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Pockie Pirates Grand Line Guide

Pockie Pirates Grand Line Guide by Arrak

Cooking and Trading
Your Ship
Sea Adventures
Islands and Items

At Protagonist level 32, you are able to access the Grand Line mini game.  This mini game, for the most part, is completely separate from the normal game.  You will spend silver upgrading your ship, trading, and replenishing your ship's resources and you will most likely spend some gold in Sea Adventures.  Hopefully this guide will help you fully understand how Grand Line works and allow you to create your own strategies in how to spend your daily 15,000 durability.

First and foremost, your Warship upgrades have absolutely no effect on your Grand Line ship, other than allowing you to show off by changing what you look like.  If you have a Moby Dick, your Grand Line ship will still start as "Miss Love Duck", but you'll be able to change it's appearance to Moby Dick.  If you upgrade your Grand Line ship to Ark Maxim, but you only have your warship outside of Grand Line upgraded to Moby Dick, you'll only be able to show off your appearance as the Marine Ship or Moby Dick.

There are multiple things you can gain exp for and level in Grand Line.  All of these levels with the exception of Sea Adventure Level will cap at your Protagonist's Level.  The levels are as follow:

Navigation (Voyage) Level: You can gain experience in this simply by sailing from place to place.  Increasing your level in Navigation allows you to unlock new islands you can visit.  Just starting out you can visit:

Orange Town
St. Croix
Shimotsuki Village
Syrup Village
Cocoyashi Village

At level 28 Navigation you can visit:

Little Garden
Drum Island
Long Island
Water 7
Impel Down
Judicial Island

At level 38 Navigation you can visit:

Thriller Bark
Amazon Lily
Holy Land Mariejois
Fishmen Island
Punk Hazard
Torino Island
Rain Island
Risky Red Island
Mystoria Island
Thunder Island

You need to be level 10 Navigation to access the Newbie Sea Adventure.  I'll explain more about Sea Adventures and sailing around in general later.  Leveling Navigation past 38 has no affect on your Grand Line adventure.  You will gain navigation level naturally simply by completely Loops and gaining exp in other areas.  Once you're level 38, don't worry about this.
Cooking (Cook) Level: Every island has different goods you can buy and trade at other islands.  Some of those goods can be used to cook different foods.  I'll explain more about cooking in the cooking section.  Every 5 cooking levels will open a new recipe that you can make.  Foods have different affects on your Grand Line adventure and in harder Sea Adventures they become a necessity.

Trading (Trade) Level: Trading exp is earned simply by selling goods.  However you can only earn exp by making a profit.  You profit by selling for more than you bought the item for.  I'll explain more in the trading section, but the basics here is that the further away you sell an item from where you bought it, the more it will sell for and the more profit you can earn.
Sea Adventure (Adventure) Level: You can gain exp in your Sea Adventure by performing actions in Sea Adventures.  Earning higher Adventure levels will give you access to harder Sea Adventures.  There are currently 4 Adventure Levels:

Newbie - Access to East Blue and Reverse River dungeons.
Primary - Access to Winter Island and Desert dungeons
Medium - Access to Vortex and Calm Belt dungeons
Advanced - Access to Abyssal and Island dungeons

There are two "Loops" you can follow.  I'll post more about those along with a strategy I use to maximize my durability later.  By completing these two loops you can gain 20 gold each.  If you're looking for a reason to actually do Grand Line, 40 free gold per day is quite the incentive.
Islands or Towns, other than being safe havens for your ships where your resources won't deplete and you can't be attacked by other players, have three buildings.  Bars are where you can replenish your resources for silver.  Trading Houses are where you can buy and sell items.  Governor Houses are where you can complete your Loop quests and invest in that town for your affiliation.    

As soon as you enter Grand Line you will be placed on the water just outside of Orange Town.  What the game fails to mention to you is that whenever you are on the water, even if you aren't moving, your food will deplete.  You are considered on the water or "sailing" whenever you are not docked at a town, even if you JUST left that town.  You will only lose durability when moving, so you don't have to worry about losing precious durability if you happen to go afk and idle on the water.  But I guess I should explain both resources.

