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Infinity Blade 2 Farming Gold Tips

Ok, there are two ways to work this out, and here goes.

First Method(thanks to DarthDuck and FateXtC for Key locations)
When going down to the King's Tomb where you can unlock free items (provided you have to corresponding weapons),
you are able to reset that by just restarting to RB1 and going there again to get the stuff for free.
Collect as many as you want, sell them for cash.

Logically, this can only work in OG, due to the nature of the trick to reset to RB1.
Basically, the laydown is:

1. OG, collect Medium Key just to the left of Thane's throne
2. Beat Thane
3. RB 2, use the Medium Key for chest in corridor before courtyard (after Titan #3)
4. Get to the King's Tomb, beat the Titan guarding it
5. Advance beyond King's Tomb, enter left door to MX-G (right goes to Thane)
6. Beat MX-G, acquire Large Key
7. Restart RB 1, repeat steps 1-6, and you can start selling items.

- For maximum effectiveness, get all 6 items to unlock the corresponding King's Tomb doors:
--- Imperial (unlocks Kreiger, sells for 9,375 when mastered)
--- Infinity Blade (unlocks Aegis Armor, sells for 149,062 when mastered)
--- Halfstar (unlocks Aran, sells for 140,625 when mastered)
--- Thistle (unlocks Molnaar, sells for 7,218 when mastered)
--- Gelder (unlocks Nahte, sells for 168,750)
--- Ricochet (unlocks Eavet, sells for 19,218)
- You can't go to Last RB after acquiring the items. RB must be restarted (from game menu).
- To get to the King's Tomb, in the hall where you went up to challenge Thane,
go instead to the door on your left. This area will be unlocked after you defeat Thane.
- The Large Key acquired when defeating MX-G can be used to unlock either Saydhi's Large Box,
Or the one in the hall before you fight MX-G (again)

Second Method(credits go to gillybean for research)
This works well in higher RBs, as you get more lucrative Gems the higher you go.
This tip also works super great if you have more Drop+ Gems,
As you can(probably) get more Gems, and of higher quality.

I will do my best to update what Gems are more lucrative as we go along.
If you have acquired Gems of great value, please tell us;
- What Gem it is
- Sell price of the gem
- What RB did you acquire the gem

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