.

Location: The Broken Mast
Known Weak Points: Legs
Known Attacks:

Mist : it only slows you down

Charging skill that rushes forward

Claw attack: 2x frontal claw stab

Monster Weapon: Drops a piece of shield when you breaks the leg
Description: Your first boss encounter in the game, piece of "crab" shouldn't be a issue.

Location: Teress Plain
Known Weak Points: Tails
Known Attacks:

Claw swipes

Deadly pounces

Tail attack which is 180 degree frontal attack

Ability to summon a wolf pack when low in hp

Description: This wolf have 3 tails and is ride by Alpha players (jealous ><), aim for his tail and you will hit it real hard.

Queen Teresis
Location: Teress Plain
Known Weak Points: Fangs
Known Attacks:

Poisonous bites

Paralyzing webs : Shoots webs that will paralyze you 360 around it, short-range.

AoE spin attack

Monster Buff: Drop venomous toenail/claw to add poison buff on your weapon
Description: Found in the Tranquil Forests of Teress Plain, try getting bite by it, maybe you will be the next spider-man.

Location: Rengot Village
Known Weak Points: Backpack
Known Attacks:

Charging attacks

Club smashes

Stone Throw

Grab and Throw attack?(grab you and throw you like a ball ^^)

Description: This ogre is the boss that you will encounter before you venture into Rengot Village. Can be found south of Where Goblin Golem is and drops "Borgo Tendon" that is needed to craft a necklace.

Goblin Golem
Location: Rengot Village
Known Weak Points: Gem Stone
Known Attacks:

Grappling throws: Grab you and throw you (lucky not kiss)

Jumping attacks: Avoid this, deals heavy dmg

Goblin Bomb: The goblin on the Golem will 2 bombs, can be doge by look at the light circle on the ground which shows the AOE

Golem Roar: when you broke the purple gem

Description: This stone creature can only be killed after you broke the purple gem stone at its chest. After you do so, it should be a piece of cake.

Master of Garden
Location: Contaminated Garden
Known Weak Points: Root and Flower Petals
Known Attacks:

Acid spit: 2 types
1: It shoot acid in a straight line in front,
2: It shoot acid ball high up and lands with the AOE that is shown with a light circle on the ground.

Thorn Attack (Watch out for the sign and try to aviod this)

Poison Pollen (DOT and have a very large AOE, in addition, it heals when it use this skill, can be stop if you deal large amount of dmg to it)

Tail Wipe (sometimes it uses it when you are attacking its tail)

Monster Buff: When you broke the petals, it can pick up, effect is unknown to me as i have yet to pick it up before.
Description: Main boss of the Garden quest, highly recommanded to break its tail so that it won't be able to heal.

Riviute (Knight in catacomb)
Location: Catacomb
Known Weak Points: Back
Known Attacks:

AOE fire attack

Point & Charge Attack: Basically, he will point 1 of you in the party as the target and that person will have a skull above his head for a while. After which he charge at that person dealing dmg to anyone who is in his way or near his attack. Dodge it

Monster Weapon: Drops a sword when you hit his back enough times, if you use it, it can deal up to 6k dmg to him
Description: One of the 2 mini-boss you have to fight in order to get to Manelloth in the Catacomb quest. It drops Token of Riviute that is use to craft Magic Crit Ring.

Basteroe (Mage in catacomb)
Known Weak Points: Lure and Hit him when he is in the Dark Mist
Known Attacks:
  • Summoning (He rings 3 time of his bell and summon a wraith with a Dark Mist)
Description: He have ultimate defence when you hit him on normal ground, the fasterest way to beat him is to lure him to the dark mist that he summon and deal 100% dmg him. It drops Token of Basteroe that is use to craft Physical Crit Ring.

Location: Catacomb
Known Weak Points: ??
Known Attacks:

Curse: When you sees a skull above your head, you should run away from your teammates, it does AoE damage around you

Aoe fire: When you see red circle appearing under his "leg", he is going to use this, block(recommend) or run. If it hits you raw, it apply a fire DOT on you.

Lightning Bolt: He points with his staff to shoot out a lightning that does multiple hits

Lightning Ball: Slow moving orbs that does multiple hit when they are hitting you, changes its target after hitting, so if it going after you, lure it away from your teammates so they can peacefully wack the boss

Shield: Use your melee attacks to break the shield, if you don't do it on time, the shield will heal him

Description: The last boss of Catacomb, a lich that can't use ice spell :S Make sure you have enough dps/people or you might not even be able to break the shield.

Location: Mt. Eda
Known Weak Points: Tail
Known Attacks: Same as Fleetfoot except he can create illusions up to 3 of himself

Description: Brother of Fleetfoot?

Location: Mt. Eda (War Zone)
Known Weak Points: ??
Known Attacks:

Frost AOE Roar: Slows and blow you away - take note of the sign and block this. I also highly recommend that you get the buff from the tribe chief which increase you ice resistance by 50, however it can only be receive once your faction is VERY FRIENDLY.

Dash attack: Unblockable, he dashes (or more like swipes) in two succession which is very different compared to other boss' attacks where they usually only strike once

Jump Attack: OUch!! If it hits you

Stone Throw: Another old type of attack but if it hits you, it hurts trust me

Description: You need his jewel for the lvl 23 rare armor and lvl 24 rare weapon. Can be quite hard to farm this boss as it is in the PVP zone, personnally i have a very bad encounter with the other tribe when i was farming this boss.

Location: Makoto Village
Known Weak Points: Butt ^^
Known Attacks:

Poison Cloud - Crassus Flaps his wings rapidly without lifting his head up, you will have to stay withing 8meters of Crassus in order to avoid getting damage by the Poison Cloud.
[Long cast - Take advantage to heal yourself or do as much damage]

Toxic Slam - Crass lifts his head up and flaps his wings rapidly, You can only avoid this by getting 10m away from Crassus. [Medium Cast - Dash back fast as possible]

Double Horn - Crassus blinks red and prepare to strike with his horn, Avoid by dodging to the side slightly after/when Crassus turns red. (Note he charges this skill really fast at low health) [Fast Cast - Dodge to avoid / Move to side]

Tackle - Crassus leans back and prepares to rush forward 6meters [He also blinks red], Avoid by dodging to the side slightly after/when Crassus turns red.
[Fast Cast - Dodge to avoid / Move to side]

Red mist [Flight] - Crassus release a horrifying screech, and chooses a player who is near him to receive Immunity buff, then takes flight & spins - releasing red poison dealing 1000+ damage to all players withing 50 meters, You can avoid this by Having the immunity buff or standing on the player who has the immunity buff. [Note when you stand on the player who has the Immunity buff you will receive a 2second duration buff of it.] It could also be avoid by running away from crassus immediately when he screeches [You have plenty of time to run away from his AoE] [Long cast - Long range - Take time to make sure you are safe before doing anything else ]

Monster Drop: You can obtain Crassus Horn by breaking off his Horn [Most of the time it will be a Discolored Horn] *This could be used to craft Diamond of Vitality*
Description: A Big Bug that release toxic, hard to farm this boss in CBT as there is only 1 chn for Makoto Village. In order to complete the quest "Eliminate Crassus", you must be the person who give it the LAST HIT, which means, only 1 person can complete the quest each time you fight it.

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