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Absolute Force Online Weapons Guide

Absolute Force Online Weapons Guide

1. Advantages
Moderate fire rate and accuracy
Good for just about any range
Decent clip size (as most AR's have 31 bullets per reload)
Fairly popular when used correctly1

a. Disadvantages
Slower fire rate than some of the other AR's
Some may find it tricky to begin with this weapon
To some it may be considered less powerful2.Game Modes

Flexible in:

a. Maps
Pyramid, as most places within Pyramid are close to long range. Also there are lots of corners and tight places.
Japanese Castle, like wise with here, it's easy to aim around corners and through the rice paper walls. That and most of the doors within Japanese Castle (the big doors between A and B, and from A to the Fallen spawn) can be shot through too.

Helicopter Battle, useful when sneaking into the opponent's base.
Arena, a very close range map, and fits the FAMAS perfectly.
White House, a close to mid range map, good for shooting across the hallways behind cover and when walking towards the to mid-section rooms.2b. Hiding Places/Sneaky Hiding Spots
Pyramid, behind the car in Fallen spawn, in B bomb site facing towards the Catacomb, in A bomb site behind the slabs (the ones closest to A).

Japanese Castle, below the snipers nest near A bomb site, in the tatami mat room between bomb site B and Fallen spawn.

Helicopter Battle, below the opponent's base in the elevator shaft, in the opponent's Stinger spawn below the base.

Arena, behind the stairs on each side of the map, below the cages near the explosive barrels.
White House, behind the couches on in the room with the Grenade Launcher and pictures of the Presidents hanging off the wall, behind the podium in the mid section of the map.3. Key Points of Usage

Crouch as you fire with this weapon to gain it's full use of accuracy.
With long range fights, use the sights and crouch to knick the person far away, as within this moment you'll have the most amount of accuracy to be able to hit a far range target.
When rushing into rooms jump into the room and crouch mid air to be prepared to shoot anyone around the corner.

I am not at giving hints or tips but i try to give some of my opinion about it,i know some of you might not agree but this is just my opinion only so please don't flame me

Advantages :
1) Have higher accuracy and can deal a high amount of damage if you always aim for headshot.

2) The weapon of the clip size is fairly decent and you able to loot other someone famas too just in case ammo ran out since famas is the first weapon you have in the game

3) It good in pray n spray when you are in some messed up situation ( getting surrounded )

Disadvantages :
1) Might get hard to used to this weapon considering this weapon is not for beginner player.Mostly many people prefer M4A1 or AK-47 as their main weapon

2) It quite an unbalanced weapon if the player knows how to use it effectively since it has high accuracy and deal moderate amount of damage

3) Has a very high recoil

Games Modes & Maps & Hidden Places

Mode : Bomb
Maps : Pyramid
Hidden Places : When using as the Justice Hand quickly go to the right direction of the respawn area and you see there is a barrel just nearby the left entrance after you have went to the left direction of the respawn area. You able to hide over or take cover from damage or you can stack unless your friend willing to do it. It very effective when the Fallen Angel team wanted to plant the bomb

Mode : Bomb
Maps : Japanese Castle
Hidden Places : It not actually a hidden places but it a good vintage in sniping or use the iron sight of the weapon to aim your enemy and finish them off without you taking so much damage. Note that this is for Justice Hand. Head to the right direction of the area until the end and you see a stack of crates or box. There is a gap for you to snipe and take cover too,famas is quite effective in this situation too.It useful too when the Fallen Angel wanted to plant the bomb.

Key Points

1) When using Famas or any other weapon,it is advisable to crouch or strafe when aiming so that the accuracy would be precise and you won't have hard time killing player.

2) If there is a room that enabled TPS,just use it and forget about ever using FPS unless classic mode released. That way when you use TPS view,you able to take cover and at the same time you able to see where your opponent is heading,either they headed to your direction or trying to flank you. It is really a good way to pray n spray player too. You able to press to change the far right end of the view of your character to a far left end of the view just by pressing F7 when in TPS view so that you could make use of the full potential of using TPS view more effectively. If you don't understand what i meant,just go to a random room and you will able to see your teammates tend to just stand near the wall beside the open area.

3) When using different various type of weapon,try to adjust your mouse sensitivity just for experimenting on how comfortable you get using the mouse and how you can aim well.

4) If you have a friend you willing to help you stack,do it so that both of you have double firepower and able to finish off your opponent quickly unless both you and your friend get nade,that would be different.

Well that is all of my opinion,i know my english suck and how my sentence is way off sometimes but as long as you get what i meant,it alright for me

1. Advantages

- Your default gun so no need to purchase this weapon.

- Decent damage.