Food: Food is used whenever you are on the water regardless of whether or not you are moving.  You can regain food at the bar or by using food you make through cooking.  Bread is the first food you are able to make and requires only Salt from St. Croix, and Flour from Shimotsuki Village.  If you run out of food, (I believe this is the case) your ship will move very, very slowly to its destination.  I suggest making a plethora of Bread as soon as you start, especially since your Cooking Loop will most likely require it, and just starting out both Loops will most likely take you to those two towns.  And of course, like almost every resource in this game, you can use gold to gain food back should you run out and don't want to wait for your ship to slowly sail where it's going.

Durability: Durability is much more important than food.  Your durability only depletes when you're moving.  Durability is basically like your ship's Vitality.  If you run out of durability while sailing, you will have two options.  One is to spend gold to replenish the resource.  The other is to gain 100 emergency durability on the spot (spot repair), but your ship will be unable to move for a certain amount of time.  You can replenish your durability at towns in bars, just like food, but for the most part you are limited to 15,000 durability per day.  The bar tells you that you can only replenish 15,000 'cheaply', but look at the 15,000 more or less as a daily cap.  Once you pass that 15,000 limit, the price of replenishing durability will increase exponentially very quickly.  Where replenishing 100 durability once cost 10,000 silver, after the 15,000 limit, it could cost 5 million silver.  Strategically using your durability to hit your Sailing and Cooking loop islands while getting Popular Specialties will be how you maximize your productivity in Grand Line.

Sailors: Sailors increase the HP of your ship.  As a resource, sailors are only lost when fighting against other players.  They are not used in Sea Adventures. However, as they increase your health, you'll always want to keep these at max.  I like to use "1-click refill" at ports to refill my sailors, food, and durability at the same time.

So sailing will be the first thing you do in Grand Line, and you'll most likely want to stop at Orange Town to get the lay of the land.  Eventually knowing what items are at each island and where the islands are relative to other islands will help you master the Grand Line. 

So, how do you actually sail the Grand Line?  Well, One Piece fans will immediately realize the map is much more than the Grand Line.  It's the East Blue, the Calm Belt, the Grand Line, the Red Line, and the New World.  But those labels don't really matter.  At level 38, when you finally unlock every island, you can simply sail on over to the New World.  From East Blue you can enter the 'Grand Line' through Reverse Mountain.  You can travel east along the Grand Line and exit the Grand Line to the south side of the map via the Sea Train.  From there you will see two "bubbles" on the map signifying where you can once again cross the Calm Belt.  Shimotsuki Village to Thunder Island is roughly the largest distance between two islands.  The follow is a really badly edited picture of the routes your ship can take.

Sailing Strategy:  There are two loops you'll want to complete each day.  One of those requires you to cook food.  I suggest whenever you unlock a new food, you max out on it's ingredients and cook as many as you can.  However, you will eventually run out.  Just starting out as well, you will only be able to access the Newbie Sea Adventures.  Remodeling your ship two levels will require items from St. Croix and Shimotsuki.  Just starting out you may notice many of the things you have to do take place in the East Blue.  So let's call the East Blue your "home base" for now.  When completing the two loops or trying to get those Popular Specialties, you may want to save some durability to get back to your home base.  Or try to take care of things like cooking food and upgrading your warship before you start on the two loops, obviously depending where you left off the previous day.  Everyone will develop a different sailing strategy as they get more familiar with the layout, but for me, I always keep that "home base" in mind.

Attacking Other Players: As you sail you'll see countless other players sailing along side you.  Red names indicate players of the opposing affiliation.  White players are players of your affiliation.  Affiliation doesn't matter when it comes to plundering!  You can attack and plunder any other player that isn't in newbie protection as long as you too are not in newbie protection.  Newbie protection ends at navigation level 30.  Your attack speed will determine who attacks first.  Then your attack, defense, and HP will determine who wins the battle.  You will can lose food, durability, and sailors when attacking other players.  If you win, you will plunder some of the items in their cargo hold if they are carrying anything.  After attacking another player you will incur a 10 minute cooldown before you can attack anyone else.  Ship stats are explained in a later section of this guide.  My opinion on attacking is that it's still early in the Grand Line and people's cargo holds are still relatively small.  Once players have sizeable ships with sizable cargo holds, you will benefit much more from plundering.

Cooking and Trading
Cooking and Trading are two separate entities, but I decided to group them together in this guide because they both require visiting different islands and buying different items.  Just a quick note: when you hover over an item, in the cooking menu or elsewhere, a window will pop up that will tell you where you can buy that item.  I'll eventually add a list of all items and foods to this blog, but for now, that's the best way to go about knowing where to find ingredients or items to trade.

