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Chaos of 3 Kingdoms Daily Event Guide

This is a checklist for new players and make sure you complete all of them.

Remember to

1)Trade Goods with your fellow country men

You can either trade with country men from your own area, or simply go to the world map and choose those cities belonging to your country. Take note that usually high level players will be able to give you more silver due to their higher trade center.

2)Sell your food to the market

During respective timings in your server, the food price will be highest. I suggest waiting for food prices to be at least 1.95 before you sell

3) Harvest your gold from the Gold plant

To make sure you always have people bombing your mine, you should always make it a habit to bomb your fellow legion mate's gold mine. As a token of goodwill, your legion mates will usually return the favour.

4) Train your heroes

Always remember to maximise your training slots and train your heroes. This will make them stronger and you will find that clearing maps and pvp will be easier when their troop levels are high

5) Collect your silvers from the base

You will receive silver every day when you praise your lord and your vassals levy. So remember to take it. In addition, remember to collect your silver from the promotion section.

6) Occupy Silver mines and Farms

Try to use your free orders to occupy the bigger farms and mines. Depending on how competitive your area is, some cities are sleepers while some are full of hoggers. You will need to determine which your city belongs to and set alarm clock to wake up if you need to

7) Dealing

Some of your equipments can be found at the dealer's section namely your purple wind horse, purple cloak, red horse, red cloak etc. So my advice is to be patient and deal if you need those equipments

8) Enhancing

Only enhance your equipment when the mp is more than 90%. It is really about luck whether you succeed or fail. Even at 99% you can fail. So all the best!

9) Orders (Do Mass Mass Mass!!!)

Remember to clear your orders as they will stop accumulating once you hit 20. Clear those orders to get honors, to proceed to tougher maps or farm for equipment.

10) Invest and Fortify

You must always set aside a portion of your silver to invest in cities and fortify/remove walls. This will give you prestige which will let you get higher lvl prestige heroes.

11) Levies

This will be self explanatory. You dont levy means no silver.. 

12) Utilise your builders

Keep your builders occupied.

13) Entrance to Battle

Spend at least 3 orders everyday and get flags or tributes. Flags are especially important because it give you the edge over your opponent. Whereas for tributes, this gives you a chance to get other country's prestige hero

14) Nation Policy

Collect the policy every day. I personally find gold or orders useful. The rest are pretty crappy.

15) Daily Quests

DQs are also important because it gives you blue, purple, red and gold books. Enough said! =)

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