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10 Tricks, Hints & Tips To Becoming A Better Social Empires Player

I've played this game for a few days now and I just reached level 18. I came up with this list to help current and future Social Empires players.

#1. Have a relatively even mix of ranged and melee units in your army: In other words, do not just make all archers or all swordsmen; you will easily be defeated this way. For example, if you make only close-ranged units, such as swordsmen or knights, ranged enemies will be able to kill a good amount of your units before you even get to attack them.

On the other hand, if you only make ranged units, enemy units with a lot of health will easily be able to tear right through those archers. This is due to the fact that ranged units usually do not have a lot of health, nor do they do a lot of damage. Find the right mix of units that you feel works best for you.

#2. Minimize your unit losses: Units are very expensive in this game, so it is important to be smart when battling. Making more units uses up most of your resources and slows down the growth of your empire. There are a couple of tactics that I use when battling.

Tactic #1. I found it best to organize my army in the following way. The swordsmen and knights go in the front, as they have more attack power and more health.
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The archers are placed at the back of the army, where they can rain down arrows on enemies from afar. The close ranged units absorb most of the damage, while the archers and/or catapults can attack without being killed.

Tactic #2: This second tactic is more difficult to perform, because the game makes it difficult to control larger armies, but it is a very effective tactic if done correctly. Basically you put all of your ranged units in an area relatively close to a group of enemies (Not too close where they start chasing you, but close enough).

Then you take a unit with a speed greater than 3 (I usually use a knight for this) and run close to the enemies so they start chasing you. Then run your knight to your group of ranged units waiting nearby. The enemy units will chase your knight for a couple of seconds, and while this is happening, your ranged units will kill a good amount of the enemy army. This works great, especially when you have a large number of ranged units.

#3. Explore The World To Obtain Gold: Once you reach level 7, you can go to the world map and click "Let's Sail" on the boat. As you sail around, avoid towers and only attack the purple Octopuses and the yellow Kraken. Once your ship gets low on health, quickly click on any of the islands labeled with a picture of an anchor.

Next, unless you are level 16+, DO NOT attack any units on the isle. Instead, click the battle menu in the lower left hand corner, then click Yes when it asks if you want to finalize the battle. Go back to your empire, and you will have received the gold you got from killing the Octopuses and Kraken. This is a great way to get gold early on.

#4. Kill Units Before Towers: Especially when attacking other players, NEVER attack towers and units at the same time, as this is a great way to lose all of your units. Instead, attack an enemy building and this will draw out the enemy units. Kill the units as they come out and stay away from the enemy towers. Once all enemy units have been defeated, and your army is still strong enough, you can then start destroying the towers. This is a much easier and more efficient way to win battles and to obtain gold. The best way to destroy towers in the lower levels is to use scorpions, as you can attack from afar without getting hit. If you don't think you can get through the towers then just finalize the battle. Losing your entire army for a few towers is NEVER worth it.

#5. Placing Towers Effectively: DO NOT place towers by themselves on the outside edge of your city. Instead, it is best to place these towers behind walls, in groups of 2 or more. Close ranged units will not be able to attack your towers until they get through the walls and most likely they will be dead before they get through the walls anyway.

Ranged units usually do not have much health, so the towers will destroy ranged units, especially if the towers are close together in groups of 2 or more. Keeping towers is EXTREMELY important, as they require a lot of stone to replace and stone is difficult to come by in Social Empires.

#6. Exhaust the Market Every Day: At level 15 you will be able to build a market, where you can buy and sell food, lumber and stone. You only get to use the market a certain number of times each day (I think it's 20 times per day) so make sure you maximize your uses. I just use the market for buying stone, because I feel that stone is the most difficult resource to obtain in Social Empires. Use the market for whichever resource you need the most.

#7. Mine All Stone and Gold: Around your city you will find gold and stone that regenerates every 3 hours. It is important to collect all gold and stone around your city each time that you play Social Empires. This tip may sound like common sense, but many players forget to mine all of the resources that are available, and they end up not having enough to build units and buildings.

Harvest resources, such as stone, gold, and trees with more than one villager, it will save you some time. This is especially true when you are able to create level 2 villagers (3 at a time) and level 3 (7 at a time) villagers who can harvest more than one resource at a time.

#8. Spy Before Attacking: It's free to spy on your enemies, so why not try it? You have nothing to lose.

