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Ghosts of Mistwood Crystal Cave Quest Guide

Ghosts of Mistwood Crystal Cave Quest Guide by eviledna

The crystal cave location walk-through in 21 easy steps

1. Find and investigate the crystal cave 50,000 coins (3 hours)
2. Finish the crystal cave

When you get to the crystal cave location

3. Find and investigate Chris’s clue (7 hours)
4. Find and investigate the rock hut (7 hours)
5. Find and gather from the cleansing pool
(you get a cleansing potion, you will need more of these so keep collecting them)
6. Craft a pickaxe head*
6a. Craft an enchanted pickaxe**
6b. Clear 30 debris
7. Brake down the rock hut 1 enchanted pickaxe (8 hours)
8. Find Ryan’s rock hut and brake it down 1 enchanted pickaxe (8 hours)
9. Craft 2 enchanted pickaxe
9a. Clear 30 small rock piles and mossy stones
10 craft 5 carbiners
10a. Clear 25 tree roots
11. Find and investigate the crystal formation (6 hours)
12. Find and investigate the poison pool (6 hours)
13. Craft a shovel 1 wooden plank/ 1 metal sheet (10 mins)
13a. Get the crystal 3 shovels/ 4 waders (7 hours)
14. Find the cursed crystal
15. Have 1 cleansing potion
15a. Have 4 cave roses
15b. Collect the cursed crystal ! Cleansing potion/ 4 cave rose (7 hours)
16. Find the last crystal
17. Find and collect dynamite (8 hours)
18. Find and collect the TNT plunger (5 hours)
19. Blow up the large rock pile 1 plunger/ 1 TNT (9 hours)
20. Place the crystal back on the formation 3 crystal shards (8 hours)
21. Light up the crystal formation4 bottled lightning (10 hours)

You have now finished the crystal cave location and you now have an extra helper on your estate

* 15 nails/ 10 ore from metal deposits
** 1 pick axe head/ 1 cleansing potion/ 15 wood strips

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