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Diablo 3: New Inventory System

Inventory Equipment Layout
The inventory layout in Diablo 3 will include many of the same type of equipment slots, which were present in Diablo 2. New additions include the Shoulders Slot, Pants Slot, Bracers Slot and the exciting new Talisman Slot, which replaced the Amulet slot of D2. Here is a list of the 13 slots that will be available in Diablo 3. More slots means more customization, especially when charms are added into the mix. Diablo 3 Skills

Left-Side Slots Include:
#1. Shoulders Slot (New)
#2. Gloves Slot
#3. Ring Slot 1
#4. Weapon Slot 1- Ability to dual-wield dependent on weapon, class and skills.

Middle Slots Include:
#5. Helmet Slot
#6. Chest Slot
#7. Belt Slot
#8. Pants Slot (New)
#9. Boots Slot

Right-Side Slots Include:
#10. Talisman Slot (New)- This new slot will basically be a storage space for charms. Charms took up a lot of inventory space in D2 and the Talisman is Blizzard's way of solving this problem in D3. From this picture, taken from Blizzcon, it looks like characters will be able to hold up to 13 charms in the Talisman.
#11. Bracers Slot (New)
#12. Ring Slot 2
#13. Weapon Slot 2- Ability to dual-wield dependent on weapon, class and skills.

Tetris-Style Inventory No More!
No longer will you have to waste time organizing your items to make them fit into your inventory. Fans complained about this problem in Diablo 2, so Blizzard responded with a new inventory system.

Item Slots- "Small" type items, such as potions and scrolls will take up only a 1x1 space. "Large" type items, such as weapons and armor, will take up a 2x1 space as shown in the picture on the right.

Stackable Items- Potions, Scrolls, Gems, Crafting Materials, etc. will all be stackable items. This being that more than one similar item can be placed in one inventory slot. An example of this would include, stacking 15 scrolls of identity in a single item slot. Blizzard has not yet released how many of each item you will be able to stack in a single inventory slot.

Bags- The Blizzard development team has spoken about implementing the use of bags in Diablo 3. The latest news was that there was going to be one bag slot for each character. Adding a bag to a character's bag slot would add more available slots to that character's inventory, rather than opening up an entirely new window. Different types of bags will be able to be traded and sold in Diablo 3.

The Stash and Transferring Items
In Diablo 2, each character had a small stash, which held only a few items. This stash was expanded in the Diablo 2 Expansion Pack, but the size was still not large enough for most players. Lack of space for items forced players to create "mules", which were level 1 characters just created to hold items. Players were then forced to drop items in a game, change characters and then hope that the items they dropped were still there. Players also used friends and mediators to transfer items, but even this was both risky and time consuming. Blizzard felt a very strong need to address this problem in D3.

In addition to removing the tetris-style inventory, Blizzard has dramatically increased the stash size in Diablo 3. Not having enough space and forcing the player to choose between dropping one good item or another will be no more. Addressing the item transfer issue, in D3 players will now be able to transfer items between their characters without having to log in and log back out. As long as these characters are on the same account, the transferring of items will be a quick and easy task, rather than a long and risky chore.

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