#9. Upgrade Your Town Hall: Once you do this you can make Villager II's. These units can select up to 3 resources at a time, so it will save you some time.

For example, you can select 3 trees for a single Villager II to cut down, rather than only being able to select one at a time. Although it costs 3500 gold to upgrade a Town Hall to level 2, I feel that it is worth it. I found it very annoying, that you could only select on resource node, or one tree at a time.

#10. Close Up Your City: When you are finished playing for the day, or if you know you won't be playing for a while, close up your city. In other words, use walls or buildings (preferably walls) to surround your city. Make sure there is no way in or out of your city and put all of your units within your city walls. This is the best way to ensure a strong defense against other players. Closing your city walls also ensures that your units will not be lured out and killed one by one. If you fail to close up your city, other players can very easily wipe out your entire city, while you are away. In my opinion this is probably the most important tip.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions/comments feel free to comment below.


ominous187 said...

#10. Close Up Your City: see thats a good idea but as my friend said and from what i seen and had done to me. closing up ur walls is a bad idea. take out the towers and its like shooting fish in a barrel with scorpions and archers. so until they issue commands and formations ur damned if u do and damned if u dont

Mike said...

Yeah, but if u have catapults and archers within your city, you can still fight back. But if the enemy has units with a greater range than your units/towers then you're done haha. Luckily it's still in beta, hopefully they will add commands or formations to combat this problem.

Anonymous said...

woohoo lolololol thanks already knew all the stuff apart from the ship bit lol

Anonymous said...

#10 its really good....
that makes me get 0 loss all the time lol
thx for your tips XD

Mike said...

Your welcome, glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

I have another great way to get gold, it involves towers though. After taking out all the troll accept for the ones in their fort reset the internet (can b done by hitting fn + f5 if u have that option or just f5) and there will b more trolls, dont let ur units out and leave the computer alone, let the trolls come to ur base. This is where the towers come in, surround ur base with walls and towers that are resonable placed so the trolls will always be hit. Let the trolls come to ur base and be taken out by the towers thus giving u more gold and EXP

Ben said...

I disagree with putting towers in groups. It is a good idea but what I did was put tower at about 4 or 5 unit blocks apart. Then surrond your towers so melee units cant reach them. #5 is a good idea but I think this is better.

Anonymous said...

i have one question ? when you get attack do you lose all your buildings ? =/

Anonymous said...

now i need to know how to earn gold quicker because i can never get enough to expand

Mike said...

Hey Ben, the problem with your plan is that enemies can attack each individual tower if your towers are spaced out. They can focus on attacking one tower at a time while taking minimum damage from the tower they are attacking. If towers are grouped they will do much more damage to enemy units.

Though I have not been attacked yet, I do think that you will lose all of your buildings if you get attacked, except for a few of them. Luckily you can only be attacked by people that are a few levels higher than you or less.

Mike said...

As you continue to level up your empire, gold becomes easier to acquire from killing world bosses and attacking higher level players. I started doing world boss battles at level 16.

Make sure to build up a strong army so you can attack players with a higher level than your own. You will get a lot of gold from destroying towers as well as from killing enemy units.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Idk if my opinion much matters to many, but I place my towers along side my walls, reasons: Towers have more health than walls (At least after you get Tower IV... Tower III has the same health as a stone wall), makes them reach further out, keeps people from breaking down your walls allowing melee units to get in and surround your towers and tear them down in no time and finally it sort of helps counter siege units (i.e. Catapults, Ballista)... which I personally use to make a hole in the walls and then attack the towers and/or move in melee/archers to deal with the towers... I mean honestly... if people have the means to destroy your towers... they're gonna do it whether a walls in the way or not.. so why not make it a pain to bring it down at the very least?

My strategies also usually change up based on whether they've boxed themselves in or not... I believe I saw someone say that it makes you fish in a barrel... I have to agree. Those guys I just move around the outer edges of their town destroying their towers and then start picking off their vulnerable/valuable/strong units while they're defenseless... then open a hole in the wall and move in the melee units...

Also, I like to spread my towers out a bit, But I generally speaking Pair them off, but keep them close enough to other towers to give them support. It's fairly hard to describe exactly how I have mine set up, but it works fairly well... I've had plenty of people attack me and after they see how I have it set up leave without even trying.

