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Chaos of 3 Kingdoms Resources & Silver Guide

To defeat enemies, only powerful army is not enough. The game of Chaos of Three Kingdom will help players understand the key to win the competition is to have rich resources.

The history tells that resource is a very important factor in defeating enemies. In the game, there are two important resources related closely to the force power—silver mine and farm. In every city, there are certain numbers of silver mine. By occupying which players can get silver to supply the necessities for the army. Besides, there’s a farm in every area. By harvesting the farm players can get food. The more food can be harvested, the more soldiers can be drafted.

In the earlier stages, you have your own silver mine and farm besides the Base, from which you will get resources. But as your army grows, the demand of resources will also grow. So you need to occupy other silver mines and farms by force, which mean to launch a battle to get occupy. The higher level of silver mines and farms you occupied, the longer time you can have them and the more resources you can get. For more resources, try to defeat your enemies!

Hope you already got the hang of it! Try to get more resources!

You guys should have known that Silver is also the key to win the game, n effect your development rank and for sure will effect your equipment n building too as it need silver for enhancement and development. So, what I will state here is every mean to get silver, n make sure you won't miss even one of them.

Server time 5 am GMT +8 is the beginning of the day. Usually what you might need to do in this early morning is " Trade your goods " from your post, which will unlock after your base reaching level 41 ( correct me If I am wrong ).  And make sure always tick the "accept all application" box and "accept app from your legion".  But if at winter, you might want to think consider about it. Why? cause all farm was reset back to NPC's and effect the Nation Silver bonus percentage.  So, it is suggested that you tick your box after the Farm battle has all done in winter, and start trading other player.  This can be tricky, some player lazy not to tick the box, n some player also trade in the morning.  So sometimes, you might fight most of player have already trade finish all of their goods.  But, anyway It is your call at winter

Second thing is you got to check the event that running right now. It is reset every 4 days or every winter. Always do the event request and make sure you are one of the top 100! the Bonus is sure far more higher. The max you can get in the 1st rank is Base lvl x 500.  This is also recommended to be done as early as possible, so you will ahead from most of the people and have a higher chance to get the highest rank possible. It's reset at 5 am GMT +8

Third thing is Lord n Vassal.  If you conquer a person, that person will become your vassal, and if you were being conquered than that person who conquered you will become your lord. This thing give mutual benefit in spite of it draining your troops every time you conquer or being conquered. The Vassal can Praise the Lord once every 24 hours and get Base lvl x 100 silver, and The lord can get bonus everytime the lord's vassal earn silver.
There is a limit for the Lord bonus every 24 hours, though you can reset that by reconquering your vassal once the bonus has reach its limit.  It is suggest that you use all the bonus conquer order everyday. 

Forth thing is the Title bonus. It can be claimed once every 24 hours. The silver bonus is depended on your Title, the higher your title the Higher your silver bonus. It's reset at 5 am GMT +8

Fifth thing is Food Trade. It's always reset at 00.00 GMT +8.  The food price has its own cycle every server.  The cycle is every four hours, one day your will have 6 times peak price and 6 time lowest price.  Selling food is very recommended rather than buying it.  If you burnt your food too fast, its mean you got to work on your equipment, tech or your building need some advancement.  And Of course, Always sell your food at peak price time, Usually it is higher than 1.7.

Sixth thing is Levy. I guess you guys wont miss this one. But what really matter is the question which pops sometimes when we levying. You can check the effect of your answer here to make sure you earn the best result. About Force tax, it is wise that you calculated base on your gold budget, and always have a constant amount of force tax for the best result. For example, every day force tax 5 times is better than one day force tax until 100 times.  But anyway, try it out if you dont believe me. It's your call. It's reset at 5 AM GMT +8

Seventh thing is Battle Entrance. It is wise that you do 3 times of battle entrance a day, as it give you a lot of things, which is also including Silver. Why 3 times only? Cause after 3 times, it will cost you 2 order for every run, n become not so worth it. It's reset at 5 AM GMT +8

The last but not the least is SILVER MINE. This is where the source of country civil War!  Hahahaha.. Yes..! always Aim the biggest mine! and make sure move to lvl 100 city caps as soon as you can! a 800 output Mine await you. And piece of advice from me, never stop invest until reach 2800000 for your prestige no matter what!  Why? cause in 2800000 you will able to get 2 silver mine in the same times!!  Even more trouble for Civil War most of the times!  Hahahaha...  You will need a great legion n a great president to suppress this problem. Hahaha...  It's cycle is every 4 hours and four hours only.

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