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Fantasy Football: 2010-11 Season QB Rankings (Top 20)

Biggest QB Shocks Of The 2010-11 Fantasy Football Season

#1. Michael Vick (Phi - QB) At the beginning the the 2010-11 season, Kevin Kolb was the named the Philadelphia Eagles' starting QB. Everyone was talking about Kolb and if he could fill the shoes of the departed McNabb. There was really not much talk about Vick at the start of the 2010-11 season. Even in fantasy drafts, Kolb was taken before Vick is basically every fantasy football league. However, in Week 1 against the Packers, Kolb went down and Vick was summoned. Although the Eagles ended up losing that game, Vick put up solid fantasy numbers, rushing for 100+ yards and throwing for 175 yards and a TD. Despite this, the Eagles kept saying that Kolb was still going to be their starting QB once he returned from injury. By the end of the season however, Kolb had only played in a total of seven games and Vick became the starter, putting up huge fantasy numbers. The scary thing was that Vick missed three games, but still ended the season as the best overall fantasy quarterback. Michael Vick should definitely be the undisputed number 1 fantasy QB in 2011-12 fantasy drafts. Depending on the type of league, he could even be listed as the #1 overall fantasy player of 2011-12.

#2. Josh Freeman (TB -QB) Top QBs usually go hand in hand with being on a good NFL team. Aaron Rodgers on the Packers, Tom Brady on the Patriots, Peyton Manning on the Colts, Drew Brees on the Saints... Josh Freeman on the... Bucs? Yeah, not many would have expected the season that Josh Freeman had this year, being only a second year player and all. The guy threw for 3400+ yards and 25 TDs while only throwing 6 picks. Not only that, but he also rushed for 364 yards, which was second most for QBs this season (Behind Vick). He went undrafted in most fantasy football leagues this season and even by the end of the regular season, Freeman was only owned in 68% of all Yahoo leagues. He ended the season as the seventh best fantasy QB. Considering the fact that he wasn't even projected to be a top 20 fantasy QB, being seventh is not too bad. Look for Freeman to be a top 10 QB in fantasy drafts next year.

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