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Empire Rising Technologies

In Empire Rising you can research Defense, Military, Production, Special and Trade Technologies:

Defense: Defensive technologies may be research at the Wall or Tower.

Military: Research military technologies at the Academy to provide bonuses to your troops.

Production: Researching the following technologies at your various storage buildings will improve your ability to stockpile resources.

Special: Each Nation can recruit its own unique units. They become available for research and recruitment once you construct a Castle. Build times are reduced as your Castle's level is upgraded.

Trade: Technologies researched at the Market will improve your ability to transport resources and the effectiveness of your trade routes.

Building Research Description
Tower Guard Tower The dense arrow feathers shot from above bring the pressure onto attacking troops.
Enhanced Watch Effectively improve the chance of observation and reduce the chance of being observed.
Walls Spike Iron spikes are placed in the ground and can cause damage to attacking troops.
Unit Research Description
Swordsmen Iron Swords Increase ATK of all Infantry units
Chain Mail Increase DEF of all Infantry units
Pikemen Iron Spears Increase ATK of all Pikemen units
Scale Mail Increase DEF of all Pikemen units
Calvary Iron Lances Increase ATK of all Cavalry units
Plate Mail Increase DEF of all Cavalry units
Archer Fletching Increase ATK of all Archer units
Leather Armor Increase DEF of all Archer units
Siege Ballistics Increase ATK of all Siege units
Engineers Increase DEF of all Siege units
Special Tower Extension Increases warning radius of city
Improve Walls Increases strength of defense buildings
Conceal Hides Scout Cavalry from attack when city is invaded
Improve Spikes Increases the maximum spine count
Building Research Description
Stone Pit Quarrying Increases the production rate of Stone.
Hide Stone Hides your Stone from being looted.
Iron Smelter Drilling Increases the production rate of Iron.
Hide Iron Hides your Iron from being looted.
Lumbermill Bow Saw Increases the production rate of Wood.
Hide Wood Hides your Wood from being looted.
Granary Heavy Plow Increases the production rate of Food.
Hide Food Hides your Food from being looted.
Nation Unit Description
Prussia Hussars Strong armored cavalry unit, renowned for their strength.
Elite Hussars A nearly mythical cavalry troop, aggressive and frightening to enemies.
Ottoman War Elephants Special forces, used to break the strong defensive line of the enemy.
Elite War Elephants War Elephants with even higher combat abilities than their ordinary counterpart.
England Longbowmen Unique archer units with an extensive range and superb accuracy.
Elite Longbowmen Legendary archers that are frequently assigned to carry out important quests.
France Musketeers A unique unit who is a highly trained and disciplined marksmen.
Elite Musketeers France’s clutch marksman unit. Much stronger than their predecessor.
Section Research Description
Transport Trade Wagons Increases the Market’s maximum resource transportation amount.
Navigation Increases the Market’s resource transportation speed.
Trade Coinage Increases trade value and trade income.
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