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Yellow Case Clue Answers Page #5

This an incomplete list of Carmen Sandiego Clue Answers. Use CTRL + F to find the clue you are looking for.

 I told him to take the Brown Line to the Loop - and to remember to jump off before it goes around again.
Answer: Chicago, United States of America

Leaves! The guy's eyes were the color of leaves! In the summer, of course. I suppose autumn doesn't really narrow it down.
Answer: Green

He made me listen to a demo of his lo-fi folktronica EP. I'm pretty sure "Pitchfork" would give it a 3.2, but he wanted to deliver it to them in person.
Answer: Chicago, United States of America

Before he fell into a life of crime, your perp was an amateur puppeteer. I'll bet he'll swing by the Marionettmuseet while he's in town.
Answer: Stockholm, Sweden

I did see your friend carrying a commemorative towel from the 1912 Olympics.
Answer: Stockholm, Sweden

An uncle of a niece of a friend of mine said he saw your perp at the SkyDome, begging them to let him open the roof.
Answer: Toronto, Canada

I heard your suspect listening to Rush. If you're a real Rush fan, you know what "YYZ" means.
Answer: Toronto, Canada

He was just asking me where he could get good binh soup.
Answer: Saigon, Vietnam

I asked him who's buried in Marshal Le Van Duyet's tomb. It's a trick question, of course. The answer is Le Van Duyet, and his wife.
Answer: Saigon, Vietnam

He was singing under his breath: "I'll soon be seeing you/And your strange bewilderin' time/Will hold me down."
Answer: Kathmandu, Nepal

He said his music playlist for the trip had Cat Stevens, Bob Seger, Rush, OK Go, Will Ackerman, and... Godiego, I think.
Answer: Kathmandu, Nepal

He said he's off to a city in the Bagmati Zone.bag
Answer: Kathmandu, Nepal

He was headed to the Hutt Valley. Watch your back when you go after him, and avoid getting frozen in Carbonite.
Answer: Wellington, New Zealand

He mentioned going to visit an island nation.
Answer: Wellington, New Zealand

You might find him digging around for old Tangerine Dream vinyl.
Answer: Berlin, Germany

He managed to look distinguished despite having the most common eye color.
Answer: Brown

He told me he always gets choked up at the East Side Gallery.
Answer: Berlin, Germany

I'll tell you where to find him.  Just head for the Chawiya plain in Morocco.  You can't miss it.
Answer: Casablanca, Morocco

The popular name for the city where you're headed is simply "Casa," or "Kaza."
Answer: Casablanca, Morocco

You might think he's evil, but judging by his hair he's of a more ambiguous morality.
Answer: Grey

She slathered everything with mole sauce. I was disgusted, until she assured me it's not actually made of subterranean rodents.
Answer: Mexican

She had hair like a brightly lit room, with all the lights off.
Answer: Dark

I told her to try a game of chess in Hyde Park. She said she didn't want the whole park to be able to watch her lose.
Answer: Sydney, Australia

She was looking for inspiration, so she took a stroll across the Writers' Walk. And at the end of the walk, she wrote me this postcard. Look, she spelled everything correctly!
Answer: Sydney, Australia

She wouldn't get out of her car until her driver opened the door for her. Does that make the driver an accomplice?
Answer: Limousine

I asked if she needed a reservation, and she said she'd be staying in one of the old-fashioned cottages at Edo-San.
Answer: Nara, Japan

I'll bet she headed out of town on either the Yamatoji Line or the Sakurai Line.
Answer: Nara, Japan

She's going to an arms museum that's sitting on top of a gold museum. I assume the locals protect the one with the other?
Answer: Lima, Peru

At first I thought she was flying the Chinese flag over her head, but then I looked closer and it was just her hair.
Answer: Red

She said she was going to a ceramics museum.  I didn't know why, until she told me about the "adult" section.
Answer: Lima, Peru

She's after a weaving that boasts almost 400 threads to the inch - just the thing to snuggle in on a cold Andean night.
Answer: Lima, Peru
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Liz said...

I heard she passed out in a Yangban house, until the SMPA kicked her out. Seoul, South Korea