Why is Trading Important?  Many items in the Grand Line are used just for trading.  However, just as many items have practical uses such as ingredients for cooking or parts to remodel your ship.  Items require a certain Trading Level to buy.  Increasing your trading level by trading from island to island and making a profit is very important.  It allows you to buy new items, and you may end up earning some silver along the way.  Every 10 Trading levels new items will open up to you.  As stated above, I will eventually have a list of all items, but for now you can find a decent list on the Pockie Pirates Wiki (just google it).

Why is Cooking Important? The foods you can make with cooking all have some use in the Grand Line.  Bread, the first food you can make will replenish 40 food.  This is nice for emergencies and has saved me on more than one occasion.  Eventually you'll be able to make a food that replenishes much more than that.  There are foods that also increase your attack, defense, speed, and hp of your ship.  After toying around with Easy sea adventures, the next step after newbie, I noticed that using foods, especially on the last boss of the dungeon, is almost a necessity.  I have roughly 1000 defense through 5 Moby Dick remodels, and yet I can make a food that gives me 600 additional defense for 5 minutes.  That stat increase is huge.

Quotas and Popular Specialties?  Every island has it's own set of items.  As stated above, when you buy an item from an island, the sale price of that island will increase depending on how far away the island is you're selling it at.  If you buy Octopus from Orange Town and sell it at Thunder Island, you will make quite the profit even if it isn't a popular specialty.  Quota refers to both the amount of items at that island that you can buy and the sell and buying modifier.  You'll see a percentage next to the item.  If the sale price is 100 silver and there's an 85% next to the item, you will buy it for 85 silver each.  The modifier is random and updates along with the stock every 30 minutes.  You can refresh this quota with gold or with quota scrolls you get from dungeons.  Popular Specialties on the other hand refreshes every 3 hours and is a list of 4 items that can be bought and then sold for 200% modified price.  So if the selling price of that item you bought at 85% was 200 silver, and it was a popular specialty, you could sell it for 400 silver.  That's a 315 silver profit.  Remember that the farther away you sell something will affect the SELLING price, not the modifier.  So if you sell that Octopus at Thunder Island and it's the Popular Specialty with that 200% modifier, you will make quite the profit.

Occupying and Taxes:  Whenever you buy an item at a port, you will be taxed 20% unless your affiliation occupies that town.  You can occupy a town by clicking on the Governor Hall and investing.  The invest menu will tell you how much silver is required to gain .1% for your faction.  When your faction gains 50% you will occupy that town.

Loops: So what is a Loop?  A loop is basically a Grand Line quest.  There are two: Sailing and Cooking.  They basically tell you to go to a specific island.  The Cooking loop requires you to have a specific food when you get to that island.  After arriving at that island, goto the Governor's House and you can turn in the quest.  Do this 10 times and you will be able to claim the rewards listed, which includes 2 gold cards per loop.  Sometimes the two loops can take you two different directions.  If that's the case I recommend focusing on one at a time.  If however, they seem to be going the same way, try to do them together.  Remember, develop a strategy to conserve that durability!  Try to do Popular Specialties while doing loops, especially long range ones.  If you have a loop taking you to the New World and you're in East Blue, try to find a popular specialty you can buy in the East Blue that sells in the New World.

Your Ship
I started off writing about the basics of sailing, moving from place to place.  Now I'll write about how to actually enhance your ship so you can go to battle against other players or in Sea Adventures.  Your ship has it's own stats, and let me stress again that your Grand Line ship is completely separate from your protagonist's warship other than what you can make it look like when sailing. These stats can be increased four different ways:  Enhancing parts of your ship with silver (exactly like enhancing gear), Remodeling your ship parts (which will also increase how much you can enhance that part), the Crew you station in parts of your ship, and temporarily with Food.