In the end though, there's a lot of succesful strategies to both base defense and to base destruction, I advise to find what works best for you... I imagine this game before too long, getting to the point where micro management becomes a necessity and there will be formations for both attackers and defenders that will seemingly counter specific strategies...

Mike said...

Yeah I agree with you now that im level 23 and catapults are now available. Although catapults and tower IVs have the same range of 10, I have found that you can use a Catapult to attack Tower IVs without being hit by the tower. I don't know if it is a glitch or what, but if a player wants to and has the patience to do so, he or she can take out your towers they can do so without being hit.

There is really no Best defense Strategy for everyone. I saw a lvl 55 guy who had double Tower Vs all along the entire edge of his empire. As of now, I don't think anyone can destroy his empire lol.

Anonymous said...

You said an even amount of ranged and melee units. What's even? Is there a balanced ratio or what?
Also, when you attack trolls to complete your missions (the troll camps), all you need are a large group of villagers. They will most likely all die out, and you will need to keep re-targetting the trolls and the towers, but as it only takes 50 food to retrain villagers, its easy to make more. Plus, every villager you train gives you 5 exp so I believe it is well worth the sacrifice. I'm sorry if it sounds sadistic, but it is an extremely effective way to win troll camp battles with minimal loss.

Mike said...

I like to have the same amount of ranged to non-ranged. If I have 10 knights I would have about 10 archers. That's just my opinion. You should test out the units to find the best mix for you. That villager plan sounds like a good plan early on. However once you reach higher levels, the troll camps will have towers. So it will be very difficult to defeat enemies with villagers in later levels.

Anonymous said...

I've still done it.

About the knights:archers thing, I was also asking a good total ratio for siege weapons and swordsman...

Anonymous said...

i Got all my units back from destroying troll camps in gifts i dont know whether it was a glitch or not but i got every single troop back the instant i destroyed the troll camp Just Bam 20 gifts all troops :D

Mike said...

You should definitely have more swordsmen/knights than siege weapons. I really don't focus as much on siege weapons when I battle, but rather I use the siege weapons to take out towers. The problem is that siege weapons do a good amount of damage but they attack very slowly.

Siege weapons can be helpful when killing towers from afar, in longer battles such as boss battles or against enemies with a large number of units. Otherwise I wouldn't waste your majority of resources on siege weapons.

Anonymous said...

So your saying:

#knights = #swordsman
#kni + #sword = #archers


Anonymous said...

you should not close up your city because when the enemy starting to attack you,all of your tower will be a shooting duck because all of your soldiers, will not do anything because they cannot get out through the walls.... the real tactics for this game is you should not have any walls on your empire so if someone will attack you ,, your soldiers could recognize your enemy and they can make a move easily.. if you do not believe this try to attack mt empire.

Anonymous said...

Great guide!

Anonymous said...

well done, good job ! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips :D Also can you lowered the expansion 500 gold down? Its giving me pain in the neck getting gold D:

Helpful tipster said...

I have an additional tip harvest resources, like stone, gold, and trees with more than one villager you get extra resources per villager and it's a great add on to #7 for getting more stone and gold

Mike said...

I actually didn't make this game, but you can add your suggestions to the forum here:

And thanks for the tip, I'll add it to the guide.

Ben said...

Mike I see what you said, but I have the towers spaced close enough they will 3 will attack at once they aren't out of range from each other. About 4 or 5 range points away. Thanks for you tip though.

christian said...

im only level 11 so i cant train catupults or squrpoins just to say what i think is that 3500 is to pricey i mean your thana have to save up for a while it kinda sucks who ever maid this game should make some inprovments like every time you level up you should get 1 of those empire cash things and lower the prices of things and also get more gold from thing just my apinoin.

Anonymous said...

the kraken octopus thing doesnt work for me everytime the towers attack me

Mike said...

Just kill the octopuses and kraken that aren't near any towers.

Jack said...

im level 9 and check me out on world 17835

I have 7 light knights

6 archers

3 spearman

7 sword people

2 rams

1 medium knight

2 medium archers
mike do you think my army is balanced out im sorta bad at this game but everybodys army in my world sucks and a i attack the level 7s every day

Mike said...

I think you have a solid mix of units. I would recommend you make some more medium archers. Also, I'm not really a big fan of rams as they are expensive to make and they die pretty quickly. Just my opinion, good luck.

Anonymous said...

i need ratio of units

Anonymous said...

