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Dark Legends Money Making Guide

Dark Legends Money Making Guide by Irony 


This is a Money Making guide, nothing special really, you just farm missions for pinks to sell on AH, but I found it to be extremely effective.

I got my Sentinel of Hades title (500K gold) and decided to share the main method I used to get the gold with others. I know people will argue that Flipping items and buying cheap, then selling high is better, but this is a more reliable method.

Also the further we are in the expansion - the cheaper all items get, because supply is raising and demand is falling. But as soon as new Expansion becomes available and the level cap is raised, the newly added items will begin to work in the same way and this guide can be used to get a lot of money quick.

The Guide:

Step 1: Get level 20. Don't waste money on epic gems when green gems are fine, I go 50/50 Att/Def. If you can afford, get the 50 Plat bundle, it's amazing! You don't have to respec as long as you have the Shadow Dance and Unholy Force, these abilities make it extremely easy to solo any mission even without Blood Packs, of course you still have a risk of dying but I consider dying a normal thing and slowly collect deaths to get the 500 deaths achievement. These are my stats by the way:

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You can also Farm Missions if you are below level 20, there are even level 15-19 gems which are more expensive than their level 20 versions, just because no one ever farms them, you can use that to your advantage. However you will lose some fraction of gold from monster and chest drops, because those drops scale with level.

Step 2: Get Full Energy, and reserve an hour of your time to grind away in Dark Legends. With the energy system the most effecient way to grind money is to do 20 missions at a time, which takes about 60 minutes if you kill all mobs and get all chests. Lets do the math: 25 Starting Energy + 12 Energy in 60 Min + 20 from drops = 57 energy, almost 60, but sometimes you're slow and sometimes you're lucky.

I suspect that missions with higher number of monsters and chests drop more energy per run, so if you're purely after energy, try doing those missions instead. You can check the number of monsters and chests in the table below. I also think that monsters and chests both have the same chance of dropping energy, please let me know if you can confirm or disprove this.

Step 3: Hit the Auction House and look for the most expensive gem, or the gem that is missing, for example:

Here you can see that there are currently no Shadowgems of Assault on the Auction House(AH) So that means that the perfect mission for us is the 3rd mission of the 2nd campaign. At different times it's a different gem, seldom you would want to farm a weapon, but sometimes it's viable.

Step 4: Get some friends to come along, the drops are separate for all of you so you don't lose any money, and it's a lot more fun to grind together, you die less, you socialize, and also if you don't get a pink drop and your friend does - you are still satisfied. If you can't get anyone, or if you're a lone wolf - then go alone, it works perfectly fine.

Step 5: The Grind! Start the Solo Mission and Invite all your friends. When they enter, just go nuts! Kill the ranged first, save the 7th mob for Blood Frenzy(Thirst), try to break all the benches, lamps, chimneys, antennas - they spawn ghosts, ghosts drop pinks. Clear the treasure room first. When you got your Blood Frenzy, but you feel that you won't be able to get another before the boss, just rush to the boss and activate your Unholy Blessing on the way, Use Charged Shadow Dance on the boss followed by Charged Unholy Force, that will place a bleed effect and he will drop dead in seconds, kill off the remaining mobs and open the rest of the chests and start over. That should take 3 minutes, even when soloing.

Do the same mission 19 more times, if you were running with friends, chances are high that after 20 missions at least one of you got a pink gem. But even without a pink gem you still gonna get 13k pure gold each after selling all your trash.

Step 6: Sell the Gem on AH! This can be tricky, first of all you need to set a duration, I usually go for 11 hours. I know that I will log in at least twice a day to check on it, so 11 hours is the best time for me. If you're the only one selling the gem, make it something high but not too high, like 50K, if there's another guy selling, undercut him by 5%, so if he has his gem for 50K make your gem 48K, or 47999 is what I like to put. If he undercuts you, you undercut him and so on. If he sold his first, cancel the auction and make it 50K again. Remember that cancelling doesn't return your deposit, so do it wisely. And most of you guys have only 1 auction slot, so selling the gem is very important, otherwise you'll be sitting on 10 pinks trying to sell 1 at a time.

Basically using this method you will be making 15-40k per hour, and each of your friends will be doing the same, if they are with you, make sure to always wait for them, they don't get any drops if they're away, and will run out of energy faster than you if they won't get energy drops.

I've also compiled a table that shows amount of Monsters(M), Chests(C) and Breakables(B) in each mission, and calculates the Gold Per Run(GPR) and Gold Per Hour(GPH) for a specific mission, taking into account the AH Price of the pink drop, monster bounty, completion bonus, chests, trash loot, breakable items and ghosts. Only the first 4 campaigns are done, but I'll keep updating it.

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M, C, B values are only accurate until 4-4, I haven't counted them beyond that point, and I don't know the drops for the last few missions cause I don't have those missions myself yet.

Here is the link to the web version, you can change the current AH Price, and you can also correct some numbers if they are wrong, but try not to change too much, if the table you opened appears to be messy and it doesn't work, try viewing another version of the same table below.

1-1 - First Campaign, First 3D Mission
M - Amount of Monsters in a mission - 4.3 Gold per monster (trash drops included)
C - Amount of Chests in a mission - 31 Gold per chest (trash drops included) 0.0005 chance of dropping pink
B - Breakables - 0.0005 chance to drop pink
115 g added as raw bonus for killing boss and completing mission (trash included)

W - Weapon // R - Red Gem // P - Purple Gem // B - Blue Gem // O - Orange
ATT - Assault // DEF - Protection // HP - Vitality

Price - AH Price of the cheapest Item on AH
GPR - Average Gold per run
GPH - simply GPR multiplied by 20

In the screenshot I've selected the Shadowgem of Assault mission to show that if you count in all the factors the mission will give you 40k in an hour on average. A very good mission to start farming. Also if you're not after money, but rather after experience, maybe you should grind a mission with most chests and monsters to have the best energy drop chance, or maybe you just want any weapon of assault, then maybe you should farm the mission with the most breakables to have the best chance for a ghost.

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