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Fantasy Football: Don't Forget About Joseph Addai In Week 16

Believe it or not, Joseph Addai said that he "fully expects" to start against the Raiders in Week 16. He has been out with neck and shoulder injuries since Week 6. Despite being out for almost 10 Weeks, Addai still remains the second leading rusher on the Colts. He has made it through both practices in full over the past two days. Addai is not only a great running back, but he is also great blocker. This is the reason the Colts have missed him dearly for most of this season.

Addai and the Colts face the Oakland Raiders in Week 16 and it looks like it will be a favorable match up. The Raiders have allowed teams 120 rushing yards on average and they have given up almost one rushing touchdown every game. If you have kept Addai on your bench the entire season play him this week or if he is available on the waiver wire, make the add. It has come down to the playoffs in most fantasy leagues and Addai could be your make or break player!

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