Sailors:  A 'resource' that can be lost in pvp and refilled in bars.  Grants 10 HP per sailor to your ship's max hp.
Food Cabin: The maximum amount of food you can hold at a time.
Durability: The maximum durability your ship can have.  Increasing your max food and durability will allow you to take longer routes without stopping.
Cargo: The maximum amount of cargo you can hold.  Every item takes up one cargo space.
HP: Your ship's health. 
ATK: Your attack.  How hard you hit NPCs or players.
DEF: Your defense.  Increasing this will decrease the damage NPCs or players do to you.
Atk Speed:  Attack Speed.  Determines who attacks first in both player battles and sea adventures.
Sail Speed: How fast your ship travels when sailing.  Starts at 2000.  Can only be increased with crew and food.
Atk Range: I assume this determines how far away you can be from a player to attack them.  This is useless in sea adventures.  This cannot be modified by enhancing or remodeling.
Crit Rate: The percentage chance your ship has to crit.  This can only be increased with crew.
Dodge Rate: The percentage chance your ship will dodge an attack.  This can only be increased with crew.
Crit Damage:  Set at 150%. How much extra damage you will do when you crit.  Cannot be modified by enhancing or remodeling.

Every crew member that is A rank (purple) or higher has a set job they are able to do on your Grand Line ship.  There are ten ship parts that you can modify and add crew to.  I'll talk about those parts later.  By adding crew to your ship you will earn that ship part's "appointed stats".  However, every ship part has specific job that can be done.  If the crew you add matches that job, you will also earn that crew member's secondary stat.  This is important because some secondary stats cannot be gained through enhancing or remodeling such as the coveted Sailing Speed.  Jibei is a Chief Mate.  If you add him to the Oars, you will earn his secondary stat which is +4% sailing speed.  I'll have a list of crew and what their secondary stats as well as jobs are, but for now you can look that up on the wiki.  Here's some really bad pictures of how this is represented in game:

So crew can be added to any spot on the ship to gain that spot's 'appointed' stats, but if that crew's "job" and that spot's job match, you will also gain the crew's secondary stat.  Being lucky in the bars and All Blue will definitely be beneficial when it comes to adding crew to your Grand Line ship as just like in the normal game, some crew have better secondary stats than others.

Intimacy: This is a stat that is individual to every crew member.  It decreases whenever you lose a battle (I'm assuming only against players as I've died well over 4 times in sea adventures).  You can regain intimacy by giving your crew items by clicking on the blue '+' next to their name.  You can earn these items in sea adventures.  If your crew member's intimacy drops below 60, they will be removed from yoru ship and sidelined until you refill their intimacy.

Upgrade Options
Every part of the ship has three options: Enhance, Remodel, and Refine. 

Enhance: Enhance is just like enhancing gear.  You spend silver to increase it's enhanced level by one, which will increase that part's primary stat.  You can only enhance up to a cap that is determined by the model of that part.  For example the first model, Miss Love Duck, has a cap of 10, Marine Ship is 20, and so on.  Every part of the ship must be remodeled separately. 

Remodeling will be explained more in the Sea Adventure section.  It requires items earned through Sea Adventures.  You must remodel all 10 parts of the ship before remodeling to the next tier.  For example, all ten parts must be Marine Ship before you can remodel a part into Moby Dick.  Remodeling increases the stat of that part, but more significantly, increases how much you can enhance it by ten levels.  Remodeling does not let you change your ship into that model.  Remember, it is your Warship outside of the Grand Line that will affect what your ship LOOKs like.  Remodeling the parts of your ship in Ship Info only affects its STATS.

Refine: Refine is just like Develop outside of Grand Line.  When you add a crew to a part of the ship you will gain those "appointed stats".  Those appointed stats also have a refine limit.  This will be displayed next to them.  For example, one of your three stats may be 4 Attack, but you have a limit of (2~12).  This means that if you refine into the attack stat, you can refine into a number anywhere from 4 to 12.   Remodeling will increase this limit and allow you to refine into even greater numbers.  When you refine, the three stats you get are completely randomized, but the number of that stat will always be determined by the refine limit imposed by that part's model.  You will also occasionally see a purple number when you refine.  Consider this a "crit".  The number will always be within the refine limit, but purple numbers mean you refined into the higher end of that limit.  Purple numbers mean high stat are good and you're lucky to get them.  Refine costs 20g. 

To clarify a bit, here's an example.  My Prow has never been refined since Miss Love Dock model.  It has (4 attack, 2 Defense, 5 Food Capacity).  Because my Prow is now a Moby Dick, the refine limits next to those stats show:  Attack (50~200), Defense (25~100), Food (30~75).  This means if I refine AND I get those stats again, the new stat will be within those limits.  However, when I used refine, instead I gained 75 Attack, 98 Defense (a purple number), 212 Durability.  The refine switched my Food Capacity with Durability.  It gave me a durability that was within the refine limit for the Moby Dick part.  When you refine, what STAT you get is never guaranteed.  What is guaranteed is the NUMBER of stat which is directly based on the model type of that part. 

