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Kingdoms At War Trading Guide

Kingdoms At War Trading Guide by Senorita

Welcome to Ally Trading 101!

Before i start: I appreciate all help in keeping this active. I do request that if you read this and use it, that you comment on it please. More people that read and benefit, the better the ally market becomes

What this guide contains

I have been searching for a concise ally trading guide for people to use, as Ally Trading is the best way to get lots of cash without having to spend and spend. So, I have decided to create this guide and provide players with all the strategies that general traders implement, as in my opinion the other guides are simply not adequate, or dont have all the information that a good trader needs. More players that take up ally trading, the better for the community as a whole, as i see it.

Hopefully this will spark some more trading.

What this guide contains:

How do I start trading?
How do I know what a good ally is?
What can I do to maximize my income
Dirty Tricks 
Different Method of Trading
What to be careful of when trading
Prices from 515b to 1.021t

How do I start trading?

Getting started for Ally trading is relatively easy - all you need is enough gold to hire one ally. I suggest aiming for a bracket that you can easily achieve, especially if starting from scratch. For example, players that earn 30 or more bil per day, could go for high or very high price ranges. It depends how long you are willing to wait before you can hire an ally that you like.

For ally trading, all you need are some allies, and a player or group of people that want to hire what you have. This is relatively easy to do. Your clanmates and friends will do. When you have banked your gold in whichever allies you wish to keep stock of for your clients to buy from you, simply let them know and await the sales. Then restock whenever you want to. Simple as that   .

Buying in specific ranges is your best bet, and over time you will get an understanding of what is good and what is bad in a specific "bucket" or range of values for allies. This is incredibly important, as if you hire allies that are below a certain standard, they will not sell!

Now, there are other ways, such as continuing to buy a good ally up to a certain price, and as they sell, upgrade when you have enough. Then repeat this. Or, some players like to try and force volleys from players that own their clanmates. This is dangerous as you can end up with an overpriced ally, and if youre unlucky, getting strip farmed for the inconvenience you caused them.

The important thing to know, is that when an ally sells, the 1.58% profit that you make from the sale (your share of the 5% increase) is how you make your profit. So, by this, you can judge how much gold you will make per sale.

How do I know what a good ally is?

Over a period of time, you will get a feel for what good allies are and what bad ones are. Quite obviously, you want to hire the best stats that you can find. Now, other guides and traders say dont go beyond the fifth page, but quite frankly, this is complete garbage. I have found lots of active, and better stat allies than those on the first 5 pages.

I have compiled a list for your ease if you are reading this, rather than picking out from paragraphs.

Activity - incredibly key. The ally must be active so that they can grow into their new price, and be considered underpriced so that they will sell. No point holding something that wont sell if you plan to trade it.
Stats - This is not as important as activity, but still quite important. An ally will sell if it is considered underpriced, so make sure they have the best stats that you can find at whichever bucket you are buying in.
Will they reset - Allies that reset are not worth hiring for a trader. You do not want to hire these, as in general they will reset as soon as you buy. A 40% loss is not what you want.
Quest number - This is particularly important within reset ranges (generally 20-60b with inflation and such). Allies with a moderate quest number are more than likely doing LC resets for crystals. Aim to stay away from these.
Earnings - An ally that is earning lots of gold, will likely be upgrading faster. Try and stay away from allies that have low numbers of actions/low plunder in eb's. (Relative to eb, you have to judge yourself)
Converting phases - Allies that are in the middle of conversions between T2 and T3, or T3 and T4, should be avoided - at the beginning of their transitions. Once they have a good amount of the higher tier, then their upgrade level will increase as their earning capacity and eb's increases.

Those are the general rules, a few are my own, and I am not sure every trader follows them.

To look for how active an ally is, there are different ways;

-You can wall them, and await a reply.
-Check their wins each day, and see how much they increase.
-Check their eb history - big earners are better. However, this doesnt work as well in current times due to players hopping for items a lot.
-You could also go join their clan, maybe talk to them. That is what I like to do for larger players. Find out exactly how active they are.

EDIT: Due to fluctuations in the ally market, and inflation throughout kaw as more people volley and overprice etc, stats for certain brackets will change over time. For this reason I have not included stats or prices. This would simply confuse you, and it is in my best interests as an ally trader to not do that. As a trader you will have to experiment on your own and figure out your own strategies to reading the fluctuations and reading them, then translating this into buying the correct stats and brackets to suit yourself.

What can I do to maximize my income

Now, this is not necessary, but the best way , as I have found, is to put aside a portion of your daily income for allies. This means that each week or so you have enough for another ally in a specific bracket. Over time, this will build up. The more allies you sell in a time period, the larger your income.

Another thing, is to buy in different brackets. This means that you can have more than one customer, rather than the same one buying so many of your allies. This way you also earn big off the larger allies, and get a steady income from the smaller ones. However, buying in a single range if you are selling directly to a trader can also be a good way. You will have to experiment for yourself and find out what works for your situation.

One of my methods, is to find a particular clan or group of people, and get very friendly with them. Then, over time, they will trust you and slowly buy allies from you. The key thing here is to always have the best allies, you dont want to screw over your friends. This is very easy to earn big sums with, and as your profit and payout from eb's/inactives/farms increases, you can hold more allies for them to choose from, also maximizing your profit!

What different methods are there?

-Quick flip method

This method involves selling allies in a short space of time, maximizing your profit. Generally, this is done by hiring allies that are underpriced even when you hire them. So, once you have hired them, they are still better in terms of stats than the allies in the next bracket above you, which means that players who search for allies in this bracket will go for these (barring that they know what good allies are  )

For this method, activity is not necessary, as the stats will be a good enough reward alone.