You can take out towers by finding their blind spot. Which generally is straight up or down of the tower and lowers the towers range down like 2 or 3 range. Easy to take out all the towers then and then all of their units.
I can't think of a generally good defense that doesn't have a weakness or at least less vulnerable with this tactic. Please post if anyone finds out the best defense to stop this EVIL tactic.

Teach me how to play said...

GM why? i can play it's cover of demo but how will i play

Anonymous said...

here is my mix of units... not sure if it is to good, but i have not lost with it yet

20-30 Medium Archers

10-15 Swordsmen

5-10 Scorpions

1-5 Light Knights/Medium Knights

i am lvl 15... anyone think that is a decent mix or to unbalanced ?

Anonymous said...

That is a real good mix I'd say.
I have 3 healers, 14 long swordsman, 19 heavy knights, 16 heavy archers, 20 scorpions, 1 warrior princess, 1 stone golem, and 1 powerful knight at lvl 20, anyone think that is good mix or need to take out some scorpions?

Anonymous said...

this trick is usefull

alexclark1999 said...

u said dont attempt quests unless u are level 16+ but i am level 12 and i have completed 2 quests already,the artic isle and desert isle it was easy!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't close your empire leave open spaces with towers and my suggestion is to not use walls either look at my empire on world 33 name is Dor Dan (feel free to attack me) about 9 out of 10 that attack me lose therefore you should keep an open empire with aggressive as your defense:)

Anonymous said...

I really hate aggressive because they target the siege weapons first

Anonymous said...

this are all my units

25 heavy archers

10 cannons

25 heavy knights

30 powerful swordsman

6 rangers

2 prince arthur

4 princesses

1 war troll

1 yeti

3 nice troll

10 powerful knights

20 cannon towers

35 scorpion towers

visit my empire at n0.1

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, Ive got this:

1 Warrior Princess,

10 Medium knights,

1 Heavy Knight

1 Heavy Archer Knight

and 5 Medium Archer Knights.

Is it a good army? BTW I love the new training stables, I can turn anything in knights and archer knights! =D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, this is what I've got:

4 Heavy Knights

1 Warrior Princess

1 Nice Troll

1 Stone Golem

3 Prince Arthurs

3 Heavy Archer Knights

1 Medium Archer Knight

1 Medium Knight

4 Scorpions

Is this a well balanced army? I'm level 18. I also have 53k in meat and I was wondering why I can't make anymore markets(I've expanded three times). I would recommend to anyone to buy the training stables. I have sold my stables because it is cheeper to buy the Heavy Swordmen and put them on a horse, same idea with the archers. It pretty much makes them faster. I'm on world 5752, just don't send me a friend request because I will ignore it. -Jake

tomaz cardoso said...

eu preciso de amigos que joquem social empires ,convidem-me em

Anonymous said...

I'm a lvl 29 I have

38 heavy archers

15 heavy archer knights

7 cannons

3 healers

10 powerful sowrds men

6 powerful kingts

1 prince arthur

1 high elf

2 wizards

4 revenger trolls

1 war troll

1 axethrower troll

6 skeletons

1 yeti

And I think thts it wat do u guys think?

Anonymous said...

Level 16.
17 heavy knights
16 medium knights
1 heavy archer knight
3 rangers
17 medium archer knights
1 nice troll
1 warrior princess

I have zero siege rams/scorpions. I don't have the workshop II filled yet. should I try to?

Anonymous said...

how to have more gold, i need to expand and don't have gold or stone, i have been ataking some neigbours to gain more gold but still do not have enought, have atacked all vilages on my island and cant atack them more then once

Anonymous said...

I have a strange question... I know refuges are undestroyable right? well, can you just line your city with them and use them as walls? I TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS IDEA.

Lvl 37 said...

check out my world im in world 18519 if ur in universe 1 im sam morales and here is my balance of soliders
3 rangers
12 powerful archer knights
1 powerful archer
10 cannons
1 fire cannon
5 royal swordsmen
1 yeti
1 stone golem
2 nice trolls
1 skelton
1 thor
1 valkyrie
2 prince arthurs
1 warrior princess
and 1 willy walance
my strategy is defensive so spy or attack me

Anonymous said...

im lvl 15 and the trolls keep killing my soldiers and i dont have enough resources to make more soldiers WHAT DO I DO?

Anonymous said...

they can be destroyed took me 10 seconds to destroy 1

Anonymous said...

mike can you help me with my problem?