So when you remodel, it is beneficial to refine at least once because you will be able to get higher numbers of stats on that part.  However, because what stat you get is random, you may want to keep your old model's stats.  You could end up with durability on every single part like I did (but because I never refined since the first model, my original stats were all single digits.  Simply refining attack on one Moby Dick part into a 3 digit number was already better than having single digit attack numbers on 5 Love Duck parts).  Of course if you have the gold, you can continuously refine until you get the stats you want or get purple stats on all parts. 

Cargo and Inventory
Your cargo hold is limited by enhancing and remodeling.  Every item you buy from Trading Houses will take up one cargo space.  All other items earned in the Grand Line will go into your Inventory.  Your Grand Line Inventory is separate from your Bagspace outside of the Grand Line.  Your Inventory will hold things like Food, remodel scrolls, remodel parts, cooking and quota books, treasure scrolls, and most importantly food.  That's right, when you make food, it's put in your inventory, not your cargo space.  Inventory has no limit to how much it can hold.

While doing loops you will occasional earn Navigation Chests.  These contain one of a random set of items that will help you outside of the Grand Line.  Be sure to check your inventory after you do your two loops to use these.  Other items that you gain from Loops such as gold cards will go straight into your Bag and not into your Grand Line inventory.

Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures are basically dungeons on the Grand Line.  You can earn all sorts of items in them that are useful both inside and outside of the Grand Line.  You access the Sea Adventures by sailing there and using Adventure Passes.  You can earn Adventure Passes by doing the two Loops.  For this reason, Adventure Passes are limited, so when in a Sea Adventure, try to make the most of it and try not to try a Sea Adventure you aren't ready for.  It's 3 Adventure Passes to enter the Newbie adventure, 4 for Easy, 5 for Normal, and 6 for Hard.

Preparing for your first Adventure!  There are two newbie adventures.  One is right next to Orange Town.  The other is near Little Garden.  Both of these are equal in difficulty.  The recommendation is that you fully enhance all parts of your ship.  This means that, because all parts are still the "Miss Love Duck" model, you should enhance them all to level 10 before attempting the newbie dungeon.  However, here's a little hint.  There are only 6 ship parts that affect Sea Adventures: The Forecastle which increases Sailors, the Sail which increases Attack, The Prow which increases HP, the Deck which significantly increases Defense, the Ship Guns which significantly increases Attack, and the Oars which increases Defense.  The Keel, Turret, Cabin, and Food Cabin increase stats that do not matter in the Sea Adventure.  If you're short of silver, this should help you.

Simply by doing the first few loops you should have cooking raised high enough to be able to make Dinosaur Steak. Takoyaki increases your ship's HP by 180.  Roast Beef increases it's Defense by 30.  Dinosaur Steak increases it's Attack by 60.  All of these buffs last for five minutes.  I suggest keeping food in mind if you're having trouble in the newbie adventure.  They might give you the edge you need.

I'm in the Adventure, now what?  You start an adventure with 40 Action Points.  Every time you move your ship, you lose one Action Point.  So in other words, you're able to do 40 things in an adventure.  As soon as you start you'll see the boss all the way on the right.  Killing the boss gives you two Adventure Crystals.  So the object of an adventure is to use as many action points as possible while still making it to the boss, and not dying in the process.  You have three free lives, and three free chances to skip an event (but save these for marine attacks, explained later).

In an adventure you'll find three types of events, each with their own rewards:

Battles:  All battles have a chance to reward you with a Remodel Crystal or Adam Tree Wood.  Both of these are the essential parts of remodeling your warship.  Doing as many battles as possible is very beneficial to remodeling.

Pirate battles: Higher attack and defense than marines patrols.
Patrolling Marines: Weaker than the pirates.
Marines from Headquarters:  THESE are the battles you will want to skip.  When you encounter them you have the option to engage them or avoid.  I recommend using your "skips" here by clicking skip.  Clicking Avoid will cost you 5 gold.  If you run out of Skips, you should have at least 10 gold ready just in case you get bad luck and encounter too many of these guys.  This battle is not made to be won.  Even with Moby Dick parts, I can only do 1 damage when attacking the Newbie Marine fleet.

