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Crystal Legacy Shadow Assassin Build Guide

Assassin is a cool class especially Shadow Class becauze they have invisible while Phantom Class have poison ability ... but if you wanna be assassin which are stronger and more effective killing machine  .. i suggest ..

BTW : this guide only for players that reach lvl 40 and for Shadow Class Only .

ADD ONLY STRENGTH and AGILITY to your stat ... but you also can add few at Vitality if you are not risk-taker to die ...

ADD skill points to "ARCANE SLAB" under shadow class until LVL 5 = this will give you 15 percent critical hits

ADD skill points to " Terminating Slab" under shadow class until lvl 5 = bcuz this skill give high damaga and also give extra damaga when target is dazed ..

ADD skill points to "ARCANE SHIFT " under shadow class until lvl 5 = this will give you 10 percent dodge rate .. (bcuz its better dodge than receive hits right ? >

ADD ONLY 1 point to " Arcane Crack I " under shadow class = bcuz believe me .. u will find out that this skill is useless in future .. But ADD 5 Points to "Arcane Crack II" ...this skill give high damage because it also disgerarded defend ...

ADD 5 Poimts to "Arcane Burrow" ... bcuz it can be killer or escaping skill

add more points to " Arcane Cloak " if you the type that like to silently kill enemy or like to escape from battle . besides , u can also increase "Shadow Charge" to dazed enemy (enemy cant move or attack) but can be used only when your are invisible ..

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