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Pockie Pirates Fury Guide

Hi Guy and Girl Players of Pockie Pirates,
its me Verin from Server 2 Shell Island and I am here to share my experience with all of you ! 

How to get Initial Fury (Fury Shell)
How to get Initial Fury in Fight
The effect of Initial Fury

1. Introduction
I was looking in the whole Forum for a Fury Guide but i couldn't find one so i decided to write my own. In this guide you will learn what Fury is and how Fury works.
With 100 Fury you Activate your Skill and Deal Damage or Heal/Buff, but what happens if your Fury goes above 100 ? and why you lose all your Fury after a Skill Attack?
Well that is because you and your Crew Members use all the Fury to make your Mainskill Stronger (ex: Buggy's Spindart's will hit for 4k Dmg with 100 Fury and for 7k with 150+ fury)

2. Shells
They are a couple of Shells in Pockie Pirates which can improve your character, each character can hold 6 Shells for each equipment but for each equipment you can just use one of every shell Category (ex: 1xBlock , 1xHP, 1xFury etc).

Because you have 6 Parts of Equipment you can use 6 Block + 6 Fury Shells and you will still have for each equipment have 4 Slots left
to improve the damage, we need Fury Shell´s which give us additional Initial Fury at the begin of a battle.
In the Picture below you can see Level 2 Shell. It gives you a bonus of 5.5% Fury at the begin of a battle,
so if you start with 50, you will have 52,75 Fury (53 Fury(50/100x105,5)).

Higher Level of Shells give you more Fury.
Level 3: 8.25% Fury
Level 4: 11% Fury
Level 5: 13.75% Fury
Level 6: 16,50% Fury
Each level give us +2.75% Fury

3. How to get Initial Fury (Fury Shell)
3.1. Undersea Treausre
3.2. Liveliness 50-150
3.3. Growth Giftbox (Levelup Box)
3.4. Team Battle

1. in Undersea Treasure u can get Level 1 and Level 3 Shell Chest and you have a chance to get Level 3 Fury Shell

To claim items there you will need 1 Salvage Rope for each try.
2. with 50 Liveliness you can Claim 3 Level 1 Shell Chest and 100.000 Silver and 1 Salvage Rope

3. after a couple of Levels You can claim Giftbox wich gives you also Salvage Rope, so you have more Trys in Undersea Treasure

4. How to get Initial Fury in Fight
You start with 50
a normal hit gives 50 Fury while a Crit gives you 75 Fury
and if  you block an opponent's attack you will get an additional 25 Fury

So for an example: if you crit an enemy and block his attack you will gain a total of 150 Fury

5. The effect of Initial Fury
IMPORTANT: In Chapter 3 Navigator deals constant Damage to anyone but some other Classes are still effected from Fury Shells
mostly 0.2-0.5% more Damage for each 1 Fury above 100
The skill I use as an Navigator is Fallen Star and i come to 14825 M-Atk right now
lets see various types of Fury. we start with 100 Fury
(I was hitting in the first Picture without Fury Shells and any crit or Block)

In this Picture you can see, we have a constant amount of Damage (3039 to all= overall 15195)

The next Picture show´s the Damage with 148 Fury, the overall Damage is 31.834 Damage is Doubled !
in this Picture you can see the high difference about 100 Fury and 148 Fury

But what about you Crit and Block the Opponent Attack?
Now you see the Damage for 173 Fury, the overall Damage for this is 49.571 Damage OMG !

So let us summarize: Fury is a very important stat for a fight and there are a couple of ways to use it,
You can try to start with 100 Fury or you try to start with 75 Fury and high Blockshells, so you block in first Round and also start with your Fury Skill.
find yourself a way to perfectly use it.

6. Edits
Last Edit on 07.09.12 Reason: Chapter 3
Navigator is no more Effected of Fury shells
Mihawk and Ace deals More Damage with Fury, Mihawk with 19k phy 8k with 125 Fury and 11k with 200 Fury.
Ace with 23k matk and 100 fury 7k and with 150 fury 11k
so they also effected from Fury

- Fury works for Navigator, Sniper, Buggy, Swordman, Hatchan, Crocodile, Enel, Slim Alvida, Doc Group Healing, Mihawk for the rest i dont have Data but i will add Data when i collect.

it does not work with Cabaji, Sham, Jango, Morgan

Post by bba322 Grouphealing works with Fury, click on the Link
BBA Posted at 2012-8-2 20:15

7. Credits

Thanks to Coldira "Shell Island" for editing the Pictures and improving my English!
And Thanks to Delusion „Shell Island“ for Duelling him and for his help to improve it ! 
Hope you all like that Guide and i hope my guide improved not only me 

Best Regards
Shell Island

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