Anonymous said...

Joe lansang Level 20
4x Healers
6x Medium Knight
20x Heavy Knight
9x Scorpion
2x Warrior Princess
1x Ranger
1x Willy Wallace
2x Heavy Archers

Lvl 37 said...

tell me what ur world number is

jeremy said...

hey, if anyone on here i splaying social on facebook then would you please add me because i find it difficult to open new building due to lack of people. and also i find when it come to closing up your city for defense, it is better to line the inside of your walls with archers so you dont have to worry about the closed gate problem and your knight not attacking because the archers will deal with it.

Anonymous said...

hey im level 35 and im the best of my friends and im have a draggie and go to have a furios dragon on my empire ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

6 healers
1 princess
1 prince arthur
5 wizards
1 valkyrie
1 thor
3 high elf
16 fire cannons
7 monks
3 engineers
9 kamikazes
4 alliance knights
1 mobile tower
6 vikings
1 neptune
1 draggy
4 infernal knights
22 celestial soldiers
22 celestial archers
12 celestial lancers..

mike,do you think my army is balanced ?

Anonymous said...

does in matter, most of your guys have alot of health and good attack so it doesn't really matter you won't lose many troops

brendan said...

so 5 prince arthur,4 princess,8 thor,7 rangers,12 heavy knights,12 archer, 7 wizards, 6 valkyrie ,9 willy wallace, 10 high elfs

brendan said...

just bought 2 neptune ,and 8 mummies and 5 more thor

Anonymous said...


lvl 57 said...

im level 57 and this is my army:
5 healers
5 princess warriors
10 rangers
2 wizards
3 valkyries
1 thor
2 high elfs
1 fly
1 mishy
2 skeletons
14 fire cannons
3 engineers
8 chinese archers
5 aztec warriors
2 elephant riders
2 vikings
2 axe vikings
1 anubis avatar
4 eygptian warriors
1 camel rider
72 elf druids
1 draggy
1 furious dragon
1 lightning draggy
1 stormy dragon
2 celestial lancers
and 3 scary zombies
also im an 11 year old so if you try to destroy me, good luck

Anonymous said...

I really like tip #1 but I have another strategy. I use all ranged and I usually use
7medium archer knights
1atlantis archer
1medium archer
3light archers
&5light archer knights.

I am just level 18.

Anonymous said...

I found this refreshing glitch that's works really well to get a lot of wood and to be able to fight a lot of enemies! Once you collect all the free resources and have defeated all the enemies within your area, just refresh the page. All the trees that you've just cut down have regenerated as well with the enemies that you just killed. Sadly, the stones and gold that you've just collected don't regenerate that easily. :( But you can still get more gold and experience by wiping out the enemies again! I've got about 750,000 pieces of wood at the moment from doing this! And you can always sell your wood in the marketplace for some gold and stones 20 times a day. And I always lock up my base when I leave the game. As of right now, I'm just a level 19, but I'm working my way up the ranks! :D

Anonymous said...

Here's another glitch: If you NEVER want your army or buildings to get damaged even just the slightest bit, simply surround your entire base with a bunch of refuges. They are indestructible buildings so no one can get in or out or damage anything! I'm still in the progress of doing this, but it's gonna be a while because those things are expensive! Well, happy playing everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

To the guy who said refuges are undestroyable, they are in the sense that you won't have to rebuild it. But last night a guy had a refuge, and I powered through it with mounted heavy archers and went to his towers and town hall. People can still get inside your boundaries like that.

Bn said...

thanks it helped me alot!!!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with #5, if you put walls in front of your towers, a cannon could just kill your towers and leave all your units trapped in a box that you made yourself, then the cannons, with there long range, could just pick off all of your units, while your defenseless to do so

Anonymous said...

#5 is a good idea when u dont have lots of stone, when u have tones of stone and a high enough lvl to get tower lvls 3-5 just place them side by side around ur whoule empire thats wat i did with my empire, and with doing so i lost 0 times now, and u don't lose anything when u get attacked

Anonymous said...

im on the part first part with neptune but i acnt get in his can i

Anonymous said...

u need to have a lot of archers, attack only 2 is my units:
59 royal archers
68 royal knights(swordman are useless so dont make them)
all dragons
all monsters
33 phonix
12 icarus
7 elf druid
98 catapultr

im in max popluation of the game-900

Timothy Zim said...

