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Pockie Pirates Class Guide

Before we get started,
I feel I should introduce myself
Hi, I'm AngelKilk which is also my IGN (I'm on sever 1 Fushia Village)
This is a little guide I made to help people better understand which class to go with.
However, I feel I should give some reasons first why I feel I can help you pick your classes.
1. I played CB.
2. I did pretty well. (I ranked top 10 in arena, placed 4th in one piece competition, 2nd highest ranked sniper, etc.)
3. I'm relatively smart so I can help break down the classes better than most people can.
Lastly, before we get started I would like to thank destiny for his help in the creation of this guide.

So, first let’s describe the essence of each class
Swordsman ~ a tank. A hunk of meat to shield your squishes.
Sniper ~ a damage specialist. (He specialize in doing pure damage, not control)
Navigator ~ an aoe damage specialist. They control the field.
Doctor ~ a party saver or booster. They help your party with heals or buffs.

That was the summed up version. Now, I will try to help you better understand the specifics of each class.

A swordsman is pretty much a tank. And as a tank, they are rather easy to set up. If you are not planning on topping up OR on a budget, this class will be your best friend. Now I do want to clear one thing up though,
However, you are mistaken. The swordsman's most important items are actually helmets and rings. In fact, in some cases your swordsman may be more useful without armor at all (hard to believe right?).
I feel I should explain that, I mean how could it possibly be better to not wear armor. On the official website, they have newbie guides outlining the basic skills of the characters. It states the best passive skill for swordsman is mirror soul (the others are irrelevant).
Now if you can read the skill’s description, it returns damage at a pretty reasonable rate.
Think about this, when you get it to level 10, it returns 130% damage back to the attacker.
Now let us think for a moment... This means that you can do 130% damage to the attacker. Not only is this a free attack, in most cases, this does more than your normal damage, and you still get to do your attack.
If you drop your armor, at higher levels, the enemies can do some major damage. So, if you have 20k life, and they have 10k, and they hit you for 8k, you can return that damage and kill them.
Note: Dropping armor is for pvp, not pve. It should not be used if you can already beat the person you’re facing. It is a strategy to beat stronger opponents.
So, if you like letting the enemies do the work for you and like having lots of life, the swordsman is a perfect fit for you.

The sniper is a useful attacker. They rely on high speed and high damage.
They also tend to get the most dodge and hit as they have high agility.
A sniper’s skills help them out at all times. Its best passives help with specials and normal attacks.
They are rather useful in almost any situation. However, their active skill is not quite so useful.
Yes, it does get high damage, it looks cool, and it does have uses.
But, the active skill shadow pounce is really not up to par with the navigator's and doctor's skill.
The skill relies too much on luck and therefore tends to fail when you really need it.
It is however, extremely useful in cases like whitebeard, facing 1 opponent and/or finishing them off.
Thankfully though, the sniper offers ok protection and health; allowing them to be a minor tank, or in other words, he can hold a row of 1 or 2 people.
So, ultimately, the sniper is a class for a person who likes to attack first and do high damage.

The navigator class is the best crowd control class. They use a variety of skills that focuses on aoe and stuns; this helps you control the battle field.
Now a common complaint about the navigator class is they lack good hit % on skills.
This is true, but it only applies to two of their skills. Their best skill, Fallen Star, does not have this draw back. So this shouldn’t discourage you.
Navigators also offers high magical defense, allowing them to tank magical damage. To better explain, I shall use an example.
The enemy has his crew members in the following formation here (letter stands for first letter of class, swordsman is X):
D – N
X - S – S
In this case, it is smart to have your navigator tank the top row as they have high magical defense and can therefore guard the row better than a physical defense tank (swordsman).
Unfortunately, they do not come with a high physical defense, and therefore should normally be kept in the back lines.
As a result, the navigator becomes a useful class for a variety of situations.
To sum up, a navigator should be picked by a person who likes to shift his crew around, do aoe damage, and control battles.

The doctor is the strangest protagonist in the game.
To begin with, I would like to provide a warning to players.
The doctor is the hardest class to play and is not an easy play style.
It requires quite a bit of gold in order for it to work well.
Therefore, for those on a budget, or first timers to pockie pirate, I advise not picking a doctor.
The doctor begins as a support. He uses skills that heal (the only worthwhile ones in the beginning).
While the active skills are only so-so, the passives are very good.
Now, the only reason the passives are good is that there is a combination of two of them that is very useful. They provide a free attack and healing.
Now, when you hit level 40 and you get your aptitude skill, the doctor does a switch to a booster instead of a healer.
In the higher levels, players with doctors have a much higher damage output than any other class (strange right?).
Now, as a bonus, because of its passives, the doctor is a very good tank. They have high magical defense and decent physical defense. This saves a lot of heartache in the late game when you’re dealing with high damaging navigators.
So, to sum up the doctor, it is a class meant for a person who likes to see their attackers do more damage and a decent tank in the front.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read this guide.
If you have any opinions that don't match mine, please

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