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Goodgame Big Farm New Player Questions & Answers

How do I make humus and how do I use it?
Humus is made from the leaves in the orchard. When you have enough leaves, click on the compostor and begin production of humus.

To use the humus when it is completed, click on a field that has already been sown and then click on the picture of the humus.

How do I make fertilizer and how do I use it?
Fertilizer is made from the dung from the animimal sheds. When you have enough dung, click on the silo and begin production of fertilizer.

To use the fertilizer when it is completed, click on the orchards and then click on the fertilizer.

What is a cooperative and what do you do in it?
A cooperative is a group of people that have chosen to come together to complete challenges and research projects. Each member is expected to contribute time, farm dollars, collection items and often gold to achieve those goals.

Cooperatives have a chat room where members can communicate as well as a "News board" where you'll often find the latest research project or task. Each challenge completed helps the cooperative level up, which often helps the cooperatives overall ranking among the other cooperatives.

Research projects allow for all members of the cooperative to benefit. It could be through research that you have additional members added to the cooperative, which in then lessens the amount of farm dollars or gold that each individual needs to contribute towards future research projects. Research also increases the the amount of money you can sell your eggs, pigs, milk and apples for.

How do I get gold?
There are a few ways you can obtain gold. The easiest is to purchase it. If however you don't wish to purchase it, then you get gold every time you level up. You will also find that you'll get gold every 5 days that you log in - as long as you log in every day.

What does happiness do and do I want the arrow in the red or green?
Your workers happiness level on the farm is really important. The higher their happiness, the less farm dollars you pay out to run your farm so the higher your profit margin is. You want your happiness arrow to be as far in the green as you can get it. It means that you have a negative percentage (-), but that is exactly what you're after.

Building and upgrading houses decrease your workers happiness, where as building decorations increases your workers happiness. The trick is to balance out the buildings and housing you need with as many decorations as you can get on your farm.

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