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Monster Galaxy Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete/release/get rid of a Moga?
As of now you cannot delete or get rid of an unwanted Moga. Currently you can store your Mogas in Moga storage located at your Home. There have been rumors that the creators of Monster Galaxy are in the process of creating a marketplace where you will be able to sell your Mogas.

How do I capture a Rainburn?
Read my short guide on How to Capture a Rainburn.

Where can I find a Pudgy?
In any of the areas listed Here.

Where can I find Black Gold?
You can get Black Gold after completing the line of quests which starts with the Capture Dinho quest. 

How do I catch a Legendary Moga?
First you must find the Legendary Moga (Legendary Moga Locations Here). Then you must attack the Moga until it is low on health (1% or 2% of its max health). Next, click the Capture button to try and catch the Moga. Lastly, hope for the best (you have a 4% chance to catch a Legendary Moga). Many have spent 100+ Star Seeds trying to catch 1 Legendary Moga, while some lucky tamers have used caught a Legendary Moga with only 1 SS. Really all it comes down to in the end is luck.

Can Mogas evolve in Monster Galaxy?
Currently Mogas cannot evolve in Monster Galaxy. However, it looks like tamers will be able to breed Mogas in the near future.

How do I collect cards in Monster Galaxy?
You can find cards by defeating or capturing Mogas in the Monster Galaxy world. The cards you get are random, there aren't any specific locations where certain cards can be found.

How do I get Master Star Seeds?
When you try and capture a Moga you will be given two options. You can either use a regular Star Seed or you can pay Star Coins to use a Master Star Seed. The Master Star Seed will give you a greater chance to catch the Moga than a regular Star Seed would.

How do I capture Weatar?
There was an event from April 4-6, 2011, where you could buy Weatar for 50 Star Coins. If you missed out on the event, currently you cannot get him or capture him in the wild.

What is the Master Seed?
From the Developer: Master Seed is a new feature we introduced in response to a common concern we were hearing -- Sometimes players who wanted to capture a Moga would purchase Starseeds from the Skyshop, but then they would end up using all their Starseeds without capturing the Moga... such bad luck!Because Monster Galaxy's continued development is supported by the purchase of Star Coins, we wanted to address this concern and introduce a new way to capture Mogas using Star Coins.

The price depends on the rarity of the Moga... so if you think you are going to get lucky, you can throw Starseeds and hope for good luck. If you want to guarantee 100% success, you can pay Star Coins, and the price depends on the Rarity. The price is equivalent to the average number of seeds you need to use to capture a Moga of that rarity, so more than anything else, this option provides convenience for players who purchase Star Coins.

How do I get/capture Scorpio?
During the promotional period from April 8th- 10th you can buy Scorpio for 99 Star Coins, which equates to about $10 USD.  

How do I reset my Monster Galaxy game? 
Currently you cannot reset your game. Unfortunately, the only way to make a new account is to make a new Facebook account. 

How do I get more Star Seeds?
You can get more Star Seeds by battling/catching Mogas, doing quests, getting them as gifts from friends, collecting 1 Star Seed every 8 hours or by buying them with Star Coins.

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