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KingsRoad Play Like A Pro

KingsRoad Play Like A Pro by Draxx

I have been in a lot of different parties in the game so far and have noticed a lot of players don't know what a rush is or how to perform one.

A rush is where you get all the mobs to follow you and killing them all together in the end, instead of killing them when you encounter them. This can save you a lot of time and will make you look like a pro.

Maps like Adamar's Dungeon is perfect for rushing.
There is a few types of mobs that wont follow you, that you have to kill when you encounter them, before continuing the rush.
There is one part of that map that splits into 3 roads.
If you are 3 in the party each player can take all the mobs from one road and meet in the top middle.

It will take some practice to become good at rushing and learn which mobs wont follow you.
If one player starts attacking or gets to close to the mobs they will start attacking the player and will ruin the rush.
Some players complains about getting killed by the mobs in the rush, but that is their own fault for interrupting the rush.

When you stop the rush use Rumble and Spikes and then go crazy with Whirl / Firestorm.

If you are interested in seeing a rush check this . its another game, but you can clearly see that one player drags all the mobs after him and then when he stops they kill them all.

Note: To do the rush move ; the health of mobs must be increased and damage decreased thereby balancing so that mobs dont die on the way by mellee retaliation or such stats; and not only for the rush but the regular game play would also improve ; the knights just use spikes and whirl and run over mobs like a beast leaving the archer powerless when he cant even kill 50 % of the mobs and end result would be knight 300 + kills or such and archer 5 to 20 kills is most cases ; in some cases archers rush up to the easy mobs and kill them off while the knights stay back and kill the heavy mobs like the shroud warlord and such . since the last update i have seen a tweak in drop of epic drops they have been drastically reduced even though i use increase item find in all of my gears ( except weapons as we know it )

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