Random Event/Chance: These show up as clovers on the map.  Either something will happen to your ship, or you will get a mini game where you will get a positive or negative effect.  If you're closing in on the boss and you're low on Action Points, save some Skips for Mystical Stargazers!  I tend to stay away from these squares because of how random they can be and the negative effects they can have on you.

Tsunami:  Your ship will automatically take 30% hp in damage, based on its max hp.  If this 30% would take you below 0, your ship will be placed at 1 hp.
Find Food: Your ship will gain 30% hp, based on its max hp.  (This is currently bugged.  Finding food will actually damage your ship by 30% instead of heal it.)
Sea God's Magic: You will play rock, paper, scissors and either gain 10% attack and defense, or lose 10% attack and defense.  Beware of this when you're in a higher level dungeon that you aren't fully ready for.  That 10% could make a huge difference.
Foggy Zone/Double EXP: You will play Rock, Paper, Scissors to gain double exp.  There is no negative effect here.  You either earn double exp or the usual exp.
Mystical Stargazer: I'm always wary of these and tend to avoid the clover squares because of it.  You will play the rock, paper, scissors chance game to either gain or lose 3 mobility (action points).  I have terrible luck and tend to lose more than I gain.

Treasure Squares: They look like a treasure chest and you have a chance at earning items here.  I suggest hitting treasure squares whenever you see them

Sea Merchants:  You will have the chance to buy one of two items at discounted prices.  This is similar to the VIP shop, but depending on your VIP status, the prices can be cheaper.
Mystical Relics:  When you encounter this, you will be given 5 treasure chest cards and allowed to flip one.  These items usually help you in the Grand Line.  You can earn food, remodel crystal, an adventure crystal, or an intimacy item.
Mystery Treasure Chest:  These items on these cards won't be hidden from you.  You'll be able to pick from one of five items to straight up obtain.  You can choose multiple items by paying gold.  These items help you outside of the Grand Line.  You can gain items such as Warship Upgrades (I've gained over 100 Warship upgrades so far playing Grand Line :p ), Pet EXP cards, Crew EXP cards, Silver cards, Salvage Ropes, and Lvl 1 Shell Chests.
Treasure Map: I believe this gives you a treasure map which will be used in a future update when Soul of the Sea comes out
Treasure Pointer: This is supposed to mark a random treasure chest on your Sea Adventure map, but it hasn't always worked for me

Teleport Squares: These are iffy and just as random as the Chance squares.  A teleport square will teleport you somewhere on the map.  That 'somewhere' could very well be the start.  Only use these if you have plenty of action points left or you may find yourself stranded very far from the boss.

Telescope Squares: These give you a chance to play rock, paper, scissors to reveal 8 spaces in a square around you on the map.  However, if you lose the game, you'll be rooted in place for 3 minutes.  Land on these squares as your own risk!  You may end up having to afk for 3 minutes!  Remember that you can't exit Grand Line once you're in a sea adventure (unless you close your game and reopen. ;p )

Boss Battle Square:  The boss is simply a much harder battle than the pirates or marine patrols.  It has more hp, attack, and defense than the pirates and marines in the adventure.  As you progress to harder sea adventures, the bosses will also gain dodge.  Beating the boss will give you Adventure Crystals (2 for newbie boss) and end the adventure.  Don't attack the boss if you aren't ready to leave the adventure!

Redeeming Items: When you reach an adventure on the Grand Line map you'll have the option to enter or redeem.  Redeem allows you buy items with adventure crystals.  Remember that you can earn Remodel Crystals and Adam Tree Wood inside of Sea Adventures.  You can earn the first ship of that tier's (every other ship) scroll inside the adventure (Marine Ship, Going Merry, etc).  Keep that in mind when you decide to spend your crystals.  If you're out of adventure passes and you really want to remodel a part, go ahead and buy those pieces!  That's what the adventure crystals are there for.  Just don't waste them if you have adventure passes left.  You can also buy intimacy items here.

Don't really care about Grand Line?:  If you're just here for the daily gold and the useful items you can get out of Sea Adventures, and you don't really care about upgrading your ship, you should consider only doing Newbie dungeons.  Newbie dungeons only cost 3 passes vs 4 passes for Easy and so on.  This will allow you to do more dungeons per day, which gives you more chances are treasure squares and more chances are getting items that are useful outside of Grand Line.