- No need to repair.


- Inaccurate for long distances.

- Strong recoil.

- Other guns are preferred than this one.


- The best mode to use this weapon is pretty much all the modes. This is because the Famas can be used in any situation.


- The best maps to use the Famas are maps that are small to medium sized maps. The Famas does not do very well in large maps like Helicopter unless you plan to rush them to their own base.

Hiding Spot

- In Pyramid, the path called "Short A" or "Catwalks" is a very good place for a Famas in Justice Hand. This is because enemies can rush this area which puts you at quite a close range.

Key Points for Usage

- Close and medium range encounters are best for this weapon.

- Crouching always helps with aim.

- Tap fire instead of holding down the fire button to reduce recoil unless faced with someone in front of your face or in a very close encounter. Just be careful of the incredible recoil.

- Always take advantage of TPS if the room allows it.


1. Easy to use gun for beginners.

2. Accuracy and damage are decent.


1. Other weapons may overpower the user of the FAMAS.

2. Recoil becomes heavier after firing for a long time.


1. Burst/Tap fire always recommended, auto fire only if enemies are close-mid range. Strafing strategies also work.

2. Do not ever let the bullet count reach 0, always reload if you have a low ammo count such as 10 bullets left to shoot or something. I'm saying this because the reload time is usually long if you use up all 30-31 bullets. So it's better to have some spare bullets left, then reload.

3. It's also good to have it in your load out set if you want to not repair other weapons or have cheaper weapon repairs if you have bought a weapon using GP from the Weapon Store.

Chrimas M460
1. The advantages of the gun is that it holds a lot of ammo in 1 clip, really good close range. But far range it isn't all that it's cracked up to be, does good dmg but can get a bit annoying to use long.

2. Bomb, Pyramid. There really isn't any spots that are " Hidden." But some of the good spots to use this gun are either..

A. In the tunnels
B. right outside the tunnels in B
C. Short A
D. Long A, when I mean long A I mean right when they come out that small tunnel area

(Anyone who plays bomb will understand this >.> Sorry I don't know what else to call them )

Those are the spots that would make the gun more efficient to use.

3. Tap fire the gun mid to long range, if someone's close then spray to your hearts content! No but really tap fire, it helps a LOT.

Let's see....
- Lots of ammo in one clip so the need to reload is less. This helps if you're facing someone who has a gun with a 30 clip and runs out.

- Extremely useful against zombies until you get a golden weapon from the weapon kits on the floor.

- Holding the fire button down too long causes the Christmas M60 to become extremely inaccurate.

- Cannot be repaired.

- It's heavier than normal rifles.

Mode and Map
- The best mode and map to use the Christmas M60 is Team Death Match in the Arena. This is because both teams are near each other. Since the Christmas M60 has decent damage and a huge ammo clip, this can be devastating to the opponents.

- Japanese Castle is also a very good choice for the Christmas M60. This is because there are many thin walls in the map. Since the Christmas M60 has a lot of ammo in one clip, you can shoot the thin walls and hope that someone is behind it for damage/a kill.

Hiding Spot
- In bomb mode and Japanese Castle, the boxes outside that you can hide behind in the Alpha bomb site that connects to the enemy base is probably one of the better options to use a Christmas M60. Enemies will come through the hallways and you can shoot them down.

Key Points for Usage
- Using the hiding spots in each map and the accuracy of the Christmas M60, one can aim from some distance from a hiding spot and tap fire. If faced with someone in front of you, try to keep calm and tap fire as well. The longer you hold down the fire key the more inaccurate the gun is going to get and the stronger the recoil will be unless you can handle it.

I think I did it right.

Here are some of my tips too all the gun happy people.

The good stuff about this gun.

1. It has lots of ammo, since you have lots of ammo you have less need of reloading, it so that you can shoot down more enemies, in a row, and that includes the firepower of it.

2. Its good to use for medium, close range since there less accuracy on this gun, so its so good place would be in the small room like in pyramid, with the room that lead too B, narrow room + lots of firepower + large ammount of ammo

3.the recoil is pretty high and thats why the best idea would be shooting from the hip, since the iron sight blocks more of your view so its not worth it. shoot from the hip stance

and now some of bad things about it.

1.the reload time is pretty long, you need too time your reload pretty well, ALLWAYS hide when reloading,

2.long range it will rarely kill, so you need too use the map hideing sports effeicently, to get closer, so you can call this a bit of a camping gun, since you are forced too get your enemy into a medium closer range.

well thats about what hints I can dig up from what I know, I dun really play that much with this gun myself, but by the looks of it and this belong too the "heavy" part I kinda imagine this is the way it can be used in a proper and sufficent way.

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