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Clash of Olympus Equipment & Constellation

[Guide]Equipment Inheritance
Equipment Soul
When the equipments gets to Lvl 4, one more level promoted, one soul hole will be open, only one soul for each hole.

How to get: Gods’ treasure (You can spend gold or use treasure maps to explore Gods’ Treasure. In the Treasure, there are Silver Cards, Exp. Cards, Equipment Pieces, Souls, Equipment Enhance Materials, and etc.)

Equipment Transmutation
New equipment ingredients will be activated when player reached Lv 29, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70.
When equipment transmutation progress reaches 100%, it will successfully make a new one.

Blue and purple materials needed for transmutation will be got from clearing hero instances.

Equipment Inheritance
Equipment inheritance can transfer enhancement level to another one, it will save a lot of time and expense.

Activate when player level reaches 32.

Each character can activate constellation of 12 palaces to improve their own properties.

More advanced constellation card would be, more properties you will get.

Ways to get constellation card:
1.    From Gods’ treasure
2.    Kill World Boss

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