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Fantasy Basketball: Season to Date Player Rankings (Top 25)

Fantasy Basketball: Season to Date Player Rankings (Top 25)
RankingsField GoalsFree Throws3PTMiscellaneous
Chris Paul21115131148.6%12213391.7%
(NO - PG) 
Dirk Nowitzki42225245855.0%14116287.0%25670206621923
(Dal - PF) 
Pau Gasol103721441551.6%12515779.6%0553312119165953
(LAL - PF,C) 
Al Horford2442021437257.5%789780.4%050629298232841
(Atl - PF,C) 
Kevin Love4153620444845.5%15718186.7%3860344968141264
(Min - PF,C) 
Deron Williams96321445547.0%17120185.1%4764611428236594
(Uta - PG) 
Manu Ginobili3472716435945.7%14015888.6%6353196131481067
(SA - SG) 
Raymond Felton5684818540445.8%9510788.8%5151610625354899
(NY - PG,SG) 
Amar'e Stoudemire129328153252.8%17422278.4%6742262672758112
(NY - PF,C) 
Rudy Gay39102921945148.6%9211083.6%3656616371413469
(Mem - SF,PF) 
Paul Millsap62115120737255.6%9513172.5%451323267442537
(Uta - PF) 
Russell Westbrook40122821748744.6%20323387.1%96461412395510113
(OKC - PG) 
Kevin Garnett53134016831054.2%667785.7%040225959431940
(Bos - PF) 
Kevin Martin46143218541045.1%22024091.7%65655856816563
(Hou - SG) 
Wilson Chandler1201510518238647.2%647882.1%5248017647194638
(NY - SF,PF) 
Josh Smith1416-218038347.0%8512170.2%22467252112426680
(Atl - PF) 
Kevin Durant1171621348543.9%19621989.5%3665815873272680
(OKC - SF) 
Kobe Bryant618-1224655244.6%19122784.1%4172414313036478
(LAL - SG) 
LeBron James3191624452346.7%20326676.3%387291952164014115
(Mia - SF) 
Paul Pierce35201516733549.9%1161350.8593048013289231946
(Bos - SG,SF) 
Lamar Odom89216817930558.7%7210469.2%1844827689182662
(LAL - SF,PF) 
Danny Granger8221419145442.1%11112986.0%6055314267332773
(Ind - SF,PF) 
Al Jefferson2523219641846.9%809683.3%047225450144836
(Uta - PF,C) 
Tim Duncan3224815931650.3%649071.1%038226391225852
(SA - PF,C) 
Ray Allen59253416233148.9%657389.0%54443888429239
(Bos - SG) 

Outperforming & Underperforming Players This Year


1. Wilson Chandler (NY SF, PF)- Projected Rank- 150, Current Rank 15. Chandler has been the biggest surprise in fantasy leagues so far, having scored 480 pts on 47.2% shooting and he has been shooting a solid 82.1% from the line. He has also continued to fill up the stat sheet having made 52 3-pointers and having blocked 46 shot attempts along with only 38 turnovers. If he keeps this up, he could be the biggest fantasy sleeper of the year.

2. Paul Millsap (Uta PF)- Projected Rank- 62, Current Rank 11. Millsap has taken over due to the departure of Carlos Boozer to the Bulls. He has shot a solid 55.6% from the field and has grabbed 232 rebounds so far, along with a 72.5% FT which is pretty good for a power forward. Fantasy owners should continue to see this performance, even when Okur recovers from his foot injury and returns back to the lineup.

3. Raymond Felton (NY PG, SG)- Projected Rank 56, Current Rank 8. There was a lot of hype about Felton, but not many people expected him to be as good as he has been in the NBA. Behind Chris Paul and Rondo and Deron Williams, it has been difficult to argue with the fact that Felton is the fourth best point guard in the league. He has shot 45.8% from the field and 88.8% from the line, along with 51 3PTM so far. In addition to this, he is 5th in the league in assists with 253 and 5th in the league in steals with 54. Felton, Chandler and Amare have all been huge in the recent success of the Knicks.


1. Kevin Durant (OKC SF)- Projected Rank 1, Current Rank 17. The only reason I feel Durant is underperforming is due to the fact that he was the number 1 overall pick in most fantasy drafts. He is shooting 89.5% from the line, but only 43.9% from the field. He did miss some games due to injury, but as a shooting forward he has turned the ball over 80 times. Durant has put up 658, which would be stellar for most players in the NBA, but he should definitely have more. Fantasy owners should see Durant step up his game in the next few weeks.

2. Lebron James (Mia SF)- Projected Rank 3, Current Rank 19. Many were unsure how Lebron's fantasy value would be affected by the move to Miami, where he would join Wade and Bosh. So far Lebron's fantasy value has taken a small hit, despite his three triple doubles on the year. Due to the fact that he is sharing the spotlight with Wade and Bosh, Lebron has had games where he put up 30, but he has also had games this season where he has put up less than 20 with a few assists and a few boards. However, as of late the Heat have been coming to together as a team, winning the last 12 before being beaten by Dallas last night. This team performance has been reflected in Lebron's stats, as he has had 2 triple-doubles in the last four games. Fantasy owners should definitely see more of this high performance of Lebron as the season progresses.

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