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Feudon Buildings Guide

Senatus level is actually your level. In Senatus you levy Silver, get Promoted and manage Vasssals. Higher level Senatus enables higher level buildings in your city. Every upgrading of Senatus gives you one more Bugle.
1. Lv 10 Senatus gives Granary in which Crops is reserved. Besides, Farms begin to exist in Area.
2. Lv 11 Senatus gives University where Technologies are studied.
3. Lv 12 Senatus gives Market where crops trades are carried out.
4. Lv 15 Senatus gives Barrack and reserve Soldiers begin to show in the resources bar. Reserve Soldiers refer to the Soldiers in Barrack.
5. From the moment Senatus achieves Lv 16, Soldiers will be consumed in battles. Reserve Soldiers in Barrack replenish the troops automatically.
6. From Lv 20, a new resource Prestige begins to exist. Prestige is the engine in promoting your Noble Rank which pays you daily salary and promises you superior Heroes.
7. From Lv 21, you can seize a Domain in the Domain Scene to win more Silver.
8. Lv 25 Senatus gives Scriptorium which can bring a rise in the tax rate.
9. From Lv 30, you can entrust dealers to get you advanced Equipmetn.
10. Lv 35 Senatus gives Temple which increases the chance of getting Gold during levy. Notes: from Lv 35, a defeated battle will also cost Bugle.
11. In Lv 41 city, daily quest will be unlocked and Vomitorium will show up in the city and enable you to dispatch Caravans inside your Family.
12. Lv 45 Senatus gives Vomitorium and Bathhouse.
13. From Lv 51, you’ll get a free Entrustment every day.
14. Lv 82 Senatus gives Colosseum where you can perform dramas and win Silver.
15. 85 Lv Senatus gives Circus Maximus, an advanced Arena.

Arena is where Heroes get trained and equipped. In training they earn EXP which is important to upgrading their levels. Heroes get more EXP in better Arena. You can also assign Heroes to take adventures.
1. Assist: Assist the training with Exploits or Gold so Heroes can get a lot of EXP immediately. EXP got through Assist is related to Arena level and not a bit with training mode.
Assist with Exploits: Assist the training with Exploits so the Hero can get a lot of EXP immediately. Every Assist needs a cooldown before re-assist.
Assist with Gold: Assist the training with Gold so the Hero can get a lot of EXP immediately. No cooldown required.
2. Adventure: You can assign your Hero to take an adventure. After the adventure, he will have a chance to reset his Traits. More dangerous adventure takes more resources but also brings higher new Traits.
Gladiator Performance (Exploits taken: Senatus level*4)
Military Drill (2 Gold)
Bandit Elimination (20 Gold)
Espionage (100 Gold)
Note: Added Trait Points cannot exceed "Hero Level +20". Every kind of Trait has a chance to increase its Points, by 5 at most. More dangerous adventure contains a higher chance.

University appears with Lv 11 Senatus and is where military Technologies are developed. Upgraded university gives you access to brand new and higher level technologies.
1. Technology level cannot exceed the Senatus level.
2. At Lv 11 University, Lv 2 Array can be upgraded to, 3 Heroes can be positioned.
3. At Lv 25 University, Lv 4 Array can be upgraded to, 4 Heroes can be positioned.
4. At Lv 50 University, Lv 10 Array can be upgraded to, 5 Heroes can be positioned.

Armory is where you can buy, improve and reserve Equipment. Better Armory allows you to buy more Equipment and upgrade them to higher level.
1. Before Senatus achieves Lv 10, the lucky points in upgrading Equipment will stay at 100%. However, after Lv 10, it begins to change inside 100%.
2. After Senatus reaches Lv 30, Entrustment will be open in Armory which is a good way to get the world's top War Horses and Shields.
3. After you’ve entrusted the Italian horse dealer, the Dacian horse dealer, a more advanced dealer, has a chance to appear and will disappear after entrusted. (Upgrading Armory cannot get you the Dacian horse dealer.) In this order, Egyptian horse dealer has a chance to appear after Dacian dealer’s entrusted. Shield dealers run in the same way.
4. The quality of Equipment got from Entrustment is not affected by the Armory level but the dealers’ level.

Market appears with Lv 12 Senatus and is where you can buy and sell Crops. Upgraded market can increase the volume of trade and restart today's trade.
1. Every upgrading of Market can reset today’s trade volume and increase the trade limit by 100. Frequent Market upgrading helps you do as much Crops trade as possible.
2. In black market, the Crops trade is not limited in amount but the price is doubled.

Increased Cottage level leads to a rise in the evied Silver.
1. There are 10 Cottages in total. The last one will appear with Lv 51 Senatus. Cottages show in the following order;
Cottage 1     Lv 1 Senatus
Cottage 2    Lv 2 Senatus
Cottage 3    Lv 4 Senatus
Cottage 4    Lv 8 Senatus
Cottage 5    Lv 14 Senatus
Cottage 6    Lv 18 Senatus
Cottage 7    Lv 22 Senatus
Cottage 8    Lv 45 Senatus
Cottage 9    Lv 48 Senatus
Cottage 10    Lv 51 Senatus
2. Keep the cottage level as high as the Senatus level to maximize your levy revenue.

Barrack appears with Lv 15 Senatus and is the place to enlist and employ soldiers. Upgraded barracks can reserve more soldiers and increase the amount of enlisted Soldiers.
1. Upgraded barrack permits you to recruit more Soldiers through enlistment. Enlistment refreshes every half an hour.
Enlisted Soldiers = Barrack limit * 15%
2. Higher level players need more crops to employ Soldiers.

Vomitorium appears with Lv 41 Senatus and is where you dispatch Caravans. Upgrading vomitorium can increase the number of Caravans and reset today's commerce.
1. You can send Caravans to other players in your Family and this is called Commerce. Upgrading Vomitorium can reset the amount of Commerce, so make full use of every level of Vomitorium.
2. The number of Caravans to receive refreshes once each day. Received Caravans bring you less revenue than dispatched Caravans.
3. You can dispatch Caravans to any player above Lv 41 in your Family. Only one opportunity of Commerce is permitted with the same player in a day.
4. You can send Caravans to your Vassals (above Lv 41) freely without his acceptance only if he has enough vacancy to accommodate them.

Bathhouse appears with Vomitorium in the Lv 41 city and is where the Caravans have a bath and relax. Upgraded bathroom can increase the profits brought from the Caravans.

Temple appears with Lv 35 Senatus. Upgraded temple increases the chance of getting 10 Gold during levy.

Scriptorium appears with Lv 25 Senatus. Upgraded scriptorium can bring a rise in the tax rate.

Colosseum appears at Lv 82. When you’ve upgraded Colosseum to Lv 82, it can perform all plays. Upgrade higher, actor’s level limit can be accordingly increased.

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