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Angry Birds Coming To Facebook In May

According to, the iPhone sensation Angry Birds is going to be released in May of this year. The game was an application originally created for iPhone users, but has quickly made its way to various other gaming platforms.

I am looking forward to see how the developer of Angry Birds adapts the game, in order for it to thrive on the Facebook platform. It already has the addicting gameplay that keeps players hooked for hours on end, but the real question is how the game will implement multiplayer interaction.

Zynga is the current king of Facebook games, currently boasting over 300 million users worldwide. Zynga's most successful games include CityVille, FarmVille and Mafia wars. Each one of these games requires you to add Facebook friends, in order to advance more quickly through each game. This networking mechanic has helped make Zynga the top developer of all Facebook games.

The developer of Angry Birds will have to include perks, new levels, bonuses or some kind of multiplayer challenge system in order to compete on the Facebook platform. I don't believe Angry Birds will reach 50+ million users in its first month on Facebook (Zynga's CityVille managed to do this). However, I do believe the game will attract 10+ million users in the month of May, once it is released.

I have never played Angry Birds, but there are many people who rave about the game. I can't wait until May, when I can start firing angry birds at pigs!


tyranid said...

Nice! I'm so excited to play it in Facebook. I know many Facebook users are looking for this game and I'm one of them.

playmobil airport said...

I'm looking forward to this. Actually, I was thinking if Facebook could have this game. Gladly I came across this post.

plumbing said...

I like this apps and I think I have to warn future users. Don't let Angry Birds take over your life. Keep focused with your homework, work or anything else you have to focus on.