Remodeling the parts of your ship allows you to enhance those parts to higher levels as well as increases the 'appointed stats' and what you can refine to.  Every part of the ship must be remodeled to the same level before you can remodel it to a higher level.  You must fully remodel all 10 parts of your ship to the Marine Ship before you can remodel a part to Moby Dick and so on.

Enhancing with Remodeling: Remodeling a part of the ship one step will increase that part's enhancing cap by 10.  However, it will also lower your current enhancing level by roughly 90%.  This may be based on the silver required to enhance that part or it may be based on the level.  For example, remodeling a part from Marine to Moby Dick will decrease an enhance level 20 to enhance level 18.

Remodeling your ship requires 4 items:  A scroll, pieces of Adam Tree Wood, Remodel Crystals, and an item that can be bought in a Trading Center.  The first three items can be obtained in Sea Adventures.  The last item will require you to level Trading to buy it.  There's always two items you have to buy per ship tier.  For example, to remodel into the Marine Ship or Moby Dick you will need Wood or Stone.  These can be bought from St. Croix or Shimotsuki Village.

I mentioned in the Sea Adventure that you can gain the 'first' ship of the tier's scroll from the adventure, and the second ship you'd have to redeem the scroll. I consider every two ship's a tier.  Marine Battleship and Moby Dick are a tier because you get items to remodel to those from Newbie adventures.  Going Merry and Thousand Sunny are a tier because you get their items from Easy adventures and so forth. You can gain the Marine Ship, Going Merry, and Ark Maxim's scrolls in adventures (from what I've seen so far). 

Newbie Sea Adventures will give you what you need to upgrade to Moby Dick.  Easy should give you what you need to upgrade to Thousand Sunny. (At the point I'm at in Grand Line I can do Easy dungeons and they give the blue medium remodel crystals).

Marine Battleship:  Requires per part

1x Marine Battleship scroll
2x Basic Remodel Crystal
2x Adam Tree Wood
30x Stone or 30x Wood

Moby Dick: Requires per part

1x Moby Dick scroll
4x Basic Remodel Crystal
4x Adam Tree Wood
60x Stone or 60x Wood

You can get Wood from Shimotsuki Village.  You can get Stone from St. Croix.  Both require Trading Level 10.

Going Merry: Requires per part

1x Going Merry Scroll
6x Medium Remodel Crystal
6x Adam Tree Wood
90x Brass or 90x Iron

Thousand Sunny: Requires per part

1x Thousand Sunny scroll
8x Medium Remodel Crystal
8x Adam Tree Wood
120x Brass or 120x Iron

You can get Brass from Cocoyashi Village and Iron from Orange Town.  Both require Trading Level 30.

Ark Maxim: Requires per part

1x Ark Maxim Scroll
10x Advanced Remodel Crystal
10x Adam Tree Wood
150x Coal or 150x Steel

Red Force: Requires per part

1x Red Force scroll
12x Advanced Remodel Crystal
12x Adam Tree Wood
180x Coal or 180x Steel

You can get Coal from Amazon Lily and Steel from Water 7.  Coal requires Tradin Level 40.  Steel requires Trading Level 50.

Golden Lion: Unconfirmed requirements:

1x Golden Lion scroll
14x Super Remodel Crystal
14x Adam Tree Wood
Unknown other items
Arrak - S19 (Enies Lobby)


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Islands and Items

This is a list of items you can find at each island and their trading level.  First Islands are in alphabetical order, then items are in alphabetical order.


Tomato: Trading Level 1

Caster Sugar: Trading Level 10

Silver Jewelry: Trading Level 50

Sapphire: Trading Level 90

Amazon Lily:

Corn: Trading Level 1

Coal: Trading Level 40


Beef: Trading Level 1

Ham: Trading Level 10

Cocyashi Village:

Butter: Trading Level 1

Brass: Trading Level 30

Drum Island:

Egg: Trading Level 1

Lobster: Trading Level 30

Fishmen Island:

Medikit: Trading Level 1

Coral: Trading Level 70

Holy Land Mariejois:

History Book: Trading Level 1

Cannon: Trading Level 60

Gold: Trading Level 80

Impel Down:

Parchment: Trading Level 1


Scorpionfish: Trading Level 1

Cherry: Trading Level 20

Judicial Island:

Navy Hat: Trading Level 1

Dagger: Trading Level 20

Little Garden:

