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Goodgame Big Farm Beginners Guide

 Goodgame Big Farm Beginners Guide by Monica79538

i just was asked via the PM system in game for tips to get someone started
(hehe--They dont know i just started last week in beta testing  :I am newbie too! I thought i would start off the thread with the messages i sent to them as my response.

I am hoping to get lots of tips to get people on a good start and have fun--so post what works for you to make your farm profitable and that makes you want to return to play again. thanks.

PM #1: some of the quests on the side with the people your to do list LOL Make sure you do them in the order that benefits your playing style--make the reward fit what your next plans are. Apples, milk and wheat are your most expensive things to have and are good to have in supply for when you need money.

Some of the quests require you to START the process when you are given that part of the quest--I think humus Leaf composter is this way. I suggest using humus only for wheat since you get more profit

PM #2: build dwellings to make the workers, but have lots of decorations to keep your production costs low. I like to have workers ready for when my upgrades are complete. You will find a balance that fits you.
Have fun--it is a game afterall

PM #3: I used to play GGS empire too. That game was similar in lots of ways too--this one is WAY more peaceful though. And one last thing and i am out of tips (LOL)
dont let your building upgrades wait too long--Your feed for the animals is what slows all the other processing down. Pig feed is a lot easier to make if you alternate and make it after you havea few made of the chicken feed. Cow feed is overnight in the mill and all my crops are wheat for overnight. It just takes a long time to finish from planting to harvest--to waiting to put it in the mill and enough money to make the mill start: can be an all day job, so i let it be my overnight task and leave the shorter time tasks for when i am actually on

**Oh i hope i did not confuse LOL
I will be on later if you need a few more hints-- And i KNOW there were lots of people who were way farther in the game than i was--I would love to hear from you as well--cuz I need some tips too

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