Thanks for the tips-could you give some suggestions againt troll forts. They genrally wipeout pleanty of my units.

Sincerlaly-Timothy Zim
Friend me on facebook please

Anonymous said...

I want to move on to other islands to conquer, but one person on my world doesn't have a town hall? I destroyed like everything and it still didn't declare me a winner? What do I do?

socialempirepro said...

this is common for all
this is a very good ----
there will be a time when u r at max population. at that point u wont be able to make any units. ur units will die slownly(not when u have light - heavy class.)when u stop playin leave mines for 8 hrs
until that 5 mins.then u will get lots of resources.

#2when u buid towers make them close to gether. then using a fast unit get the trolls towards towers.then towers will take them off

my freind had tried this:he wasted his cash in advanced he says it is worth it

here is my unit list

my lv is 46
all human units
all dragons(not part 2 drags
alll monsters
9 phoniex
55 elf druids
99black elephant
uncountable royal archers

the guy who told to have lots of archers rules

he is my frnd
he attacked me with more units than mentioned above(by that person) and
he won taking out all my units. he is a ranged master

Anonymous said...

My army is

5-Powerfull Knight

1-Powerfull Archer Knight

1-Chinese Archer

1-Willy Wallace


1-Healer (dont know if this counts)


26-Heavy Archer Knight

3-Axe Viking


What should i do to make it better i am level 30

Anonymous said...

thats pathetic.... ha ha.

figured id share this tip with anyone thats attempting to capture all territories of their island. You dont have to kill the enemy players whole army i have taken out 5 territories because players leave their town hall right next to the wall. just use cannons to blast the hall to hell. oh and leave archers behind your seige weapons incase they attack them.

Anonymous said...

guys chill up, i don't matter what u have. u only need this: 1 ent
an ent has 4 special attacks i only use the 4th. the ent will make little soldiers who fight for you u can send them to anywhere and they have 20 attack so... the speial reload pretty fast. i do all my quests and attacks with 1 ent sometimes it takes a whole time but i always win

The Unussual ME, Aeron said...

well, i don't really use any massive strategy on attacking someone...
i just do this...
1. find the weakest point.(where there's less army and close to the townhall)
2. go circle around, don't charge.
3.distract the army at that point (if that is exist) with you melee army (make sure it's fast and far away from the point)
4.use your range army to take out towers, walls, to create path to the townhall
5.destroy the townhall with the remaining
army (not the one to distract, remember to save some melee army to help the range army destroy the the townhall).

Vrishank Mishra said...

i have the following-
10 royal archers.
15 avenging paladins
10 zombies
1 furios,1 stormy and 2 sayan dragons.
5 royal swordsmen and 5 royal knights.
1 cerebrus.
1 black dragon.
4 healers,3 monks.
i saw it on 19th december.
thier is still a lot of army left as my population limit is 275 bcoz i love spending in this game.

if you dont believe
u can see here-

Vrishank Mishra said...

u are all so noob.
i am at level 62.

Vrishank Mishra said...

i have followed not all only 3 including that mixed units
and u socialempirespro u cant even touch my empire with those units just try on the above mentioned address.

SpinjitsuMaster said...

Hey, I would like to know how much EXP is needed for level 35 because I really want the dragon riding academy and what not. So please respond with help.

Anonymous said...

Somebody could answer this.How to kill Octopuses and Kraken.

henrikrafft said...

hey im level 55 i have towers all around my place and i still need more gold plus do you know how i can get good xp im out of attacks. :) -henri

thx plzz help

Anonymous said...

one thing i have to suggest is that when you close up your city, block it off using several layers of alternating wall/towers and fill those "gaps" with archers... and the occasional melee person, and after that has been done, while the people are attacking the towers/ walls, the archers will go to TOWN and destroy the enemy, and if your enemy is able to get past the first layer, then the second layer is set and ready, this will also work if you have a single passage way and line the outside with pockets of archers and towers and catapults, etc. and they will attack and kill the enemies...

Anonymous said...