Dinosaur Meat: Trading Level 1


Rice: Trading Level 1

Knife: Trading Level 20

Gemstone Ring: Trading Level 90

Long Island:

Chicken Meat: Trading Level 1


Garlic: Trading Level 1

Brandy: Trading Level 60


Beer: Trading Level 1

Orange Town:

Octopus: Trading Level 1

Iron: Trading Level 30

Punk Hazard:

Rudder: Trading Level 1

Rain Island:

Coffee Bean: Trading Level1

Sulfur: Trading Level 70

Risky Red Island:

Cheese: Trading Level 1

Fossil Oil: Trading Level 70


Pepper: Trading Level 1

Jam: Trading Level 30

Ruby: Trading Level 90

Bon Chari: Trading Level 100

Shimotsuki Village:

Flour: Trading Level 1

Wood: Trading Level 10

Katana: Trading Level 40

St. Croix:

Salt: Trading Level 1

Stone: Trading Level 10

Firelock: Trading Level 40

Syrup Village:

Soy Sauce: Trading Level 1

Honey: Trading Level 30

Thriller Bark:

Vinegar: Trading Level 1

Thunder God Island:

Tabacco:  Trading Level 1

Armor: Trading Level 60

Grace Win: Trading Level 80

Amethyst: Trading Level 100

Torino Kingdom:

Wheat: Trading Level 1

Waver: Trading Level 80

Jade: Trading Level 100

Water 7:

Mizu Mizu Meat: Trading Level 1

Wine: Trading Level 20

Steel: Trading Level 50

Alphabetical List by Item:

Amethyst – Thunder
God Island
– Level 100                

Armor – Thunder
God Island
– Level 60          

Beef – Baratie – Level 1          

Beer – Mystoria – Level 1       

Bon Chari – Saobody – Level 100       

Brandy – Marineford – Level 60          

Brass – Cocoyashi – Level 30             

Butter - Cocoyashi – Level 1   

Cannon – Mariejois – Level 60            

Caster Sugar – Alabasta – Level 10     

Cheese – Risky Red
Island – Level 1   

Cherry – Jaya – Level 20         

Chicken Meat – Long Island –
Level 1 

Coal – Amazon Lily – Level 40            

Coffee Bean – Rain
Island – Level 1                

Coral – Fishman
Island – Level 70       

Corn – Amazon Lily – Level 1 

Dagger – Judicial Island –
Level 20      

Dinosaur Meat – Little Garden – Level 1          

Egg – Drum
Island – Level 1                

Firelock – St. Croix –
Level 40            

Flour – Shimotsuki – Level 1   

Fossil Oil – Risky Red Island
– Level 70          

Garlic – Marineford – Level 1  

Gemstone ring – Loguetown – Level 90           

Gold – Mariejois – Level 80                

Grace Wine – Thunder
God Island
– Level 80 

Ham – Baratie – Level 10        

History Book – Mariejois – Level 1                 

Honey – Syrup
Village – Level 30        

Iron – Orange
Town – Level 30           

Jade – Torino
Kingdom – Level 100    

Jam – Saobody – Level 30      

Katana – Shimotsuki – Level 40          

Knife – Loguetown – Level 20 

Lobster – Drum
Island – Level 30        

Medikit – Fishman
Island – Level 1                  

Mizu Mizu Meat – Water 7 – Level 1  

Navy Hat – Judicial Island –
Level 1                

Octopus – Orange
Town – Level 1      

Parchment – Impel Down – Level 1                 

Pepper – Saobody – Level 1   

Rice – Loguetown – Level 1

Ruby – Saobody – Level 90    

Rudder – Punk Hazard – Level 1         

Salt – St. Croix – Level 1        

Sapphire – Alabasta – Level 90           

Scorpionfish – Jaya – Level 1  

Silver Jewelry – Alabasta – Level 50    

Soy Sauce – Syrup
Village – Level 1   

Steels – Water 7 – Level 50    

Stone – St. Croix – Level 10

Sulphur – Rain Island
– Level 70          

Tabacco – Thunder
God Island
– Level 1        

Tomato – Alabasta – Level 1   

Vinegar – Thriller Bark – Level 1         

Waver – Torino
Kingdom – Level 80   

Wheat – Torino
Kingdom – Level 1                 

Wine – Water 7 – Level 20     

Wood – Shimotsuki – Level 10

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