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Diablo 3 Characters: Wizard

Diablo 3 Skills

     This type of character has been with Blizzard's Diablo series since the beginning. Originally named the Sorcerer in Diablo 1, and then named the Sorceress in Diablo 2, this character class will be known as the Wizard in Diablo 3. Just as with every other class in D3, players will be able to make a male version of the Wizard or a female version of the Wizard.
     The Wizard will be a ranged class, specializing in spells and magic. Just as in Diablo 2, the Wizard class will be able to use the powers of lightning, ice, fire and arcane against his or her enemies. For all of those who were wondering, yes, the skill Teleport will be making a reappearance in Diablo 3 as one of the Wizard's arcane skills. Spells such as Meteor Storm, Hydra, Blizzard and Chain Lightning (Now Called Electrocute) will be making a return in D3 as well.

Skill Trees
     In Diablo 3, the Wizard's three skill trees will be Storm Skills, Arcane Skills and Conjuring Skills. The Storm Skills tree will include spells such as Charged Bolt, Electrocute, Frost Nova, Blizzard and Tornado. The Arcane Skills tree will include spells such as, Disintegrate, Slow Time (Slows Missile Attacks), Mana Recovery and Teleport. Lastly, the Conjuring Skills tree will include spells such as, Damage Resistance, Conjured Health, Meteor Storm, Hydra and Acid Cloud.
     I spoke a little bit about the skill Teleport in my Diablo 3 Characters: Barbarian post, and about how it gave an unfair advantage in duels in Diablo 2. This dilemma will be non-existent in Diablo 3 as every class will now have a movement skill, much like Teleport. The Barbarian, for example will have leap and will be able to jump from one area of the arena to another. I will go over the other three  movement skills as I post a write-up for each remaining class (Monk, Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter).

     Aside from the Wizard's normal melee attack, every skill and spell that the Wizard uses will consume Mana. Just as it was in Diablo 2, the Wizard will have a blue orb on the bottom right the screen, that will deplete as the character uses its skills. To regenerate mana, the player will have to either wait until it slowly regenerates, or pick up mana globes, dropped by defeated enemies. Though I am not completely sure, I would guess that Blizzard will include a mana regeneration skill, which would increase the rate at which the Wizard could regenerate mana. Whatever the case may be, the Wizard will rely heavily on mana as it adventures through the world of Diablo 3.

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