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Offensive Combat Primary Weapons

 Offensive Combat Primary Weapon Ratings by Nyancat281

Ferret M82: Sniper Rifle

As you can see, this guns damage makes it a slightly efficient sniper, yet its body damage means you need to hit people in the body 3 times to kill them. and its RPM isnt brilliant...although the accuracy and range are very normal for a sniper..
Rating: 7/10

PMD: Sniper Rifle

This gun, the PMD sniper rifle, is a very popular choice among veterans and n00bs alike..its 45 damage still means its a 3 hit kill, and its 45 RPM makes it the same as the ferret.its scope is much better than the regular snipers, and the mods can make it much easier to use. 
Rating: 8/10

Libertine: Sniper Rifle

The libertine is the fastest sniper in the game at 77 RPM. its damage is 40, the same as the ferret, but its downside is the fact that it doesnt one hit kill if you get the head. this makes the gun very ineffecient unless you can put 3 bullets into someone very quickly.
Rating: 6/10

G-Camp24: Sniper Rifle

As you can see, the G-camp is the most damage efficient gun in the game, with 50 damage per shot, so only 2 shots to kill, one for the head...but its a bolt action rifle, so its RPM is the worst for a sniper on the game, and it only has 2 bullets per if you miss one of the bullets, your pretty much screwed.
Rating: 6/10

K36: Assault Rifle

The k36 is a fast assault rifle in the game, 2nd behind the arbiter, it does 12 damage per shot,one better than the arbiter..the 2nd bottom for an assault rifle.its range is OK.... this gun is commonly compared to the arbiter..obvious to see why.
Rating: 6/10

Arbiter: Assault Rifle

The arbiter is the starter primary gun you get, and its not actually half bad..its RPM is highest for assault rifles, and it has the lowest damage (11) for an assault rifle. its range is also slightly worse than the k36. as it is the starter gun it is thought of as "inferior" but it is actually a very good weapon used by lots of the pros.
Rating: 7/10

Baryshnikov: Assault Rifle

The baryshnikov (more commonly known in oc as the AK-47) is a high damage assault rifle, behind only the havoc. its decent RPM and damage make it a widely used, effective gun. its accuracy is a bit off, and so is its range..but it is still a good gun, and easy to use.
Rating: 8/10

SCAB-R: Assault Rifle

The SCAB (based on the SCAR) is a very popular assault rifle which rivals the baryshnikov. they draw with damage. but its range and accuracy is prolifically better than the BK. there RPMs are also equal. this gun is used mainly as a long range assault rifle.
Rating: 9/10

Havoc: Assault Rifle

The havoc is a popular assault rifle in the game, my personal favourite and lots of other peoples im sure..its damage (17) is the best for an assault rifle, is range is tied with the scab-r, and its accuracy is slightly below. its RPM is worst for assault rifle, and you need to be very accurate as the clip size is only 15. definetely the best in my opinion.  
Rating: 9/10

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