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Allods Online: Character Info- Currency Tab

In Allods Online you can either click the helmet icon on the bottom right of your screen or click the default hotkey "I" to get to your Character Info Window. In your Character Info Window there are four tabs which include Equipment, Currency, Reputation and Professions. There are 9 items in the currency tab and in this post I would like to give a description of each one and include the various ways that you can obtain these currencies within the game.

List of Currencies

There are 14 different stats in Allods that you can choose to increase. Each class has five specific stats that will have stars next to them. These stats are the most important for that particular class and should be focused on the most when deciding where you want to allocate your stat points. You will receive one stat point every time you level-up, but most of the stats will come from the gear that you equip. If you want to reset these stat points, in order to reallocate them, you must buy a Water of Life from the Cash Shop. Currently one Water of Life is 500 gPotatoes, which is roughly equal to $5 USD depending on your payment method.

Ruby Vouchers can be redeemed for Rubies at every character's class-specific trainer. One voucher plus a good amount of gold will get you one ruby. The amount of gold required increases every time you level-up so when it comes to spending your gold, make sure you plan ahead. One Ruby Voucher is given to a character each time he or she levels up, starting at level 10. Rubies can also be acquired by doing World Mystery Quests, which you receive as you travel in the world of Allods.

When you create your character, you are automatically given three stable slots. Each slot can hold one mount, but I can't see why you would need more than one mount. Mounts can be purchased in the Cash Shop for 1100 gPotatoes, which is around $11 USD. Mounts increase your speed, and as you level them up they become faster and acquire more health.

When you create your character you will only be allowed to have one profession. These professions are broken down into gathering professions and crafting professions. The gathering professions are Disassembling, Herbalism and Mining and the crafting professions are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring. In order to gain a second profession you must become Respected with your local Crafters' or Suppliers' Guild, which will take almost 3 actual months to complete. The other options are to create another character, or buy a Permit of the Master Artisan for 600 gPotatoes. In order to gain a third profession you must buy a Permit of the Exceptional Artisan for 1500 gPotatoes.

Talent Points can be spent in each character's talent tree. The talent trees can be used to improve existing spells and abilities, or it can be used to unlock new spells and abilities. When you first unlock a spell or ability, it costs one talent point. However to improve upon that particular spell or ability, you must spend 2 talent points to get it to Rank 2 and then spend 3 talent points to get it to rank three. So, in order to max out one spell or ability you must spend 6 total talent points. Every time you level-up you will receive 1 talent point and for every 5 level-ups you will receive 2 talent points instead of 1.

Rubies can be spent on any of the three talent trees that the character has. These talent trees can improve existing spells and abilities and can also be used to unlock new spells and abilities. Rubies can be obtained by redeeming Ruby Vouchers at a character's class-specific trainer, completing World Mystery Quests and by completing two other quests that you will receive once you reach a higher level. You can also get five rubies for completing the Great Mage's Diary quests. However, these pages are difficult to obtain as they are extremely rare.

Megaphones can be used to write a message in the shout chat channel, which all players in the zone will see. A Bundle of Megaphones can be bought from the Cash Shop for 5 gPotatoes (10 for 5 gPotatoes).

Mount Feed can be used to increase the speed and health of a mount. After about an hour and a half of riding your mount it will become hungry again and you must give it one Mount Feed. It costs 150 gPotatoes  for 50 Mount Feed, which is not a horrible price in my opinion. Mount Feed can be bought from the Cash Shop or bought from the Auction House, although I have never seen anyone selling mount feed in the Auction House.

Drops of Myrrh are very important to your survival in Allods Online. Every one of your patronage spells uses Drops of Myrrh, and the amount of Drops of Myrrh required for these spells increase as you level-up. In addition to this, Drops of Myrrh are used up when you die and if you want a quicker resurrection you must spend even more to have the Goblin resurrect you. Drops of Myrrh can be bought from vendors called Servants of Light, who are scattered throughout the world of Allods. They can also be bought in the Cash Shop, 1000 Drops of Myrrh for 100gPotatoes, although most players opt to buy from the Servants of Light.

Astral Megaphones can be used to write a message in the world chat channel, which all players in the world will see. A Bundle of Megaphones can be bought from the Cash Shop for 5 gPotatoes (10 for 5 gPotatoes).

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