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Darkfall PvP Preparation Guide

PvP "max" means being PvP competitive . You become competitive when you have 1 school of magic maxed or 2 schools at about leve 70, 280-300 HP (depending on how good you are), high Rigor, witches brew, and one 2h mastery. If you know how to level stats, how to level magic effectively, what mobs to farm, etc you will get that in a month of about. Below is the a rough look at what to do in Darkfall to level quickly.

Buy Bowery and make 10k arrows by farming your own resources. Farming your own resources will also level all the key stats (str, vit, and wis). You don't need to do this first, but it will save some time if you get it out of the way. 10k arrows = 1250 timber and iron if you don't fail cutting wood, smelting ore, or making arrows. Be sure to bank often though. If you get to the point of saying "oh I'll just do one more" bank because you already have too much on you.

Do all the newbie quest and some of the repeatable newbie quest for gold. Use the gold to buy yourself pots, food, whatever 2h weapon you will use (r0), etc. If you are on the NA server I can hook you up with some weapons. Herb bushes are a good source of berries which are decent at lower levels.

Get a decent supply of crap gear: padded, leather, scale, etc by farming mobs with whatever you have on you currently. Make sure you are using a rank 0 weapon or better not the starter/conscript weapon.

Grab all T1 title quest. You can use the Sinister Map to find where the mob locations are. Click on a mob level type, then search a mob in the search box, hit search, then click on all the mob level types.

Use those 10k arrow to level archery while completing the T1 title quest. Be sure to have a skinning knife with you. Enchanting materials sell for a good amount of money. Horde the money, resources, and regents you get from the quest to level magic in the future. While leveling archery, level lesser magic by using Manna Missie and heal self until you out of manna. Once archery is level 25 buy veteran archer. If you get bored with archery use the T1 title quest to level melee as well. Do these quest or continue farming these mobs until you are about 50 LM, 50 melee (2h), 50 archery. Killing the same mobs over and over again can get boring though. To prevent boredom from setting in spread out your t1 title quest by doing some of the other quest offered in the various towns.

Level rigor- this is probably the most boring thing you'll do, but its very effective. Do something like 20 levels a day or so until you hit 75 then buy ignore pain. To level this skill you simply need to be hit by mobs. Make sure you bring food and a couple sheilds to level the skill. Won't give away the mob this time.

Grab all title t2 quest and level Greater Magic to 50, and melee, Witch Craft, and archery to 75.

Complete all those quest while hording the resouces that you don't use to cast your Greather Magic or Witch Craft skills. If you are shy on skill level in one area after completing the T2 title quest level it up on these same mobs (since they are about your skill level for soloing anyways).

If you did the above you should be ready for PvP while in a large or compent group, and ready to farm hard mobs without doing the title quest. You'll know about a lot of mobs and what they drop. If you still aren't sure whats good to farm at this point ask around, or do the t3 title quest (good for money and introducing you to new mobs).

Once you do the t2 title quest you should have enough regents to level elemental, arcane, and necro magic what I call t3 magic. However, the current meta game allows you to ignore those magic schools and still be competitive in PvP. At this point, you now have the choice of what you want to do: do you want to do primary archery and melee damage and use spells for healing support, do you want to be a battle mage and use spells for utility to help your team, or do you want to be a battle mage and use magic for a primary source of damage while at range.

If you want to use magic for either utility or damage you need to train T3 magic.

The following spells you'll need to be a great

Utility Support: Sacrafice (Spell chanting), Rapid Shot (fire), Haste (fire) Stone skin (Earth Magic), Arrow Shield (Air), Arrow Ward (Air), Iron Skin (Earth), Wall of Force (Arcane), Hymn of Vigor (Spell Chanting), Hymn of Strength(not sure if thats what it is called -Spell Chanting).

Damage: 2 Level 50 nukes generally fire ball (fire) and either the level 50 air or water nuke for DPS, At least 1 maxed magic school with high intensify, Wall of Force (Arcane), Stone skin, Arrow Shield. This route has more grind than other routes but you'll do more Burst damage and still have good defense (right now you'll have great defense but I'm assuming that heavy armor will have their physical protections increased)

Melee Primary and Archery secondary: Focused: Maxed 2h melee mastery Great Sword is a perfect weapon, Maxed Archery, Destory spec, Double Jump, and Aqua Shot (hopefully AV allows people to take two archery specializations), In addition you'll want to use the following spells: Rend (Greater), Confusion/Blind (Greater), Magic Shield(Lesser), Burden (Lesser), Venom (Greater), Pestilence (Witchcraft). Why do I say these spells? They are great for lowering protections against Archery, will screw up a person's ability to cast spells, will make you take slightly less damage for magic, and will lower a person's max hp (pestilence and venom's affects do not stackstack)

Archery Primary and Melee Secondary: Same as Melee primary and Archery Secondary; however, take jump shot instead of aqua shot and once AV fixes archery spec characters Mage Killer. No melee specializations are nesscary for this build since you hopefully won't ever have to pull out a melee weapon. Requires great AIM to shoot while kiting.

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