-Growth and activity method

This method is slightly different, but the main focus of stats is important. However, this method cares also for activity, and the turnover is a lot slower, but has the potential to be bigger. This method is good for allies that are not high valued or small. This method requires you to buy a decently underpriced ally, and by hiring them you slightly (smaller the better) overprice them. Then, the activity comes into play. Their activity will translate into growth, and over time they will become underpriced.

Now, both methods can work at any price, however from my experience, the quick flip method works best at high and low prices, while growth and activity works better at middle range prices. However, that is just me. Try both and see what works  

Dirty Tricks   We all love these. They're a frigging gold mine

There are several "Dirty tricks" that I have picked up from talking to other traders/friends and buy simply doing them myself, and I thought I would add in a little section for those of you that enjoy the "rage". Please note though, that these can land you in very big trouble that is hard to get out of, and are not recommended for those that are starting to trade. You can very easily be stripped and farmed/pinned for a long time for hiring overpriced allies/splitting up players that wish to be together. Especially if they are hansels/spies. As a friend put it, 'thats pouring gas on the fire'.

One of my favourites is hiring allies with banners such as "dont hire me away from -MissBehave-". These allies will most likely be quickly hired back by their owner, and are a good way to do forced volleys. This same thing applies if the ally has love messages/wallart on their wall from said owner. These methods are obviously better at larger prices due to the larger profit margin, but can work at any price as long as you buy the "right" ally.

Now, many players do this next one, as a quick flip method - hiring from clan owners. Large clan owners that hire their clan members will likely be hired back quickly, barring the ally is good and the owner likes said ally. Be careful when doing this, as if they are already overpriced or new to the clan, this wont work so well.

Particularly with overpriced allies, some allies have been volleyed higher by their current owner, with the thought that no one would hire someone so overpriced. This trick ties in well with the wallart/love message one. These are usually an indicator that said ally has been overpriced by their owner. These allies will likely be hired back, but you must be careful, as this is not always the case.

Look for allies that have owners with similar names. This usually is a signal that it's an alt owned by the main and many mains like to keep ownership of their alts. If you purchase the ally the owner will likely buy back quickly. Sometimes you can get a small volley on the ally and make a good profit.

Then, my personal favorite. Rage. This method is particularly fun, but requires you to be on the ball, and can be disastrous. This method relies on you having lots of allies, and is great for HLBC'ing. Just make someone really mad, so much that they try to strip farm you. This way, you make direct profit, and possibly on a large scale. However, if they know your sleep times and plan, disastrous. Not easy, but very rewarding if done correctly.  

The use of these tricks is completely at the trader's discretion and liability.  

What to be careful of

Really, there arent many things that you need to be careful of that arent already mentioned.

However, with current ally market climates, some good allies are overpriced by quite a bit. Be careful when hiring these, as you can and will likely be farmed by their owner for the gold they lost in rehire, or just for hiring even. Shopping from pin is a good idea here.

Buying for stats alone - This is particularly key in middle ranges (generally above reset range and below HLBC). Activity is something that should be checked if you want allies to sell the fastest. Some allies have eratic activity, and it is a good idea to stay away from these, and go for allies that show consistency, and are always active, with regard for sleep times as well. This comes into accordance with hits per eb, and earnings. Big earners with big hit totals are good allies, but again, consistency is better than one off's.

(anything else from community)

Any Tips?

There are a few tips that I can part, but most of the trade you will have to learn through experience. Now, dont let this put you off, it is very easy to correct mistakes.

Make sure you regularly restock. This is the best way to maximize your income, by making sure that you are always carrying as much as possible.

Players that have spent money on the game are likely to do so again, which ultimately will amount to faster growth. Try and hire these players, but be careful not to go for only these players.

Sometimes, if I am asked to buy at a specific price on request, I use the prices in Hav0c's "Ally Market Prices" thread - Market Prices. These prices are good, and from my experience they sell quickly. Buying allies that have not been dropped is key, as these will show up on the lists of those players too lazy to search exact figures. (rounded numbers).

Allies who show up first are most recent join dates. If they are the same price/stat wise, then it's however joined earliest.

If you happen to hire an inactive ally, or a clanless ally, which still has good stats, try posting on their wall, with alts and friends, to make it look as if said ally is being farmed/stripped and has left the clan. Its a good way to get rid of those inactives  

SCROLL ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN. Accidental hires will screw you over. Thanks to the community for the extra information!

Prices from 515b to 1t

The format, is ally bought for, followed by gold received upon hire

515,801,716,534 - £523,538,742,282
541,591,802,360 - £549,715,679,396
568,671,392,478 - £577,201,463,366
597,104,962,103 - £606,061,536,534
626,960,210,208 - £636,364,613,361
658,308,220,718 - £668,182,844,029
691,223,631,754 - £701,591,986,230
725,784,813,342 - £736,671,585,542
762,074,054,009 - £773,505,164,819
800,177,756,709 - £812,180,423,060
840,186,644,545 - £852,789,444,213
882,195,976,772 - £895,428,916,424
926,305,775,611 - £940,200,362,245
972,621,064,391 - £987,210,380,357
1,021,252,117,611- £1,036,570,899,375

Thank you for reading my guide, and I hope that it sparks some will for trading among you! Any comments, and additional tips/info that any other traders can share that I have missed out, please comment here and I will include it in the guide. 

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