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Ghosts of Mistwood Beginner's Guide

Ghosts of Mistwood Beginner's Guide by Cricketchatter

Welcome to Ghosts of Mistwood! For starters, you really do need a separate friends list from other pd (playdom) games, or you too will have broken gifting. So - start your estate on a new and separate account from other pd games. Otherwise, be willing to purge all players who are not active on this game and keep your list to 100 names.

Second step - look at the game toolbar across the top of the page, then notice another one even higher - the playdom bar says ;Invite Friends on the right (this means friends offsite). Just to the left of that, see Help - press it. That guide will be supplemented by the material below, but do read thru it.

If you are new to the site, np - first, get comfortable with the feed. Try the hourly contest - it is far less helpful than in other pd games, as you can more easily plant and harvest the same gifts with far less effort. Still - the contests are fun. Each and every hour, 24/7, there is a contest between two guilds (now called teams). Where in other pd games there are gold contests, in GoM those are stardust contests - an item you will always need more of. If your team wins and you provide the most points to be clicked on, you will be the mvp and will win 2 stardust as well as the prize you see displayed. Unlike other pd games, this prize can vary for members within a team, and is determined by your game level. Always click on blue Claim, Wecome Them, and Help items in the feed.

Friending - you can also add friends this way, but I recommend you ask friends individually. Look for those who are active daily, friendly, and who answer questions. To ask a person to be your friend, click on their name in the feed. Clicking on Like your outfit is considered a friendly hello, and clicking on Add Friend sends the person a friend request. They have a choice to accept - if they do, that will show in the feed. Unanswered requests show up at bottom of your messages page - sometimes others just get thrown in there, idk why. If you see Unfriend, it means the person is already your friend, and if you see nothing on the lower right of the card, it means their Friends list is already at the 200-person limit. Keep your list to 100 max if you can - only the most active 100 on your friends list will be available for you to request from, and you may not get needed materials if many of those are active on pd but NOT on GoM.

This is a glitchy game, but addicting and a ton of fun!

After you are comfortable on the feed, check out the game or flash screen. It's pretty much self-explanatory to get started, but you can ask questions on the feed. Look to the lower right of the screen - the gearwheel is your primary menu. The bottom icon sends you to full screen. You will need it - you lose the feed, but the cursor settles down. You might want to turn off the music and high-res there for better game action, and zooming will help as your estate gets larger. Just to the left is the arrow menu, which helps you to move things. Below that is the store. Right of that is the backpack, which has 2 sections. Crafted items mostly go on the Storage page, which has a max of 30 items (counting multiples, just 30 items can go into storage at one time - so at times you may want to sell). The other, far larger, tab, is ingredients.

Some crafted items which are also used as ingredients, will appear there. (Some recipes require a chain of 2-3-4 recipes to complete crafting.) You may use or sell any item. (Only a few quest leftovers just stay stuck in your yard or estate. Holiday quests are always problematic to complete - you have been forewarned.) Wood scrap always fills first - sell off to about 50 before cleaning, or the newly cleared scrap will just shoot away with an 'Ingredient Limit Reached' message flashing across your screen - never to be seen again instead of each scrap putting a coin into your account. Your yard fills with varied scrap daily - and it is all useful, any surplus going into your coins on pushing the sell button. (Another caution - the sell button can stick, esp if selling a lot, when you keep jabbing it.)

You will soon meet David the Ghosthunter - don't take him too seriously, let those ghosts sit until you are ready to work on new quests, or you too will be buried in ghosts around your front gate - and will progress in the game far more slowly.

The last element of the game is under the game screen. Click on Forum to see all the threads. Go to the first one below the top section, the Links to Helpful Guides thread. That one will be useful. Read only a little at a time, but as you go on, it will be very helpful.

And now you are ready to begin. Welcome!

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