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Joy Kingdom Animals & Statues

Animals are the most important part of Joy Kingdom, as they are what gives you Joy which is used to help Animals in the Real World. When you first go into the Shop and click on the Animals button at the top, you'll be brought to the "All" tab where all of the animals will be displayed. Next to the "All" tab will be 4 other tabs, separating the animals into the categories they belong to : Desert, Forest, Grassland, and Tundra. As with all items in the shop, some Animals will be locked at first but will unlock as you advance levels. The Animals of your Kingdom must be fed after collecting Joy from them. You must grow crops to get more food to feed your Animals.

All Animals can be purchased with Mana and each cost a different amount. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information regarding attracting Animals to your Kingdom. Each Kingdom can hold a maximum of 3 of each kind of Animal. There must be enough available animal population points available to attract a new Animal to your Kingdom. See the Animal Statues guide below for more information regarding animal population.

Animal Statues
Animal statues are used to increase the maximum animal population that you can have in your Kingdom. Each statue increases the population by a different amount. To see how much population a statue will add to your Kingdom, open your Shop, go to Animal Statues, and look at the number next to the orange circle.

For example, the Roadrunner Statue will add 80 animal population points to your Kingdom.

Maximum animal population does not mean how many animals you can have, though. Each Animal is worth a certain amount of animal population points. To find out how many population points an Animal needs, visit the Shop and mouse over the Animal. A small screen above it will show you how many of each Animal you can have in your Kingdom, how long the Animal takes to be ready before you can harvest it for Joy, and how many animal population points are required to place it in your Kingdom.

For example, the Ground Squirrel requires you to have 2 unused animal population points before you can place one in your Kingdom.

At the top of your game screen, there is a bar that has the same orange circle on it. That will let you know how many animal population points you have used in comparison to how many animal population points that are available for you to use.

In the image below, 2 out of 55 animal population points have been used so there is 53 population points available to use before you have to empower another statue to increase the available animal population points.

Animal statues must be empowered before they can be useful in your Kingdom. Everyone starts the game with some animal statues already in their Kingdom that have not been empowered yet. We recommend that you do not empower these statues as they may be included in a future quest, and you'll save mana by not having to purchase one from the Shop. If you absolutely have to increase your maximum animal population points, empower the free statues first.

When you come across one of the free animal statues or buy one from the Shop to place in your Kingdom, this is what it will look like.

The animal statue needs to be empowered in order to increase the maximum animal population in your Kingdom. There are 2 ways to empower your animal statue. The first way is to recruit your friends by clicking on the 'Recruit' button to send a request to your neighbors. The second way is to spend acorns to have Kai help empower it. Each animal statue will require a different amount of help depending on how many animal population points it gives.

Once you've recruited enough help, click the 'Empower!' button to empower the animal statue. Kai was used to empower this statue. If your neighbors are recruited, their avatar images and names will show instead.

Your animal statue is now empowered and your maximum animal population has increased!

As you progress through the game and advance in levels, the ones that are locked will unlock for you to purchase. If you don't want to wait for them to unlock by leveling up, you can use acorns to unlock them. You can have a maximum of 3 of each animal statue in your Kingdom.

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