2 healers
2 scorpon
1 catapult
1 warrior princess
1 prince arther
1 powerful swordsman
1 powerful knight
1`axe thrower
2 valkerie
3 willy wallice
1 high elf
2 elite master knight
1 skeleton warrior
2 monks
1 elephant rider
1 axe vikings
1 vikings
1 royal swordman
2 anubis avatar
1 egytion warrior
2 camel rider
1 mummy
2 atlantis warrior
1 neptune
4 elf archer
1 elf tiger
2 royal elf
1 royal elf archer
1 royal swordman
1 gold golem
1 black elephant
1 infernal demon
2 infernal archers
1 furious dragon
1 fire wizard
1 spartan champion
1 earth wizard
1 stormy dragon
1 sayan dragon
1 green draggy
3 amazon warriors
2 water wizards
2 aquilese
3 horned draggy
1 celestial dragy
3 imperial elf swordsman
1 imperial elf catapult
and 8 dinasty dragons

at the moment i am level 27 am ibalanced in my army

hernan said...

Gud day guys!!I'm level 51 and here's my unit:

1 furious dragon rider
1 stormy dragon rider
1 sayan dragon rider
1 black draggy
3 bull gladiator
7 mace gladiator
1 kingkong
1 tiger spider
1 t-rex
1 zombie
2 catapults
1 celestial mech
2 celestial priest
3 infernal warrior
1 infernal archer
3 chinese archer
3 elephant rider
2 vikings
1 warrior princess
10 royal knights
6 royal archers
3 aztec warriors
1 green draggy
3 antimatter wizard
1 white wizard
1 red wizard
1 wizard
2 elf archers
1 high elf
4 powerful knight
2 elf druid
1 elf tiger
2 valkyr
1 valkyrie
1 atlantis warrior
2 medium knight
1 meddium archer
1 nice troll
4 egyptian warrior
1 camel rider
2 celestial warrior
1 black ninja
But i still think that this is not enough for me as a level 51 any advice guys on how can i get stronger units??And can you guys please assess if this unit is oka y or not?Thanks!!

Raunak said...

the event in social empires is a free galaxy and rainbow dragon. Also, dragons are REALLY strong units. Why not use them as a fully ranged army?

Sky Hawkins said...

One of the best ways to become successful is PVP if you find someone with thousands of every resource you may need to sacrifice a few units to get past their powerful ones and to their town hall but once you do you could be rich and successful for the rest of the game. This method worked so well for me I went from level 18 to level 51 in just 2 days.

Anonymous said...

i just use my galaxy and rainbow dragons. both can make 3 draggies to attack

Anonymous said...

My tip would be to get the social empire app on iPhone, iPod, or iPad and log on to ur account, you will get a fire extreme dragon, then u can soul mix ur dragon with other units and get better troops

Anonymous said...

I have lvl 47 social empires acount and I not many armies and here's are:
Supreme bahamut dragon
Elemental fire god
Elemental fire colossus
And other gods and goddess
And few dragons like:
Red djinn dragon
Black epic dragon
Red hot epic dragon
And complete set of extreme dragons:)

Anonymous said...

to be honest, i like to spend a lot of money on the new sky towers. they are much harder to take down but they cost quite a bit of stone to build (18k each). i space them out a bit, but within range of each other to support one another. i then place walls around each one so attack units cannot pick them apart right away. basically, the only way to take down one of my sky towers is to have dragons, and i mean high ranking, STRONG dragons. i use Hidros titans and golden paladins to help bypass the tower limit and litter them alongside the sky towers, since these units are great distance shooters that will cause a lot of damage really fast. my land is littered with dragons and castles so, if you happen to get past the main defenses your going to have a terrible time trying to attack my town hall, especially since that will be the only way to plunder my gold, wood, stone. i do not place ANYTHING on my land that can be used for plunder...besides, once you develop a strong attack team, you can plunder other players and get back hordes of supplies.

Anonymous said...

Best defensive units in human civilization
to protect the town hall

This are my units:

Elite Swordsman x117
Elite Knight x30
Fire Cannon x10
Royal Swordsman x8
Royal Archer x6
Royal Knight x4

Anonymous said...

I am lv 40 and have lots of experience.I think walling ur entire empire is good idea if u use dragons. They are like long rang and high health archers and can get enemies behind the walls also swordsman and short range soldiers can't get to the dragon. This tactic is extra effective with turrets to help defense. Use soul mixer to get dragons. I have about 50 dragons including extreme dragons, bahumut dragons and many other dragons. Over 40 of these dragons have over 3000 health. Nobody has suceeed against my defense after I tried this tactic and they often surrender. U may want to change ur battle formations/ tactics though